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SOL REPUBLIC Punk Wireless Speaker Giveaway : (Ends 1/7)


When most people get up or get home the first thing they turn on is the TV. Well I am a little different then most because the first thing I turn on is music.  I listen to music all day at work and again when I come home. I like a good movie now and then but when I am home alone I tend to lean towards some tunes and do things around the house.  So when I got the opportunity to review the brand new SOL REPUBLIC Punk wireless speaker I was thrilled. The speaker comes in a variety of colors. It just so … [Read More...]

Hydrate with Taste DripDrop Prize Pack Giveaway : (Ends 1/2)


My boys have really gotten into walking down to the neighborhood park and playing basketball. This means we are going through water like crazy. Here in South Florida we purchase our water no drinking out of the faucet (just doesn't taste good at all). My youngest son has asked that I purchase him sports drinks because he gets tired of just drinking water. However after a while that can get expensive when he takes a couple bottles with him. I recently had the opportunity to review DripDrop. DripDrop is … [Read More...]

Say Cheese! More Great Best Buys on Cameras


Recently I've shared a lot of amazing deals from Best Buy. What can I say? They have an amazing selection, knowledgeable employees, and I know I'll find what I'm looking for. Best Buy especially has the latest and greatest in cameras and camcorders. They offer point and shoot, DLSRs, and more - something for everyone regardless of photography skill. Below I've shared some of the hottest cameras for this Holiday season. Holiday memories are important and these can help you capture each moment with … [Read More...]

How to Get a Picture-Perfect Holiday Party Smile

Electric Toothbrush

With the Holidays here you always have to be ready to have that pretty smile in place for the company party pictures, a picture with that ugly  sweater and your Aunt Grace that bought it for  you, lol , and with Santa of course.  And to help you get and maintain the best smile Target has the perfect gift to power holiday smiles just go to and Get $20 off your purchase of the Oral-B Pro-Health 3000.    The Oral-B Pro-Health 3000 with Cross-Action Brush Head This toothbrush guides you to … [Read More...]

Make Someone Happy Today! Coca-Cola Giveaway : (Ends 12/24)


'Tis the season for giving and happiness. Whether you are shoveling your driveway or still wearing shorts and flip flops (benefits of living in Florida) Christmas is all around us. I was asked if I wanted to "make someone happy" by giving them a special Coca-Cola gift pack. I knew immediately who I wanted to give t his too. My sister is a big Diet Coke fan but my oldest son loves Coke just the same. He also loves knickknacks and fun items endorsed with his favorite brands. One thing I love about my son is he … [Read More...]

A Few Hints For Gift Giving the Holiday Season


Best Buy is the ultimate shopping destination for all things technology. They have amazing deals and the selection is incredible. I wanted to share with you a few of the top picks for this Holiday season. Of course, you can visit Best Buy online to learn more about each product, but my favorite thing to do is to head to my local Best Buy store and actually play with demo versions. I'm a hands-on person and being able to see how things work in person is great, plus I know if I have any questions I can ask the … [Read More...]

Today is Bake Cookies Day


The Holidays are rich with family tradition, my family included. One of my favorite is making holiday cookies with my kids. I always looked forward to making cookies with my Mom and sister as a kid each year. It was a special time for us to make our way into the kitchen to bake delicious cookies and these are memories I cherish. Of course, I've continued this tradition with my own children and we always have fun measuring, scooping, and the best part decorating and tasting the cookies. I also participate in a … [Read More...]

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