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A Little Animal Alphabet Help


When it comes to our children we want is best for them. We might research what is the best food to give them or how much TV time is appropriate. We definitely want our children to learn. Everything they do from the time they are born until they enter school is a learning process. No longer do we simply send our kids to school to get an education. We purchase games, books, and even TV programs are geared toward learning. One of the basic things … [Read More...]

Easy Stay in Curls with Curl Secret


Last week I was visiting with a co-worker and was amazed at her hair. She usually wore it straight, in a pony tail, or in a bun. I love to work with my hair and I usually wear a different style every day, so I was curious what she did with her hair. It was full of curls and looked great. She said she used the "Curl Secret". I told her I must know this "Secret". Here sister is a hair dresser and had given her one to use. It sounded so easy I … [Read More...]

A Little Halloween Spirit in the Office


Ok you know by now that I love Halloween. Well I'm at work 9 hours a day 5 days a week so I thought why not enjoy my love of the holiday there too. Thankfully my cubicle neighbor loves Halloween just as much as me and encouraged me to decorate all that I wanted. The Spirit of Halloween My favorite decorations are these cute photos and mesh I found at the dollar store. The photos morph from regular photos to vampires and skeletons when you get in … [Read More...]

Teaching Kids To Make The World A Better Place


If there is one thing (yeah if there was only one) I could change as a parent if I could go back in time it would be about a little thing called XBox. About 3-4 years ago I started having a big issue with my boys spending way too much time on the XBox. I struggled with the fact that they were playing with all their friends and that is pretty much the hang out place of this generation. We won't even get into the games they were playing. It seems … [Read More...]

Bathroom Organization For the Unorganized


Before we bought our new home my husband I use to share a bathroom that was the size of a small bedroom. Honestly it was a big and beautiful bathroom. Sharing it was also not the correct term as sharing usually implies equal halves. It became so bad that my husband moved his belongings into the third bathroom. Yes he moved out of our bathroom to a more organized and tidy bathroom of his own. See I'm not the most organized person, especially when … [Read More...]

Glazed Pumpkin Raisin Cookies With Pumpkin Pie Icing


Halloween is just a few weeks away, the air is beginning to have a chill, and fall is upon us. When I think of fall I think of orange and red falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and scarves. At least that is the image my mind conjures even though I'm currently in flip flops and watching the kids swim in the pool. I love the sunshine and would never leave Florida but I do miss the seasons. This is why in order to trick my senses I like to opt for … [Read More...]

Easy Halloween and Other Crafts Using the Cricut Explorer


Honey was very excited when our Cricut Explore arrived and I was a little overwhelmed. I agreed to review the Cricut Explore Cutting Machine because I've seen it used on many blogs but I honestly wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it. I wanted to give it a proper review but was at a loss for what exactly I would use it to create. It turned out there was no need for me to worry. After three AMAZING and fun projects I am totally in love … [Read More...]

Discover Deals and $50 Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 11/7)


Depending on where you live you may have packed away the shorts and flip flops and pulled out the boots and coats. October is half way over as is summer. Fall is in full force and the leaves are falling (so I'm told) and the chill is in the air (at least in some areas). This may be the last few weeks before you decide that in doors is the place to be. I mean checking out these temperatures if I was up north I would so be.... To each their … [Read More...]

Kohl’s Yes2You Rewards and $250 Gift Card Winner


This is just a reminder that if you shop at Kohl's you are going to want to make sure you sign up for the Yes2You Loyalty Rewards program. Since signing up I have received a $10 reward and according to my point value by the end of October I should be receiving an additional $15. That is already $25 dollars in rewards just for shopping at my favorite store! I also encourage you to download the Kohl's app, this way you will never miss a deal. Right … [Read More...]

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