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2013 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport


My husband and I recently had the opportunity to drive for a week a 2013 Outlander Sport from Mitsubishi. It couldn’t have come at a better time. It was before the holidays and my husband and I wanted to get bikes for Christmas. We had no way of getting it home until we found out we were going to review this crossover vehicle. It also happened that week that I got a flat tire coming home from work. So for the most part I drove this car myself.

I have to start by saying that the 2013 Outlander Sport we drove was a manual. I haven’t driven a manual in a long time, and that is by choice. I know when I was young I thought manuals were “cool” and “fun” however as an adult who isn’t even all that fond of driving in the first place I’m not too keen on them and since I purchased an automatic I have not looked back. I believe this has a little to do with my less then positive review of the car.


Don’t get me wrong every car has its positive and negatives but test driving a car with a feature you already know you are not fond of makes it harder to really enjoy the car. It is also only fair to point out that all other cars we have test drove have been fully loaded where the 2013 Outlander Sport we drove was more of your basic model. Probably more like a car I would end up purchasing for financial reasons.

One of the positive features of this car that I really loved was the rep explained to me that the 2013 Outlander Sport was equipped with 8 airbags. WOW I didn’t even know you could put that many airbags in one car. I always thought there were usually two for the driver and passenger. That definitely got my attention and I found that I was impressed with this safety feature.

I also thought for a crossover the vehicle had adequate space. I am partial to SUV’s and crossovers so it is no surprise that I prefer the larger roamer vehicles. With three children it is definitely must have. It definitely was large enough to get home our bikes when our cars would not have done so.


As I mentioned above I think the manual transmission really took the joy out of driving this car for me. I just often felt like it did not drive well, though it was probably my lack of ease with the manual. We also often experienced the feeling that a window was open like air was getting into the car some how when we were driving which impacted our overall feelings about the car.

With all that said the price of the car is probably the best selling point. Many crossovers and SUV’s are high priced and almost unrealistically unaffordable for a large family like ours. According to the sheet I was given about the car the Total MRSP of the 2013 Outlander Sport is $19,995. This is definitely cheaper then the car I currently drive. I would be curious to see the difference in price on an automatic. I think if I had driven an automatic I would have a little more positive feeling about this vehicle.

Disclaimer: We received the 2013 Outlander Sport to test drive for one week. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. I love driving standard but haven’t driven one in years. I love that their are 8 air bags in-case anything were to happen, and definitely a better price than most newer SUVs.

  2. Those are some very stylish vehicles. I love the exterior, but the interior black is so gorgeous!

  3. Gina Brickell says:

    Well, from the outside it looks like a sharp vehicle.. Kind of surprised though that they DIDN’T give you a fully loaded one for testing.. Knowing that you were going to review it and post it online, you would think they’d want to give you the best of the best… AND also asked which you PREFER driving.. What if you didn’t know how to drive a manual? Did they give you the option?

  4. It looks like a nice car. but who drives a manual now a days? They should have given you a automatic.

  5. I couldn’t even drive it if it’s only manual. I wouldn’t have a clue, nor would I buy one. Just not my thing. However, I have owned 4 Mitsubishi vehicles over the years so clearly I like their cars!

  6. Meghan @JaMonkey says:

    I love the look of these things they are so sleek

  7. That is an amazing price for a crossover, but I’m with you on manual transmissions…I’ll pass!

  8. Were you able to track the gas mileage at all? Even approximately how many miles on a tank of gas? That’s something that would be important to me. Also, was it mostly city driving?

  9. Appreciate your authentic review.

    Wish you’d have had a different experience.

  10. Looks like a nice ride! And wow the price is really good!

  11. It looks so roomy! And the price is great…I think I could give up my automatic for that.

  12. Sherri Lewis says:

    I hope we can afford to get a new vehicle in the next couple of years. In the meantime I will keep reading reviews and dreaming 🙂

  13. We just tested this car out too, but in automatic (could never do manual, I totally forgot how!)

  14. Rich Hicks says:

    very sharp looking and the instrument layout looks great too.

  15. sandi tzourellas says:

    Very neat that you were able to do a review on a CAR! That’s how you know you are in the big league 🙂 Nice looking vehicle but I need more room

  16. Betty Baez says:

    I like your honest opinion, the price and space are definitely great but the manual is definitely a downside for us too….too bad 🙁

  17. I grew up driving standards and did fine. Then I got RA and couldn’t do the clutch anymore. I’m just not a shifty person.

  18. Holly Thomas says:

    The manual transmission totally changed my mind. 🙁

  19. looks like a nice sized car

  20. Kathy Lane says:

    I love your review on the Mitsubishi Outlander!I don’t mind the manual transmission too much,except in traffic jams.

  21. Nancy Lynn Hilderbrand says:

    Loved manual before I got sick so this car would not work for me.

  22. This isnt a bad car but we just bought a truck and we are sold on trucks!

  23. Price is good and does seem to have adequate space. We are still running with 3 kids and often my daughters little one, so we neeeeeeeed the space. Ready to give up a van but dont know where to turn. The manual scares me. We do have a truck that I used to LOVE to drive…a Ram pick up. It made me feel powerful somehow. But I am NOT good at it. The first time I REALLY learned other than once in high school was my husband’s am my first date. I ground out his clutch. He was nice about it though and didnt say anything until much later. When we got the truck later, he groaned every time I wanted to drive. LOL!

  24. Thanks for the honest review!

  25. JoeyfromSC says:

    Wow, this car looks amazing..Too bad I can’t drive a manual either haha

    I am also in the market for a bike..Reading your post, re-reminded me that I need to do more research before buying one lol

  26. Julie Sullivan says:

    I love Mitsubishi vehicles,I use to have the Galant…This outlander sport is sweet,and I like the fact it has 8 airbags!

  27. This looks like a nice car and would be a good replacement of another Mitsubishi I own – the Mitsubishi Adventure.

  28. This is a very nice looking car. Plus the price is great for a Cross Over. I really like that it has 8 air bags. with my kids starting to drive I worry about those kinds of things. Great review if it was a mannual. 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for your honest review. I love the look of the car and the fact that it does have 8 airbags and it is affordable. I don’t think I would own one myself personally but you never know.

  30. This looks like a wonderful vehicle with some great features!

  31. tiffany dover says:

    I am so jealous! I want one of these so badly! We need a bigger vehicle now that we have two kids.

  32. DENISE SMITH says:

    really nice car would love to own one of these

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