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Book Series Prolongs the Fantasy : Our Favorites

I know many people that like to read and others that just have no interest. My mother and father were both readers. I would say my father was an avid reader. You could always find him winding down at night with a good book and glass of wine. He could get through a book in no time. Thankfully I also have a love for books and though I don’t read nearly as much as I did before I was I had kids I still enjoy a good book. I also like to listen to books in the car, it makes my 30 minute drive to and work much more enjoyable. I enjoy reading a good book series. It prolongs the love of the character and fantasy world I’m immersed in. I guess my book series list almost reads as a best selling list.

Favorite Book Series

The Sword of Truth Series

the sword of truth book series

I was introduced to this book series from a co-worker. The Third Kingdomis the 15th book in the series (counting the two small prequels)  and just came out August 2013. This is what I’m currently reading on my iPad. If you enjoy fantasy such as wizards and knights this is an AWESOME series of books! Definitely my #1 favorite series and is one of the best selling series. This is also the series that turned me on to reading on my iPad because The First Confessor was only in e-book form.


twilight_book_best selling

Yes like so many I was hooked on the Twilight book series, another one that was best selling. I was also introduced to this series from a co-worker. I didn’t start reading them when the third book was out, thankfully I only had a couple months for the forth and final book to be released. I’ve also seen the four movies and have to say that the first two were not nearly up to par. However the last two were amazing with the best of the series being the last movie. Though I have to say I much prefer the books!

Harry Potter


I started reading this series because I wanted to know what all the hype was. I actually saw the 2nd movie when it came out years before. I enjoyed the movie and rented the first one. However I never picked up a book until the final book came out. It was such a “big” deal that I went out and purchased the 7th book and read it not having read any of the other books. The writing was so amazing and easy to read that I then went and purchased each book in the series and read them feverishly finishing them in a matter of no time. I have seen most of the movies but not sure if I’ve seen the last couple. They do a good job of capturing the essence of the books but the books are much better!

Robert Landon Series


I love how Dan Brown brings in historic events from years ago and to create an interesting mystery to be solved. I’ve read all the books in this series including the newly released “Inferno”. I enjoyed the book but sometimes found it repetitive in the troubles they got into. However I still enjoy the writings of Dan Brown and often find myself envisioning Tom Hanks when I read these books LOL!

The Hunger Games


I guess I’m pretty main stream in my reading picks. I gravitate to what everyone is talking about. I absolutely LOVED The Hunger Games series though I was disappointed in the final book. I enjoyed the first movie though I would have possibly liked to seen a different “Peeta”. Another good adaptation of the book I’m looking forward to watching “Catching Fire”.

Notable Book Series

Fifty Shades of Grey – I read and did enjoy these books but sometimes found the writing annoying. I sometimes felt like Christian and Anastasia were having the same fight over and over again just wrapped in a different wrapping. I am interested in seeing how this translate onto the big screen.

Game of Thrones – I am currently “listening” to these books after seeing the first three seasons on HBO. Not the usual I actually prefer the series to the books. The books sometimes are hard to follow who they are talking to and what is going on. I sometimes feel like there is too much details in the book. The HBO series though is AWESOME and I can’t wait for the next season. I totally love Daenerys Targaryen, my favorite character!

What are you reading? Do you have any good series to recommend?

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  1. If you love wizards magic and mystery one of my favorites is the Dresden files by Jim Butcher. I think he is up to book # 15 in the series and the latest one should be Coming out any day now. I stumbled into it on the 7th book and am hooked. I actually have listened to all of the books in the series because I drive so much. I did the same with Harry Potter (the narrator of both series is fantastic!) I was thinking about getting inferno but now after reading this I am definitely going to get it!

  2. I’m reading Aurora Sky – Vampire Hunter book 1 in the series. I’m totally enjoying this very different take on vampire hunters. I won’t give it away because it is really worth reading.

  3. Anne McCaffrey’s Pern novels are my favorite series. I re-read some of them every couple of years.
    I read Harry when the first book came out after I heard an interview with the author on NPR. I’ve read them all.

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