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Breakfast or Snacks Try Frusion C-Charged Smoothies for FREE


When school starts in a couple of weeks we will back to our regular routine of me almost BEGGING the kids to get in breakfast before they race out the door. Both my oldest son and daughter, who go to school the earliest, are not early risers. I’m often just barely getting them up and ready let alone trying to get some vitamins and nutrition in their bodies.

Frusion has just come out with a new line of fruit smoothies called Frusion C-Charged. The C stand for Vitamin C which it is full of, in fact it includes a full day’s requirement. All that is great but only if the kids are willing to drink it. I figure it would be quick and easy and they can grab it as we are running out the door. I purchased two flavors at my local Publix Banana Berry and Mixed Berry.


I decided before I handed over the tasting to the children I would be the first to give it a try. I decided on the Banana Berry because I love banana flavored things. I loved the taste! It tasted like I was eating a real banana. In fact though my first thoughts were a quick breakfast for the kids I’m now thinking these would make great mid morning snacks. Next it was the kids turn, I snuck it in while they were playing a game.


The kids all agreed the Mixed Berry was their favorite flavor. Now lets see if they will grab one on the way to school in the coming weeks. I was browsing the Frusion Smoothie Facebook  page and found what has changed with this new line of smoothies.

We are using the same fruit flavors as before, but we did replace the High Fructose Corn Syrup with Sugar based on customer requests for more natural ingredients

I am definitely one of those customers that prefer real ingredients. I usually sweeten my food with real sugar instead of the sugar alternatives. Also while I was poking around on Facebook trying to learn more about the new Frusion C-Charged I found out how you can try Frusion for Free! Check it out here.

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 10.30.50 PM

What is your go to breakfast or snack?

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  1. Great hookup! My granddaughters are going to love this for the taste, I’m going to love it for the free!

  2. Lucy Lopez says:

    This is something I can use when my kids go to school. They can just grab and go when running late for school and it is good for them

  3. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Will have to grab some of these for those mornings when we are running behind!

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