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Kick Start Your New Year’s Resoltuion w/ Fast 5

This post brought to you by Nutrisystem . All opinions are 100% mine.

What is one of the most popular New Years resolutions?…..If you answered “to lose weight” you are correct.

A few years ago I went on a diet for my resolution and I lost 20 lbs which I am happy to say I have kept off. The diet I chose was Nurtisystem. I enjoyed the convenience of the prepared meals, it was easy to follow and the food was excellent.

I have just learned that Nutrisystem has developed some exciting new programs, one called Nutrisystem My Way. The Nutrisystem® My Way® program is tailored to each individual’s metabolism, providing just the right amount of calories and nutrients you need. It uses a science-backed algorithm to estimate your metabolic rate in order to create a customized program tailored to the amount of calories needed for healthy weight loss. You are given a personalized meal plan and exercise suggestions to help you burn fat efficiently and boost fat metabolism.

Nutrisystem My Way Program

To make things even better Nutrisystem® is currently offering Nutrisystem Fast 5 with the purchase of a new 28-day Nutrisystem® My Way® program.

 photo REQUIREDfast5logo450_zpsebb38c3e.jpg

Fast 5 is a jump-start week designed to help you see quick results. It’s packed with the perfect tools to help you accelerate your weight loss during the first week of the program. Fast 5 promises a five-pound weight loss, backed by a money-back guarantee. With Fast 5, you receive a unique one-week meal plan to help accelerate your weight loss in your first week on the program. You’ll also receive all-new shakes with formulations for men and women.

Fast 5 from Nutrisystem

 photo OPTIONAL1fast5group450_zpsa92057f0.jpg

I am so excited about the new programs at Nutrisystem.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?


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  1. I have debated on Nutrisystem, this sounds like a nice new line of theirs!

  2. I love their food! They are one of the few diet food companies who I can actually stand the taste of their products.

  3. I have heard so much about Nutrisystem over the years but I’ve never tried it. I plan to continue with my healthier eating in 2014 and to quit smoking AGAIN – but for good this time!

    • Connie Thompson says:

      Good luck Jenn, I quit smoking 1-4-2009 after 37 years, I really never thought I would ever quit but I am so happy this will be 5 years. I can’t say I haven’t craved it in the past 5 years but I hate for anything to have control over me so I refuse to start again. Nurtiststem is a very good program, easy to follow and shows results.

  4. I’ve never tried Nutrisystem, but I’ve heard great things.

  5. I’m actually contemplating going back on Nutrisystem or Medifast. I need to lose weight, especially after having a baby.

    • Connie Thompson says:

      Never tried Mdifast so I can’t comment on that but I found Nurtisystem easy to follow and I didn’t crave anything, I mean you were allowed sweets everything night.

  6. Nutrisystem has always sounded great.

  7. I tried Nutrisystem but it got a bigt expensive. I liked the food though. I am stepping up the exercise right now!

    • Connie Thompson says:

      Really I thought it was reasonable when you are getting your main meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner only adding veggies and fruit.

  8. Maria Iemma says:

    I have heard of Nutri systems for years now howev r have never tried them because of the cost. As soon as I find a job and clear up some bills I will give it a try. Need to lose about 50 pounds!!

    • Connie Thompson says:

      It really isn’t that expensive when you consider you are getting breakfast,lunch, dinner and you only have to add some veggies and fruit,

  9. I’ve been contemplating trying it to start the new year off with… I need to do something different, for sure. :)

  10. I really haven’t thought about it too much yet. I guess I really need to start working on those, eh? Thanks for the reminder.

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