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Find Your Skin Tone With These Simple Tests

Find Your Skin Tone

I hate it when you are filling out a beauty questionnaire and you are asked what is your skin tone? I never really knew how to answer that. I also hate trying to pick out a foundation or powder that matches my skin tone. I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on products trying to match the product to my own skin tone.  Hopefully you won't run into the same problem with this infographic to "Find Your Skin Tone". Find Your Skin Tone Naomi Shaw lives in Southern California with her husband and three kids. She is a free-lance journalist and stay at home mom … [Read More...]

The Best Tech for the Travel-Hungry


Technology is tying the world together like never before, which makes it an especially great time to be a traveler. It is so easy to chronicle a trip, even one that takes you far out into the wild, with cameras and recording devices built directly into a smartphone, or stand-alone devices small enough to fit into a pocket. There are trackers to find your luggage, special cases to store your special gear – there may even be things you never even knew you needed before hearing about it. Here are a few useful tech items for people who really like to go new places … [Read More...]

Tom’s of Maine Makes Going Natural Fun!

Tom's of Maine

I've very excited to announce that I have been selected to once again represent Tom's of Maine as an Ambassador in 2016. Last year was a fun year and this year is going to be just as great. We are your typical family (a little more than 2.5 ;) kids). I am a mother who is trying to embrace the things that are better for my family like switching to healthier food options and natural products like Tom's of Maine. As part of the Ambassadorship I was sent a slew of awesome products, both old and new!   Tom's of Maine Products This is only a small selection of … [Read More...]

JLust by JLo the Perfect Beauty Indulgence – Enter to Win : (Ends 5/8)

JLust Fragrance Review

I love when you get a magazine and in between the pages you find the little perfume samples. I would open everyone of them and take a sniff. As much as I love to check out new perfumes I am a creature of habit and I keep buying the same perfume for the last 20 years. Only recently, in the past two years, did I add a new perfume to my medicine cabinet. Every once in a while I will switch out my perfume just for fun. One week ago I added another perfume to my medicine cabinet, JLust by Jennifer Lopez. JLust Fragrance Review My daughter also loves to smell new … [Read More...]

Tips for Preventing the Summer Slide & promote STEM activities


I can't believe summer is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday I was waking the kids up for the first day of the school year. My children are as different as night and day when it comes to school and learning. My son absolutely can not wait until summer, he is your typical teenager who wants to watch TV, play games and sports, and do everything except go to school. My daughter has always enjoyed school and loves to learn. Like me she thrives on knowledge. They say that young girls are taught that "math and science are for boys". Well no one told my … [Read More...]