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Bloggers Let’s Get Organized : Don’t Miss Due Dates

As a blogger one thing that is important to success is being organized and don’t miss due dates. One thing I hear many bloggers discussing on a continual basis is how to get organized. The question that pops up most is, “How to I stay organized so I don’t miss a due date?” I know that each person has their own particular way to meet this goal. I know that their are planners made specifically for bloggers like this one : The Blogging Planner.

I however, am a digital girl. I don’t do well with paper and pen. I work full time outside of blogging and I need to access everything at my finger tips while at work, in the car, at home, etc. There is no way I would remember to carry a planner every where with me. I’ve often been told by reps I work with how well organized I am an how it is refreshing and sometimes I even help keep them on their toes. So I thought I would share with you this years are my own tips on how to get organized as a blogger and other blogging resources.

Bloggers Get Organized Don't Miss Due Dates

So how do I keep from missing due dates? I use a very simple tool that we are all have out disposal and that is a calendar. Yep my calendar is my blogging bible. I use a digital calendar. For me since I blog on both my iMac and Macbook Pro my choice of calendar is iCal, which is standard with Apple products. My calendar is accessible on my iPhone, iPad, all Apple devices as well as at work through iCloud. You can use iCal even if you don’t have apple products as long as you have an iTunes account. However don’t let my choice of calendar stop you from using your own calendar. Almost all email programs come with a calendar and you can find them online just about anywhere so choose one that is write for you.

Bloggers Get Organized with Your Calendar

Here is a portion of my calendar from last month, take a look and I will explain how I use it.


I use my calendar in coordination with my email. I will be posting another article on how to organize your email in the coming future so stay tuned for that. When an email comes in and after negotiations a campaign is accepted I immediately put it into my calendar. I use the due date as the date I enter it into my calendar. Last year I was using different colors for different companies but this year I have scaled it down to a few different colors.

How to Organize Your Calendar

  • One color – blog posts
  • One color – twitter parties or tweets
  • One color – pinterest campaigns
  • One color – personal appointments/reminders

It is really that simple, I use a description of what the post or campaign is and I schedule it for the day it is due. At any point in time I can pull up my calendar and see what is due for the upcoming week. This is great if you do twitter parties and need to pre-promote. Or if you are like me and do most of your leg work on the weekends you can see what supplies or photos you will need for the week.

I will leave all emails in my inbox until they have been recorded on my calendar (more on organizing your email to come). In addition I also will add my compensation to my calendar (though I’ve removed it for privacy). So I might say Kraft – Due 12/23 – $100 as an example. This also helps me see how much I have made during the month or an easy way to make sure a check I receive matches our agreed upon rate.

Here is a full glance at my calendar for December you can click on it for a bigger view.

full-calendarThis year I’ve also begun adding other none campaign/sponsored posts to my calendar so I have an idea of when to schedule posts.

How do you stay organized as a blogger?

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  1. I use iCal too, I do use my MomAgenda as well to have something in writing too.

  2. Mine looks a lot like that, but I have to have it in writing right in front of me.

  3. I used Google calendar with different colors… It’s so easy to see what’s due that way.

  4. You are so organized. I can’t seem to completely give up my paper planner.

  5. This is EXACTLY how i organize my ical work calendar! Great minds. 🙂

  6. I love your system! I might have to try it out; I still haven’t hit on the perfect combination of calendars and spreadsheets and lists to keep track of everything.

  7. I use a mix of a regular planner and iCal to keep up with my deadlines.

  8. I usually just try to memorize everything by memory but a calendar would make things so much easier.

  9. I do better with pen & paper, but starting last month I started adding deadlines into my phone’s calendar as well so that I could check my schedule while on the run since I don’t keep my paper calendar with me. Love the color coordinating idea, I need to do that!

    • That is definitely the benefit of digital having it at your fingertips. I have to do it because I’m at work from 8-5 and answer emails and I would totally loose a planner if I had to take it back and forth.

  10. I have the actual hard copy of the blogging planner and love it. I don’t think I would do the digital, but think it is awesome that it is provided. I just enjoy being able to hold it in front of me.

  11. I have been trying to use a mix of my planner and digital calendar (WP for my editorial calendar and Google Calendar for appointments and what not) just so I could keep track of accounting better. The problem with the WP calendar is there is no color coding, that I know of anyways. I need to make improvements on being more organized so things do not slip through the crack.

  12. I use a physical calendar. I combine my work and my personal in a single calendar that has columns for each member of the family and lots of empty lined areas to track weekly and monthly goals. I do use the calendar on my phone for some things because of the reminder feature but that is mostly just for phone call scheduling and things like that.

    • WOW that sounds super organized that is awesome. I have a hard time with organization on other levels but I’m good at work related ones LOL.

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