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Become A Barbie Fashion Designer & $100 Toys R Us and Barbie Bike Giveaway : (Ends 12/23)


Black Friday is almost here! I bet you are either scouring the ads looking for the best deals and mapping out your route. Or you are like me and you get out of bed, grab your cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy a relaxing day off work away from the chaos of the stores. Either way you chose to shop we all have one thing in common...a list of gifts we want to get for our friends and families. Do you have your list started? Are their any check mark-ups yet … [Read More...]

Beauty of a South Florida Sunset


I walked out of my house one evening and was mesmerized by the beautiful South Florida sky so I ran back in and grabbed my camera. … [Read More...]

A Little Black Friday Humor


Do you participate in the biggest shopping day of the year? I know for so many it is a tradition. I, however, and sitting here writing from the comfort of my home. I will get online and look over the deals but that is about it. Here is a little Black Friday humor for you to enjoy! … [Read More...]

Larger Than Life the Ascend Mate 2 Phone


My youngest son likes to stand out, he likes attention, and likes to be unique. So it is no surprise to me when he tells me he would rather have a different phone if he has a choice. My entire family has one type of phone and I've never thought of trying another brand. Leave it to my son to make me realize that you don't know what you are missing if you don't try new things. So in the coming months I have a few phones coming in for him to try and … [Read More...]

Real Cloud Player Roku 2 and $200 Amex Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 12/14)


Whether it is our summer vacation, kids acting funny, or a private moment I enjoy taking video (when I think about it). I don't own a video recorder. I did once own one but found that I hated using it to take video because I was always missing the moment too focused on taking the video. For this reason I prefer to take videos with my phone. It is just easier and allows me to video and be in the moment at the same time. That said leaving videos … [Read More...]

Discover How Easy it is To Give Back this Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away and I'm busy planning festivities, as I'm sure most people are. It's a time for thanks and for giving. I'm so thankful for my kids, my husband, and my family. I'm thankful we have a home to live and spend time together in. I'm thankful for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so I can plan some shopping strategies to snag amazing deals. Getting together with family for good food and great company is by far my … [Read More...]

Lets Talk Wine for the Holiday Season


Thanksgiving is almost here and it is one of my favorite holidays! In this day and age it seems we are  so busy that we often forget to take time to be truly thankful for what we have.  I grew up celebrating Thanksgiving in a large family. I loved playing with all my cousins each holiday and boy could my Grandma cook. A few years back my youngest daughter decided she wanted to start having Thanksgiving dinner at her house which truthfully I … [Read More...]

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