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Breath Easy With Your Valuables Safe : Sentry Safe

I have often thought to myself I need to get a safe. Not so much because I think the things I want to put in a safe are valuable to others but more for protection. Things like birth certificate, social security cards, other records, and my SanDisk full of one of my most precious things…my photos. I’m sure you have been asked the question often, “What would you take with you if your home was on fire?” However what if you didn’t have time? What if all you could do was get out and watch as your house burns, or maybe it is threatened by a flood.


This is when having a safe would become important. Not just any safe but a fire and water proof safe like this Sentry Safe. You may have other reasons for needing a safe maybe you own a gun and need to lock it up from children but need easy access. You can get the piece of mind knowing it is locked up from tiny hands but you can get to it when needed.

The biggest benefit of this Sentry Safe is that it is fire and waterproof. This means fire or flood if everything is lost my safe will be waiting for me to empty it’s important contents keeping it safe from the elements. It is also rather roomy to give you the space you need to store your valuables. With not only shelves but compartments on the door for extra storage.



  • ETL verified 15 ft. Drop Test
  • ETL verified for 1 hour fire protection of CDs and DVDs up to 1700° F
  • ETL verified for water-resistance in up to 8″ of water for up to 24 hours
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • UL Classified 1-hour proven fire protection
  • ETL Verified to pass a 15 foot/4.5 meter drop test to ensure contents remain intact and locked upon impact
  • Mechanical combination lock
  • Multi-position shelf to enable easy organization
  • Key rack, door tray and door pocket for small, easy-to-misplace items
  • May be bolted to floor (hardware not included)
  • Color: Black

Now all that said you  might be asking, but what if I lose my combination? Turns out I am in that very boat. I haven’t even filled my safe yet. I opened the very large box when it arrived and made sure it worked and moved it into the room to review it later. I’m not exactly sure what happened to the manual (with the lock combination) after that. I’ve looked everywhere. So I visited the Sentry Safe website fearing my safe was already of no use to me.

If you register your safe (which I had not) you are able to get your combination easily. So I would highly recommend the very first thing you do when you get your safe is to register it. You will need the model number, serial number, and combination. However even without registering my safe I am able to get the combination by providing a notarized form to the company. Yes this may be a hassle but they need to have on record WHO they give out the combination too. So I have already initiated this process so I can get the combination. As soon as I do you can be assured I will register my safe.

 Now that I have my own safe (and hopefully will be able to use it soon) I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t want one. Or shouldn’t have one. I almost feel that this is a need and not a want. The last thing you want is to wish you had a safe after the fact!

Disclaimer: I received a Sentry Safe to review. All opinions are my own. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. After a late night false alarm fire, my parents realized how hard it is to grab important things in a rush. Even if you’ve practiced for it. This looks like an important need for everybody!

  2. I really, really think about this. This safe looks like a great one.

  3. We actually have two of Sentry safes. I don’t know what I would do if we lost our birth certificates, passports, and other important documents. The key to a good safe is to make sure it is both fire & waterproof.

  4. We need one of these for everything from guns to jump drives!

  5. Gina Brickell says:

    We have a small safe that we keep important papers in and movies of my son when he was little. If there ever were a fire, it’s small enough to where we can grab it and go. I wouldn’t want to lose any of the valuables I have in there…

  6. Having a safe is a really good idea. I hadn’t even thought of storing a usb/disk with pictures on it before.

  7. Betty Baez says:

    very impressive features. If we lost all the material things in a fire i could get over but the pictures and important papers would destroy me.

  8. I have this safe, it’s terrific and so useful. I feel safe knowing our precious items are inside.

  9. I like that it’s fire and floodproof. I think one of my favorite things about a safe is that, in addiition to knowing your important documents are secure, you also know where they are. No more searching through messy files for birth certificates!

  10. I like that it can bolt to the floor. We have one of those small fire safes but I always get concerned somebody could run off with it and open it somewhere else. This would be truly calming to me

  11. That’s a nice sized safe. I have one that’s more of a case, but I like this one!

  12. For years I have said to myself that I need to get one of these safes. Whenever I go away overnight or longer, it concerns me deeply to have my daughter’s ashes/urn left alone. In case of fire, I’d be devastated if something happened to it.

    The irony of being concerned that something might happen to ashes if there were a fire…I know.

  13. We have a similar type safe and I love it. I keep all of my important documents inside.

  14. A safe sounds like a great idea to have in your home. Especially in disaster prone areas.

  15. I so need one of these. I’m going to check them out.

  16. My fiancee & I have been looking for a good safe & didn’t even THINK about the whole fireproof thing! That’s brilliant!

  17. Rich Hicks says:

    we need to get something like this safe. Like that it can withstand the high temp for up to an hour too in case of fire

  18. My daughter just had a break in. the thieves took two guns of her fiances and then swiped my daughters small security box. It is SUCH a mess trying to reclaim your identity or at least recover or RE APPLY to replace all your important documents. She lost birth certificates, medical records, social security card, savings bonds an she is not sure of cash she many have has stashed there. Plus, she is also out the box itself.

    She got lifelock too, as now she is scared of future identity theft. Getting robbed is terrifying, a pain in the butt to file claims and all the red tape that goes with it, and is emotionally draining,. Having a BIG, heavy and even floor secured safe would not have allowed this thief to make a quick exit.

    Hindsight. And just so you all know, MANY MANY people who steal may be acquaintances you have allowed in your home. in our neighbor’s case it was a housekeeper. Sometimes they may be a new ‘friend” who was trying to get into your good grace and trust…long enough to know more about you and then easily find the goods after learning about your “patterns” of work, etc. That is what happened to our daughter and fiance. They have a small safe now for the replaced guns, but it is not heavy. Not like the 400 lb gun safe that Sentry has on line. And they are still looking to replace the security box with something bigger. better. Stronger. Smarter. SOON! And a good strong bolt to the floor too!

  19. Ive been shopping for a safe and this one looks great

  20. Meghan @JaMonkey says:

    We need one of these for our important papers

  21. My mother always had a safe, but I’ve never purchased one for my family. I really want one, we have things that really should be kept in a safe–family stuff.

  22. I sure could use one of these!

  23. I have lots of family who need a safe for their guns/valuables. Thanks for the review

  24. I put some things in my safe deposit box at the bank, but it would be good to have a safe at home.

  25. I need to invest in me a fireproof safe. Thanks for the info.

  26. Kathy Lane says:

    Love the safe we have a large one I need a smaller one

  27. I could use one of these.

  28. SO important! My daughter and her boyfriend just got broken into a couple of months ago. It was frightening, and still is. They took her small security safe with ALL her important papers. She had to call all sorts of offices to re order her bank cards, SS card, birth certificate, savings bonds, tax forms and even medical records. And also had to order LifeLock to stop identity theft. A safe like this could NOT be walked off with easily.

    And just to caution you all. She lived in a decent area. No other breakins around. And we also live in a small town where people have been broken into easily. It CAN happen to you!

  29. fireproof is such a great idea and one I didn’t even think about

  30. this would be good for those expensive things

  31. I need to get one too. I would want a fire proof safe to ensure important things wouldn’t be lost.

  32. We’ve actually been talking about getting a safe, you can never be too safe with your valuables!

  33. I need to get something like that!

  34. We have a small fireproof safe for important documents.

  35. We have this safe too! I like how it has different places to put your belongings.

  36. I would love one of these just for the peace of mind.

  37. We currently have a very involved gun safe however I would love to have another safe to simply store the items most important to me. This safe looks perfect!

  38. Janice Morgan says:


  39. Jessica Aldridge says:

    Love the idea of it, but honestly and sadly, I don’t have that much that is “safe worthy”! HaHa!

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