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Address Your Heart : Win a $50,000 Kitchen Makeover


Heart health is a serious and important topic. Sometimes we don’t think much about it. We often hear of people that have changed their diet because of high cholesterol or take medication for high blood pressure but you don’t often hear about what people are doing to keep the most vital organ in our bodies healthy, the heart.

We definitely have a few reasons here in the Shibley household to be conscious of our heart and keeping it healthy. My husband’s father had an unexpected heart attack before the age of 50. This is something that is always on my husband’s mind. A couple years ago I took him to the emergency room because he was having pain in his chest. I know his fathers previous heart attack was on his mind. Thankfully it was not his heart but it does stop you in your tracks and make you think about what you should be doing to keep your heart healthy.

I lost my own father to a heart condition. One we had no idea he even had. My father passed away in 2008 due to Cardiomyopathy.

Wikipedia: Cardiomyopathy (literally “heart muscle disease”) is the measurable deterioration of the function of the myocardium (the heart muscle) for any reason, usually leading to heart failure; common symptoms are dyspnea (breathlessness) and peripheral edema (swelling of the legs). People with cardiomyopathy are often at risk of dangerous forms of irregular heart beat and sudden cardiac death. The most common form of cardiomyopathy is dilated cardiomyopathy.

My father was sick, or so he thought and had visited the doctor. They gave him an antibiotic. What they thought he had I do not know as my father lives in Michigan and my sister and I were not even aware he wasn’t feeling well. After school (he was attending college) one night he sat down, we assume because he wasn’t feeling well, and passed away. His heart literally just stopped working.

As you can imagine both of these way heavily on our mind when we think of the health of not just ourselves but our children. That is why it is important to me mindful of things you can do to keep your heart healthy.


Healthy Heart Tips:

Exercise: You should exercise your heart. Nothing drastic is needed. Simply walk more, get out and enjoy life instead of sitting behind a or computer.

Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamin and minerals. By filling up on these you are less likely to eat high fat foods.

Whole grains: The fiber and nutrients in whole grains help provide fiber and nutrients that help in regulating blood pressure and heart health.

Reduce Sodium: Switch to low sodium products like Campbell’s Healthy Request soups or low sodium vegetable juices.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, and high blood pressure is a major risk factor.i For the estimated one in three Americans  who will develop high blood pressure,iii a high-sodium diet may be to blame. In some people, sodium increases blood pressure because it holds excess fluid in the body, creating an added burden on the heart. Too much sodium in the diet may also have other harmful health effects, including increased risk for stroke, heart failure, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and kidney disease.iv

The problem is starting early in America: 97 percent of children and adolescents eat too much salt, putting them at greater risk for cardiovascular diseases as they get older. source:

Enter to win a $50,000 Kitchen makeover below. Here is a sample of a “Healthy Heart” photo I’ve created myself.


Follow the steps below and share how you care for your heart to participate in Campbell’s contest and you could win a $50,000 kitchen makeover. Contest Rules & Prize Page.

Step 1: Submit a photo below that shows how you care for your heart

Step 2: Fill out the information required including your name, email address and zip code.

Step 3: Write a short contest entry (up to 200 words) that corresponds with the photo and share how you care for your heart. Please be honest and sincere with all your thoughts and remember to tell us in 200 words or less.

Step 4: Confirm you’ve read the Official Rules.

Step 5: Log in through your Facebook account.

Step 6: Submit your contest entry.

You can share your contest entry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and visit for recipes, tips, and downloadable coupons for heart-healthy products from Campbell.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Campbell Soup Company’s Address Your Heart initiative. The opinions, text, and images are all mine.

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  1. reduced sodium products definitely help

  2. That pasta soup looks awesome!

  3. Yay for reduced sodium!

  4. Such a scary thing to happen. Not that it happened to me, but one time I actually did think I was having a heart attack. I called for my son (in the middle of the night) and had him call an ambulance. It seemed like FOREVER until they got there. I was really thinking that was it – that was how I was going to die.

    Anyhow, this is something that deserves attention.

  5. Thanks for posting! I dont take this lightly anymore. We have heart disease and stroke in our family history. So I have learned to listen. It seems so easy, eat right, exercise, avoid the big stressors or find a better way to cope. Amen!

  6. tammy young says:

    love it

  7. Heart disease is in my family. My maternal grandfather died of a heart attack when he was just 56-years old, way too young. I’m working on a healthy lifestyle now, and my husband has just joined me. :)

  8. Thanks for sharing. I worry about this because heart disease runs in my husbands family. People forget to take care of their heart and worry about everything else.

  9. Heart health is so important to me. Healthy Request is a good friend of mine.

  10. Great post! I just had Campbells natural soup for the first time the other day, and it was delicious!

  11. Anjanette @MommaYoung says:

    This are all great tips, thanks for sharing. The hardest part is getting all those vegges in. The v8 should help.

  12. It’s so important to exercise and eat healthy! Winning a $50,000 kitchen makeover would be nice too! 😉

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