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Biggest Loser Season 13 : Episode 16

I heard the rumors like everyone else but I was still surprised by this weeks Biggest Loser Season 13 Shocker. The previews from last week hinted of mutiny and contestants leaving. But who Mark, Buddy, Conda, Kim, Jeremy or all of them? I thought it was all talk and a marketing ploy. At the end of the day it was half true. The remaining five contestants some how found out of the plans to bring back the voted off contestants and ONE of them would be competing in the finale. So even the first person voted off could find their way back to the Biggest Loser stage.

The episode begins with the production crew baffled by the missing contestants. The five remaining contestants decided they were all quitting. I think the thought was if they all left with no show to continue on they would half to change their plans. Each contestant sat down with the lawyers to discuss their options, what they had signed and agreed too and were left to decide their actions.

At the end of the day both Mark and Buddy left the Biggest Loser house. I was disheartened by this turn of events. I was half rooting for Mark half rooting for Kim in the final. While I do understand their views, morals, and principals as to why they were against the switch up. They also signed contracts at the beginning of the show. The Biggest Loser has housed them, fed them, trained them, and helped them gain confidence and power back that they were lacking. I just hate that so close to the end they have left be hind the opportunity to finish a journey and very possibly win some money that would benefit their families.

Buddy had a really good shot at winning with the weight he still needed to lose. Mark I think was close to goal and would have had a good chance up against Kim but not so sure if either of them have a good chance against who were remaining Conda, Buddy, and Jeremy. I was just so sad to see them both go.

The rest of the week went on with exciting prizes to come. The winner of the weigh in was taking home a 2013 Ford Escape. I had a Ford Escape and I loved it. The bad news is the winner with the lowest percentage fell below not a yellow line but a red line which means they were leaving no questions asked. However a final twist was relieved when Jeremy landed below the red line. Kim with a whopping 15 pound weight loss and 9.26% of her body weight eliminated took home the SUV and guaranteed her spot in the finale (bet she is glad she stayed).

The twist as was hinted too over the airways before the episode aired was all contestants return for one last challenge. The challenge appears to be a Tough Mudder challenge, which I found very interesting having just read about this challenge over at 2 Wired 2 Tired. They have not said how the contestant rejoins, I can only assume the winner of the challenge. Not remember so many of the first contestants right now I have my hopes on Emily returning, though I’m sure there are some strong men that could take this competition.

So what were your thoughts about the chaos of the Biggest Loser this week? Do you think Mark and Buddy made a wise choice? Would you do the same? If your spouse made that choice how would you feel?

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  1. We missed part of it but I was saddened to see Mark and Buddy quit. I’m not sure why it was such a shock that they would bring back one of the voted off contestants because I believe they have done something of that nature in the past few seasons.

    • I think the shock was because it was at the end and they made it sound like they would have a spot in the final if they won. Usually they do that earlier in the game not so close to the end.

  2. Linda Stewart says:

    Thank you for recapping the early part of the show from last night. We had weather issues that kept knocking out our satellite so I missed the first part and couldn’t figure out why Mark and Buddy were leaving. I think they made a bad choice but in the end it is their loss. Unfortunately their choice to leave, left them out of the opportunity to even try to come back in the end. I expect more twists before the final show. I was disappointed last night when Jeremy fell below the red line. I was hoping he and Courtney would go to the end. While I love Kim too, I think she has what she needs to be successful.

    • Oh you missed all the drama. I was in disbelief. I know so many people already “knew” what happened I did not hear the details. I thought it was going to be a ploy. I did notice that Kim was on the cell phone in her bathroom and it got me wondering if they are allowed to call their family when ever they want?

      I thought not since it was such a big deal to win a call from home.

  3. heatherb says:

    why did two leave and three stay? I can’t believe BL let them leave. getting the lawyer in there? laaaaaaame

    • I honestly think that at first the 5 thought if we do this together they will have to make a change because without us there is no show. I think that the three that stayed realized at the end of the day they would lose. You have no shot at the $250K or $100K just to say you made a moral decision.

      I could totally understand if they were asking you to do something morally wrong, like starve your self, or puke, or whatever to loss weight. If they asked you to say things totally against your beliefs, etc. But you sign a contract and you know what you are getting into whether you like it or not you agreed.

  4. ewhatley says:

    This episode made me furious. All contestants signed up for the show and executed the contract – did their weight prevent them from reading/comprehending what they signed? I would have been happy to have the producers say “goodbye” to all five when they said they wanted to leave. Of course, that would also take them out of the chance to win the final prize-they’re just gone. Bring in all the other contestants, give them a weigh in and the top 5 are the new remaining contestants, vying for the big prize. I’ve thought all through this season that this was the most disappointing, annoying cast I’ve seen on this show. Their actions continue to support my opinion. My biggest disappointment was Mark, who until this episode, had shown great maturity and a positive attitude. What a shame!

    • Christie Miller says:

      I agree with ewhatley…this use to be my favorite show and this season I am so disgusted at the contestants behavior. There are millions of people who would do anything to be on the show and they picked the worst possible. I will watch BL next season but if it is anything like it was this season I might not continue to watch it anymore. I liked it better when there were contestants who truly deserved to be on the show. After last night’s episode I was VERY disappointed. I am just blown away that they would give up the chance of a lifetime because of a twist that they were already aware of when signing the contract. Just very disappointed with BL season 13. :(

      • I totally agree with you both. I met Danny at a Biggest Loser after party and asked him if he came to all the BL Finale’s. He said he would come to them until the day he couldn’t. He was part of the BL family and you could tell how grateful he was.

        I know that the contestants do the work but they are given free food, housing, and advice that we only wish we had. There is something to say for a trainer in your face and a kitchen with no tempting foods.

  5. I would love for your readers to know that Buddy and I left the show (for more reasons than just returning contestants) but we didn’t quit. We are still focusing on our health and travel the country encouraging others. After almost two years I’m proud to say that we both are maintaining well and continue to pay our experience forward.

    In fact, I’ve just released a new book about my time on the show. If you’d like to learn more check it out at!


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