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‘Cause I’m Just Cool Like That

I was looking through the photos on my phone for a specific photo and came across some that made me laugh. Not the ones that showed I was about 30 pounds lighter 6 months ago (those kinda made me cry) but some photos of me just being the mom that I am with my kids. I remember days when my mother, sister, and I would crank up the music and dance and … [Read More...]


Wow! Get a FREE Nutrisystem Fast 5 Kit and SAVE an Extra $10 on Nutrisystem!

This post brought to you by Nutrisystem. All opinions are 100% mine. Do you have a New Years resolution to lose weight that you haven't quite accomplished yet? If so here is a little something to help you reach that resolution because it is never too late to start!  Nutrisystem is offering the Nutrisystem Special Double … [Read More...]


Giveaway Linky: Thursday Tell All : April 17, 2014

If you are looking for more giveaway linkys, check out my "Giveaway Linky List" with over 100 more places to list your giveaways! Enter Giveaways Giveaway Linky … [Read More...]


HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Coupons, Earth Day, and Giving Back

April 22, 1970 The idea for Earth Day was born. Senator Nelson recruited Harvard Law School student and environmental activist Denis Hayes to coordinate the events. On April 22, 1970, 20 million people gathered across the country to show their support for the environment on the very first Earth Day. Things have definitely changed over the years. … [Read More...]


Microsoft Office Personal 365 and Chance to Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card

There hasn't been a day in my working career that I wasn't using Microsoft Office. From Outlook, Word, and my favorite Excel (its the accountant in me). As with most things times are a changing and this means that your office products are changing as well. Say Hello to Office 365 Personal. Office 365 Personal Introducing Office 365 Personal, a … [Read More...]


WARNING! WARNING! Shoe Shopping is Dangerous

Last weekend I told my husband I was taking my daughter shoe shopping. This was kinda the warming him up because when I usually say that he says, "What does she need new shoes for she has tons!" The truth is her feet have grown a little and I noticed her shoes getting a little tight. So we set off and I told her that most importantly we needed to … [Read More...]


Find Your Suave Style at Dollar General $50 Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 5/5)

I love mixing and matching, I never buy the same shampoo and conditioner twice and I love to purchase different body wash on occasion. I just love to have a different smell every once and a while. I also have no idea if it is true but I always feel that when I switch up my shampoo my hair has to readjust and it seems to look better each time. … [Read More...]


Fitness for Everyone and Anyone That is Stuck in Bed

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Stuck In Bed Fitness. All opinions are 100% mine. Two years ago in August a very good friend of mine had surgery on her spine. When she awoke she couldn't feel anything from her waist down. She was told she may never walk again but she was determined to prove them wrong. When I saw the … [Read More...]


Building Strong Bones Together : VIACTIV Birthday Bash Giveaway

I consider myself a strong woman. That is when it comes to caring, loving, nurturing and just plain getting through life. I want my daughter to be just as strong. She is only 8 but she already has shown that she is responsible and strong very much like her mother and grandmother. However, it is also important that she take care of herself which … [Read More...]

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