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S’Mores Pizza Squares Recipe with Golden Grahams


My daughter never ceases to amaze me! I was just telling a co-worker that one thing I love about my daughter is that when she wants to do something she goes after it. She doesn't wait for me to tell her what to do or help her. She pushes me to do things she wants because she takes care of all the planning and preparation. One of her favorite things to do is to bake! I often enjoyed baking when I was a child as well. Never much for cooking but I did love to bake. I remember baking a cake and decorating it flowers and all for my mother on either her birthday or … [Read More...]

Why Nag? There Are Better Ways To Get Kids To Learn

Mother And Daughter Reading Story At Home Together

Parenting brings along a whole set of challenges, and in addition to raising kids that are responsible, well mannered and kind, we also have to ensure that they are equipped with knowledge. Learning will help them face the world in more ways than one, for it is a way of empowering them, and an education is one of the greatest gifts a parent can bestow upon a child. Nagging may seem like the simplest solution to get kids to learn, but it is in fact divisive and may cause more issues in the long run, as children will begin to associate learning with negativity. Here are … [Read More...]

Two Day Detox with WeighFast from WeightNot

WeighFast WeightNot

How I wish food had not effect on your weight and overall health. If we could just eat what we wanted and not worry about any consequences how awesome would that be? However we all know that is not the case, what we eat is a balancing act between eating primarily healthy and sneaking in a few treats here and there. This is not something I'm very good at. Most of my problem is I'm not prepared and usually grab food that is easy. I really need to work on this as I am finding my weight sometimes holds me back from doing things, and it is not a good example for my … [Read More...]

Family Fun at Busch Gardens Tampa


.At the end of last year I decided I wanted to take the family on a cruise with a new cruise line, Royal Caribbean. Even though I found one at a great price I also decided I wasn't quite ready to take to the sea and leave my first born at home. Yes I know he is 18 years old but I'm taking this growing up thing one step at a time. So instead we planned a family vacation to Busch Gardens in Tampa sans one member. My son turned 18 and it was like someone new stepped into his skin. He works full time, comes home to sleep and shower and spends the rest of his time with his … [Read More...]

What the Color of Your Eyes Reveal About Your Health


Whether you have baby blue eyes or happen to be a “brown-eyed girl (or boy),” your eye color says a lot about who you are and your overall health. Even if you were born with a pre-existing condition that needs to be addressed with the wearing corrective eyewear or contact lenses, or even Lasik surgery for that matter, your eyes are still labeled as the windows to your soul. When it comes to the tint of your optic observances to the world at large, there’s many interesting and unusual occurrences that come into play when it comes to the color of your eyes. Let’s … [Read More...]