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2012 Holiday Stocking Stuffers: TailTowns Friends Figurines

I started playing TailTowns Friends a little bit ago, and though I don’t play it as much as I use to I still jump on a couple times a week to harvest some fruit, check on my mine, and visit my friends. This is a very addicting game, especially in the beginning when you can finish a goal in a day. If you missed my previous post I did a review of the game, you can see the entire review here: TailTowns Friends on Facebook, but below is a snippet of what I wrote.

As you play Tail Towns each goal will help you decorate your orchard. Your Decor score is what is measured to see who is in the lead. Some goals will have you planting fruit, vegetables, flowers, and grain. While others will have you using these resources to make juice, snacks, and special orders. You will also want to increase your reputation by helping your friends at their orchards. As your reputation increases you will earn permits to purchase additional land and increase the size of your orchard at Tail Towns.

I’ve actually spent a little “real” money on this game because I love the figurines and I enjoy accomplishing the goals to get the special character gift at the end.

When my kids saw the little figurines they wanted some too. They knew these cute little characters include a special code in the game. A code that allows you to open up a set of task to accomplish.

The first series of Tail Town Friends figurines is made up of twelve adorable creatures. Each creature was released as a collectible resin figurine that comes to life online. I’m excited because I recently obtained a fun Christmas figurine perfect for the holidays.

There’s non-stop drama here in Tail Towns Friends. So for our gossip-loving, twisty-plot-following, steamy-romance-craving fangs, we present the hand-painted, collectable… Tail Towns Figurines! Collect all 12 in Series One and get in-game bonuses, unique story plots, and a relationship with at least one leading Greenwood citizen!

The Tail Towns Friends virtual world invites women to indulge in a whirlwind of drama, intrigue, treachery and forbidden love – enacted by a cast of mice and other furry critters, and as players become more involved in the game, the characters’ juicy stories start to unfold.

Tail Towns Friendsdelivers a total gaming experience with custom-designed collectible, fully hand-painted, beautifully crafted figurines, bridging the real world with the virtual. These figurines not only add to your gaming experience unlocking new story lines and items, but are perfect for the woman in your life who has well…everything.

For a store locator go to:

To purchase your figurines online, go to:

To check out Tail Towns Friends go to:

So for this reason I’ve decided these would make a great stocking stuffer for the kids. They love to play the game with me but get discouraged because they too want to earn a collectable! If you or someone you know is a TailTowns Friend player then this may just be the perfect gift for them as well.

Disclaimer: Our blog is participating in a sponsored blog ambassador program from GANZ Tail Town Friends. As a part of this program we have received paid compensation and merchandise for placement of digital advertisements and specific postings related to Tail Towns Friends. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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