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Take A Stand Be Positive and Fight Fat Talk Today!

I still can not believe there is about three weeks left until the end of the year. It seems each year just goes by quicker and quicker. This year has been a very hectic one for me. One where I’m sad to say I didn’t reach my initial goal. You might remember my husband and I embarked on the P90X program. We were doing great and both of us were feeling fit and healthy. I don’t know exactly what derailed us but since that time I have not been diligent at maintaining my initial progress.

So what happens when women gain weight, feel heavy, or just don’t feel they weigh what they should? They partake in a little thing called Fat Talk. What this means is that we are hard on ourselves and our bodies. Instead of being positive about the changes we want to make or made, our beautiful eyes, or great personalities we harp on the weight we need to lose. Not only that but women usually don’t try to stop other women from doing the same thing. Imagine you are having lunch with a good friend or co-worker and they make a comment about their jeans getting too tight and how they have gained weight. Do you refrain from talking about yourself? Do you offer sympathy or tell her no she hasn’t? More times than not you talk instead about the weight that you have gained, about your clothes being to tight too.

Fat Talk

Fat Talk is so embedded in everyday conversations that it has become a barrier to managing weight. According to a recent survey, nearly half of women say that they engage in Fat Talk because they feel it’s better to criticize themselves before others do so. Interestingly, 63% of women surveyed said when they notice themselves or their friends engaging in Fat Talk, they don’t try to stop or change the conversation – and 62% of women say they feel compelled to engage in Fat Talk about themselves when they hear other women doing so.

Honestly I can tell you this is so me! In fact, I probably Fat Talk on my blog, on Facebook, on Twitter, etc. It is not just when talking with friends. I definitely do it all the time when I’m trying on clothes. However one thing I’ve learned is that I really should keep some of those thoughts to myself, especially around my children. My children currently have the misconception that eating well and exercise is done to lose weight. While that is a side effect and many of us start both to do so that is not the truth. The truth is you should eat well and exercise to stay healthy. I tell my son, who is a junk food junkie, that just because he doesn’t need to lose weight doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to eat healthy.

Fight Fat Talk with Special K

SpecialK_FightFatTalkInfographic_Final 12.5

Special K is campaigning to get women to “shhhut out the fat talk”, you can find out more about the campaign by visiting There you can see which Facebook friends and twitter followers are engaging in Fat Talk and invite them to fight Fat Talk and spread positivity instead.

To help women with their weight management journey this New Year, Special K offers a variety of delicious food options and is inviting them to participate in the Special K Challenge, an easy, effective way for women to kick-start their weight-management plan in 2014. For more information about the Special K Challenge, visit

Let’s make a change and agree to fight Fat Talk today! Let’s be positive instead of negative. I will begin by saying that I love my blue eyes and that they are unique because one quarter is green.


I would love for you to leave a comment telling me ONE (or more if you wish) positive thing about yourself!

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  1. One positive thing about me is I am an animal advocate. I am not vegeterian and do understtnad livestock but if people have pets II tolertae no excuses for them not to provided the basics,

  2. I love my teeth and nice smile!

  3. One positive thing about me is I NEVER get mad and I always have a smile on my face.

  4. Robin Wilson says:

    I think the most positive thing about myself isn’t physical. I always do my best to Pay It Forward no matter how little I have, which at the moment is very little. I love your eyes too!

  5. great infographic. i love my stomach!

  6. (I do the fat talk thing too… :( )

    Alright — so something positive: I like my green eyes and my curly hair!

  7. I need to focus on this, absolutely. Even though I’ve lost a good amount of weight, I still have trouble affirming myself instead of seeing all the things I think I still need to “fix.”

  8. I have an understanding nature and pause before I say anything. I think it’s wise for most to pause and think before they utter whatever is in their brain! Love this since post info since I use to counsel at a weight clinic (before nursing). You can send negative vibes with your eyes too and I’m really tuned into that kind of body language.

  9. I think EVERYONE should think of at least one or two good features that they have instead focusing on the negative, often the most trivial thing(s) about themselves. Personally, I love my legs.

  10. I have a wonderful personality, I love to make others feel better. It’s so important to focus on the positive and not the negative.

  11. I love my long, straight hair.

    Your eyes are gorgeous!

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