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You Don’t Need to Be a Pro to Enjoy the Surface Pro 3


As a Microsoft Blogger I get the opportunity to review amazing products and bring news from the technology world right to  your computers. One of the items we recently had the pleasure of reviewing is the Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 a laptop, no it is a tablet, no it is a laptop. The truth is it is both, and I have been using it as both. I have a main computer I do must of my work on at my office desk. I also own a laptop that I use mainly when we travel or the main computer is being utilized. Many times I find myself still looking for a available computer … [Read More...]

Chicken Soup for the Soul : Hope & Miracles Giveaway


I have an amazing collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul books and their newest book is a great addition to my collection. These 101 miraculous stories of hope, faith, divine intervention and answered prayers will amaze you! As John Edward says in his foreword to the book: The personal stories you’ll read here about hope, faith, answered prayers and divine intervention are to me all about one thing – our connection to a higher power or divine source.Good things do happen to good people! You will be encouraged and uplifted as you read these stories about powerful … [Read More...]

Copycat Olive Garden Toasted Ravioli


My family loves Olive Garden. Both my daughter and my husband enjoy Italian food. My daughter loves anything that includes marinara or read sauce with one of her favorite meals being spaghetti and meatballs. However with a family of five it is not always economical to take the whole family out to dinner. Drinks, appetizers, and five meals can add up very quick. So instead we are finding ways to make our favorite meals at home like these Copycat Olive Garden Toasted Raviolia This recipe has all the taste of Olive Garden Ravioli in the comfort of your own home with … [Read More...]

6 Tips for Smarter, Healthier Grocery Shopping


I really am not a fan of grocery shopping. I keep hoping an inexpensive grocery service will come to my area where I can simply mark all the foods I would like and they will show up at my door. The one good thing about grocery shopping is my husband goes with me. It is the one activity that the two of us do together without the kids. However we are both eager to get the shopping done and leave before the crowds set in. One disadvantage to a service would be not being able to pick out my own fruits and vegetables, I am very picky about my bananas. Since we don't have a … [Read More...]

Giveaway Linky : Thursday Tell All : February 26, 2015


Who doesn't love something for free? I love entering giveaways though I rarely get the chance these days. However if you are here, then you are either listing your giveaway or you looking for great giveaways to enter. Be sure to book mark this category because each week we run a Giveaway Linky so you find the best Giveaways to enter. Also If you are looking for more giveaway linkys, and more places to link up and find giveaways then check out my "Giveaway Linky List" with more places to list your giveaways! Enter Giveaways Giveaway Linky … [Read More...]

And She is Only Nine


My daughter is just getting so big so fast. I don't often just post to post anymore but this is one of my favorite photos of her taken in the last month and I thought I would share. … [Read More...]

A Perfect Picture Every Time Even When It’s Not


How many times have you tried to get your family to all look at the camera at the same time, smile in unison, or stand still while you are trying to take a photo. We all have those awkward photos (hopefully yours didn't end up all over the internet) where everyone is smiling but one child stuck out their tongue. The photo would look great if dad wasn't closing his eyes. You know what I mean right? I recently came across a site called that can help you turn your not so perfect photos into one perfect photo. I have Photoshop and I use it often to work … [Read More...]