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Body Details : Laser Hair Removal : Update #3

Body Details Laser Hair Removal

Last week I had my third laser hair removal treatment at Body Details. Sarah said I was right on schedule, though there really is no schedule. Each person and their journey is different. For some it takes 3-4 treatments and for others longer. It was a good thing she warned me before I left last time because if not I might have been wondering what the heck was going on. In between my second and third treatment my hair grew quite a lot. Sarah let me know, however, to expect this so I wasn’t shocked.

This visit was super quick. My appointment was at 12:30 and I was a little early. I think I was actually out of the office by my appointment time. The procedure is getting a little easier to deal with, there are just some spots here and there that make me wince. As the hair begins to thin out and become less coarse the treatments become more bearable. Sarah said she could definitely see some bald spots which means I have areas where NO hair is growing which is great.

Due to the treatments being so quick I don’t mind coming in every 7-8 weeks to get my treatment done. Though I’m not having this procedure done Body Details also does tattoo removals. Not too long ago Body Details in Aventura was featured on the local news due to its laser tattoo removal procedure.

Just a reminder why Body Details is the best place in South Florida to go for your laser hair removal.

Lifetime Guarantee

We provide lifelong results and standby our claims with the only Truly Free Lifetime Guarantee in the industry. We can confidently do this because Body Details uses only TRUE LASER™ the newest, safest & most effective technology ever approved by the FDA for the removal of unwanted hair & tattoos. To find out more and to understand why Body Details offers the only TRUE LIFETIME GUARANTEE in the industry please call us at 866.332.BODY (2639) or visit any of our locations in Coral Gables, Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale, or Palm Beach Gardens. With Locations in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County it’s easy for you to begin a life without the need to shave, wax, pluck, or hide parts of your body ever again.

Disclaimer: I am receiving free laser removal treatment. However Body Details Rocks and the staff is awesome. All opinions are my own. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to this something like this but I have been chicken. Maybe I should reconsider, as this seems like it wasn’t too bad overall?

    Diana C

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    I have been thinking about laser removal but I know is very expensive and I cannot see myself getting them in the near future – it is good to know that the experience is not too terrible.

  3. DENISE SMITH says:

    i have always wanted to do this but it is to expensive to do it

  4. Denise Smith says:

    i would love to do this

  5. Carolyn Barnett says:

    It would be great to not have leg hair or under arm hair!

  6. Deanna Middendorf says:

    I’m luckily not very hairy but I’ve been trying to get my daughter to do this. Maybe I will share your updates with her.

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