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All You Added to New Venue’s and Savings Coupon

Disclaimer: “This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You, but all my opinions are my own. #lifeforless #pmedia

allyouAs you add your items to the conveyor belt at the grocery store you look up and what do you see? Usually it is a rack of popular magazines. One magazine that you may have noticed missing in the past is now showing up on racks in new stores. All You, previously only found at Walmart, has branched out and finding its way to shelves at your local grocery store. I picked up the July 2013 at Publix. All You can be found at quite a lot of stores, to see if there is a store near you check out the All You website.

All You Magazine

I’ve always enjoyed All You. It is a well rounded informational and inspirational magazine. It is usually full of great tips for anything from beauty to house cleaning, from savings to health. Definitely topics that I am interested in reading about and can relate too. After all who doesn’t want to save a dollar or two or find a quick and easy recipe for a facial scrub that smells and works great.  Lately I’ve been trying to focus on my health and fitness, and admittedly I’ve been having a hard time staying on track. Picking up magazines like All You with some easy tips usually helps motivate me to put down that ice cream bar and pick up a bag of carrots!

All You Healthy Recipes

As I was browsing through the July 2013 issue I found some great recipes for healthier eating. I am not one of those people that can eat the same thing day in and day out. I need variety or I’m setting my self of for failure before I start. Smoothies are a quick and easy breakfast meal and have great staying power if the right ingredients are used.

All You Magazine Healthy Recipes

All You Weight Loss Tips

Staying on the topic of food and health, another pitfall for me is food preparation. I have never been one to cook and plan. However when I’m trying to eat healthy I need to have food made and ready. I need to grab for that healthy snack instead of the candy bar. There was an entire section in this month’s issue answering a readers question “Any tricks I can use to eat right and lose weight?” I found some great tips such as cutting up your veggies and fruits and putting them in snack size bags so you can grab and go. Drinking water to quench your thirst, as a no-calorie alternative to other drinks. It is easy to do this if you keep a cold bottle of water ready to grab at any time.

all you 02

While it is great to have food ready to go it is also great to rid your fridge of not so healthy choices. You might not think of the condiments you add to your food. Sometimes these can add up to quite a lot of calories. For that reason it is suggested that you stock your refrigerator with low-calorie condiments such as yellow mustard, hummus, or other low-calorie alternatives. Remember a little goes a long way when it comes to flavor and condiments. Looks like I need to take stock of whats in my fridge.


Health From the Inside Out

Not related to food but a tip I really thought was worth mentioning and remembering came from Lindsay Benjamin, Senior Health Editor:

Don’t put off checkups. You never know how they might help.  Although I’ve always had good eyesight, my eye doctor just prescribed glasses for me with slightly corrective lenses.  Now I have fewer headaches and more energy.

More Health Tips from All You

Some additional articles on Women’s Health you might enjoy, and that I was interested in, included an article titled “A Faster Metabolism at Any Age”. It breaks the stereotype and takes away the excuse of using age as the reason you can’t stay in shape. I also loved the tips in “Sleep Away the Pounds”. As a working mother and blogger of three kids I often find myself skimping in the “sleeping” department. Sometimes it takes a magazine article to remind me of how important it is.

Get Fit With All You

Many people think they can’t do yoga, they are not flexible or coordinated. My husband use to feel this way before he did some yoga with me. He may not be a huge fan of it but he found that he can do it. Some people would also be surprised at just how much strength you need to hold yoga poses for lengths of time. All You shows you how to do some basic yoga poses to stay fit this month. I did some of my own, I don’t look quite as lean and perfect as those in the magazine but I have found I do love adding yoga into my fitness routine.

All You Fitness

All You Magazine Coupon

Now it is time for you to check out your local grocery store to find your own copy of All You and find some additional tips and articles to add to the one’s I’ve highlighted here. To help you do just that you can grab a coupon for $1.00 off your next purchase. Considering how inexpensive the magazine is in the first place this is a great value! So grab the $1.00 All You Coupon today and start reading!

All You Coupon

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  1. All You is one of my favorite magazines. There is so much of a variety plus their coupons are great!

  2. I have just started getting into yoga, too. :)

  3. I love All You and buy it all the time! I like the recipes in there, and many of them have made a permanent place on my menu planning.

  4. I’ve never checked out All You. I will have to now.

  5. I love All You. I just bought this magazine yesterday because the cover drew me in

  6. All You is great for the coupons alone, but when you add in all of those other cool aspects, it looks like a must have magazine!

  7. I love All You. They always have great articles!

  8. It’s so true that sleep is an important ingredient to better health and weight loss. Love the yoga photos!

  9. I’ve never heard of All You (sad right?) but I’m definitely going to check it out!

  10. I’m so glad they’re carrying it other places! I barely ever go to Walmart but love this magazine.

  11. I like All You! I’ve learned some interesting things by purchasing the magazine :)

  12. I love the recipes and tips they have in All You, it’s such a great magazine with great content.

  13. Still working my way through the July issue. This is a helpful magazine all the way around.

  14. I love All You! It is the best magazine for how to articles and has some of the best coupons available. I always read it from start to finish.

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