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Lemony Apple and Raspberry Salad Recipe

Lemony Apple and Raspberry Salad Recipe

When the sun is out and the breeze in blowing it is time to to put away the soups and stews and enjoy something a little more refreshing. This is not your ordinary salad. It is full of sweetness and healthy to boot! Give our Lemony Apple & Raspberry Salad a try the next time you have a salad craving!   5.0 from 5 reviews Lemony Apple and Raspberry Salad Recipe   Print Prep time 10 mins Total time 10 mins   Not your ordinary salad this Lemony Apple and Raspberry Salad is a refreshing spring salad to satisfy your craving. Author: … [Read More...]

Twitter Party #GoodForBaby May 18 8pm EST


Join us this Wednesday for a fun night of laughs, learning, and prizes! … [Read More...]

Twitter Party #GuardYourYard Twitter Party May 21 at 4pm EST


Who would have thought that when a huge box arrived and was packed with products from DynaTrap that the whole family would be excited. When my son came home from work and saw two large boxes containing insect traps from DynaTrap he said, "So cool!" So why would my family react this way? It is because we live in South Florida and our backyard borders a canal. Standing water equals mosquitoes!  We love to enjoy the weekend splashing around the pool and watching TV on our back patio, however usually as the sunsets we have to go inside to seek shelter from the bugs. We … [Read More...]

Pool Party Essentials for Outdoor Fun

Derby Duck

When my husband and I were looking to purchase a home a couple years ago one thing that we were not willing to compromise on was a pool. I grew up always having access to a pool either in our community or backyard. I couldn't wait to have our own home and pool so our kids could enjoy it like I did as a child. Sunday's are our family pool time. After our Sunday morning grocery trip my husband comes home and spends the next couple hours spraying down the patio, skimming and brushing the pool, and getting it ready for a day of sun and fun. We then spend the next 6 hours … [Read More...]

Get your Sleep On with RestOn Sleep Analysis Giveaway : (Ends 5/31)

Sleep Analysis RestOn Review 1

With all the new fitness trackers in the industry sleep analysis has become feature that many consumers are interested in. I have a fitness tracker and thought it cool for a short period of time how it could track how well I slept but it's sheen soon wore off. I got tired of wearing it on my wrist at night and I felt like it was the same information each morning. How many times did I shift in bed. I had written off sleep analysis until I had the opportunity to review a device made specifically for this purpose. This is not an all in one type of product but a device … [Read More...]