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Cover Your Gray Today and $50 Visa Giveaway : (Ends 2/15)


It happens to the best of us. You walk by a mirror and something shiny glimmers out of the corner of your eye. You're in a hurry so you dismiss it and get on with your day. Later though, perhaps when you're starting your nightly wind down, brushing your teeth, and washing your face, you see it again. After a deep breath, you lean closer into the mirror, use your hands to part your hair and there it is. A gray hair! For a moment you're in shock. Surely your eyes are deceiving you, but there it is. Other people wouldn't notice it, but it shines like a beacon to you. … [Read More...]

Calling Southern Floridians: Get Rewarded for Recycling!


I’m a big fan of recycling. It’s an easy thing I can do to help the environment and my community by sending less garbage to the landfill. I’m excited that now I, and many other residents of Southern Florida, can earn rewards for recycling and taking other green actions! Communities across the country have made a commitment to be cleaner and greener by partnering with Recyclebank, the company that inspires and rewards smarter, everyday choices for a more sustainable future. In Broward County alone, Lauderdale Lakes, Davie, Coconut Creek, Margate, Tamarac, … [Read More...]

5 Superfoods To Help With Weight Loss

Super Foods Help Lose Weight

You've read all the books, you have a stack of DVD's sitting next to your DVD player, and you are preparing your menu for the new you. The you that is going to take charge and bring the health back to your food. If you are like me and you research, research, and do more research only to confuse yourself then take a breath and relax. The key to eating healthy is to change your old habits into new habits a little at a time (easier said then done I know). So lets start by switching out some of your sinfully sugar filled foods with some good alternatives. Not only are they … [Read More...]

Giveaway Linky : Thursday Tell All : January 22, 2015

Thursday Giveaway Linky

If you are looking for more giveaway linkys, check out my "Giveaway Linky List" with over 100 more places to list your giveaways! Enter Giveaways Giveaway Linky … [Read More...]

Valentines Day Chocolate Cupcakes Lovebugs Recipe

Photo Credit: Kat Teutsch

If you are looking for something cute to make for your little lovebugs or maybe you are tasked with cupcakes for the class, then check out these adorable Valentine's Day chocolate Lovebugs recipe courtesy of Woman's Day. When this recipe showed up in my inbox I just has to share it with you!   5.0 from 1 reviews Valentine's Day Chocolate Lovebugs Recipe   Print Ingredients Chocolate Lovebugs Mini paper liners ⅔ cup granulated sugar ½ cup all-purpose flour 3 Tbsp unsweetened dark cocoa (not Dutch-processed) 1 tsp baking powder ¼ tsp kosher … [Read More...]

Fun Facts About Valentines Day

Fun Valentine's Day Facts

Valentine’s Day is thought of as one of the most romantic holidays of the year. Did you know there were several facts that surround the holiday? There have been many theories over the years regarding the origin of Valentine’s Day. However, it seems that the theory that has been the most popular is the one about Emperor Claudius II. The emperor did not want any of the single Roman men to get married when there was a war going on. There was a bishop, Bishop Valentine that totally disregarded the wishes of the emperor and performed marriage ceremonies during … [Read More...]

Cinnamon Glazed Fruit Kabobs Recipe

Cinnamon Glazed Fruit Kabob Recipe

5.0 from 3 reviews Cinnamon Glazed Fruit Kabobs Recipe   Print Recipe type: Fruit Ingredients 32 (1-in. pieces) assorted fresh fruit, (such as bananas, pineapple, strawberries and peaches) 2 Tbsp. I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!® Spread, melted ½ tsp. ground cinnamon ½ tsp. grated orange peel 1 Tbsp. chopped fresh mint leaves Instructions Alternately thread fruit on 12-inch skewers*. Combine I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!® Spread and cinnamon in small bowl. Brush fruit with half of the cinnamon mixture. Grill, turning occasionally, … [Read More...]