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365 Photo Challenge : Week 2

365 Photo Challenge : Day 8

I don’t feel this photo really needs many words

Daddy's Little Girl

Daddy’s Little Girl

365 Photo Challenge : Day 9

Honey rarely lets me do anything with her hair however this week she said she wanted to take a shower and have me braid it before she went to bed. So after her shower we blew dry it a little and I put in the french braid. In the morning we took out the braid and this is what we got….(for the record she wouldn’t let me post a photo from the front :) )

Braid Created Wavy Hair

Braid Created Wavy Hair

365 Photo Challenge : Day 10

School was out today due to some flash flooding in our county, however that didn’t stop the sun from joining the party. The skyline was beautiful Friday morning. I didn’t get the best pic (hard to do when you are driving) but you can feel the beauty.

South Florida Sunrise

South Florida Sunrise

365 Photo Challenge : Day 11

I purchased the Hawaiian Coconut Ring Candle from Diamond Candles. As soon as it came in we put it on the candle warmer so we could take a look at our secret surprise. Unfortunately it was costume jewelry but Honey loved the idea!

Diamond Candle and Ring

Diamond Candle and Ring

365 Photo Challenge : Day 12

You can find a rainbow just about anywhere. Honey called me into my bedroom because she wanted to show me the beautiful rainbow in her hair. She was lying on the floor and had moved her hair into the stream of light that was coming through the window causing a rainbow.

Rainbow Bright

Rainbow Bright

365 Photo Challenge : Day 13

My daughter loves to learn so a few months ago I brought home some bank statements from work (I do about 40 a month) and taught her how to do them. Now she earns money each month and can’t wait for be to bring them home. (Yep she is 8 and she is reconciling bank statements) It is a win-win situation.

Accountant in Training

Accountant in Training

365 Photo Challenge : Day 14

A beautiful South Florida sunset as it goes down behind the trees. I took this photo in our neighborhood after returning from work.

South Florida Sunset

South Florida Sunset

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  1. I love the idea of a photography challenge, but would never make it all the way to the end.

    That photo of your daughter and husband is wonderful! :)

  2. That photo of your daughter looks amazing!

  3. Honey’s hair is so long! I think it’s cute how popular braids are right now and the look of just taking them out. My DD loves it!

  4. Very interesting photos. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Glad to see you finally were able to get a diamond candle. I had no idea your daughters hair was so long, Beautiful!

  6. WOW I’ve never seen light put a rainbow on anything like that! :)

  7. Your daughter’s hair is so LOOONG! That first photo is just precious .

  8. Great pictures! Your daughter’s hair is so pretty!

    I want to get a Diamond Candle sometime. Costume jewelry or not (I mostly wear costume jewelry anyways), I love their rings!

  9. Her hair turned out gorgeous!! I love all your pictures!

  10. I love all of those photos, but the first one just warms my heart so much!

  11. I love how long your daughter’s hair is.

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