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#MakeRoarHappen and Katy Perry Autographed Guitar : (Ends 8/18)

Believe it or not some kids will be going back to school in a week. Others have until September. We are right in the middle and will be going back mid August. Each year the elementary and middle school students are given a list of recommended supplies for your child to bring to class. The list is not mandatory, as they cannot require you to … [Read More...]


Biz Better Then Detergent Alone

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine. When I was a young girl we hung our  clothes outside on the clothes line to dry.  Not because we didn't have a dryer but because hanging them on the line was cheaper then running the dryer, it left your clothes smelling fresh and crisp and the sun bleached … [Read More...]


Case of Sunbelt Bakery Granola Bars Giveaway : (Ends 8/10)

Nutrition Sunbelt Bakery snacks are a source of delicious whole grains! With a line of over 20 granolas and bars, Sunbelt Bakery is dedicated to taste and nutrition in every bite. Here are just some of the excellent attributes of Sunbelt Bakery’s fresh-tasting snacks: Family Pack Chewy Granola Bars provide from 4 to 8 grams of whole grain per … [Read More...]


Kiss Galaxy Effect Kit for your Nails

Last weekend during our weekly grocery shopping trip Honey and I picked out some fun nail polish kits to try at home. We picked up this Kiss Galaxy Effect kit and gave it a try this weekend. I think it turned out super cute. You just put on a base coat (the dark blue) then used the sponge that is provided to sponge on two additional colors … [Read More...]


More Fun in Cozumel #CruisingCarnival

I mentioned earlier in the week that one of our favorite ports was docking at Cozumel, Mexico. I shared with you our sub-view ocean excursion but wanted to share with you some additional highlights and photos from our trip. The excursion guides were smart. Right before we got on the boat they snapped a family photo. By the time we were done they … [Read More...]


Stowers Institute for Medical Research and Profits with a Purpose

It is very rare that you meet a person that hasn't been effected some how by cancer. In my case I've been effected strongly by the disease with two people that I love. I lost my grandmother to breast cancer in 1991 after years of fighting. I also lost my stepfather in 2005 to lung cancer after a 14 month fight. Profits with a Purpose is dedicated … [Read More...]


Not Just For Breakfast Anymore : Jimmy Dean

When you think of Jimmy Dean what do you think of? If you are like me you probably think of sausage. Not too long ago my husband started buying Jimmy Dean Delights breakfast sandwiches. We always keep a box on hand for a snack or quick bite to eat. However Jimmy Dean is no longer just for breakfast. That is right Jimmy Dean is branching out to … [Read More...]


Fit 4 U Was the Right Fit 4 Me

A couple weeks before we were going to go on our cruise I started stressing out about getting a swimsuit. Unfortunately I have gained some weight and the swimsuits in my drawer didn't fit anymore. Also when you are going on vacation and know you will be swimming you are suppose to get a new swimsuit anyway right? As luck would have it I received an … [Read More...]


Submerged in Cozumel with Sunbelt Bakery

We enjoy cruising so much the first thing I do when we get back is look into a cruise for the next year. We really enjoyed our time aboard the Carnival Breeze as well as the fun excursions we enjoyed off the cruise. Since this cruise was 6 days I knew we needed to spend a little time at each port. Our favorite port was Cozumel. What we enjoyed most … [Read More...]


Giveaway Linky : Thursday Tell All July 24, 2014

If you are looking for more giveaway linkys, check out my "Giveaway Linky List" with over 100 more places to list your giveaways! Enter Giveaways Giveaway Linky … [Read More...]


Great Taste with a Little Less Guilt!

International Delight coffee creamer is so much more than a coffee creamer. Yes it can be added to your morning cup of jo and get you groovin' in the AM but you can put it in use it in so many more recipes. I recently created a yummy Salted-Caramel Float Recipe that by just adding a little bit of International Delight changed the flavor … [Read More...]


No More Burnt Popcorn the Secret is Out!

At my previous job there was one rule when it came to the lunch room. "No popping popcorn aloud!" I thought this was odd until I was told why. The smell of burnt popcorn as it assaults your senses is not pleasant. Burnt popcorn is one of those smells that tends to linger, and in an office full of people trying to work it is just not all that easy. … [Read More...]


Think Outside the Box with Furniture From Sauder

Every piece of furniture has its intended use. We use a sofa to sit on, but then someone made it into a sofa. We use a table to eat on, or if you are like me it may become the nesting place for mail and other items. One of the things I love about a recent purchase from Sauder Furniture was the challenge to use it multiple ways. Multimedia Storage … [Read More...]

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