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Cake Pops and I Are Not Friends!

So I broke down last week and bought a cake pop machine. Honey and I are were faced with it every time we walked into our Bealls Outlet store and we always stop and talk about buying it. Her pleading to purchase it me saying, no I don’t think we would use it. Then I posted one day on Facebook about it and asked who had one. Everyone said get one, they are great, soo…..

cake pop machine

The kids hounded me all weekend about making cake pops. Finally Monday night with the kitchen cleaned and dinner made we had a chance. I followed some instructions I found from a good friend of mine Lynsey at Moscato Mom who has a whole section dedicated to cake pops. I purchased the Pillsbury cake mix like she suggested, I use less water. I made 24 cake pop balls. I cooled them off, I stuck, them and I decorated them and here they are….

Do you see the picture? What you don’t see any picture? Well that would be because I would be embarrassed to show you the picture. I SUCK at making cake pops. My sticks would not stay in even though I dipped them in the chocolate and cooled them. My candy melts seemed to thick. Above everything else this cake pop machine makes TOO BIG cake pops for this mama. My daughter had a great time decorating them, but not such a great time eating them. My husband was not real thrilled with them either.ย  My son on the other hand loved them, the ones with no candy coating just strictly cake, because after about 10 we stopped decorating.

I wish mined looked as great as the awesome cake pops I see on Pinterest

Source: via Colleen on Pinterest

However I’m not going to count this as a total loss. I would love to try to make Corn Dog Pops another great recipe from Moscato Mom, and the box hinted at donuts. Anyone know a great recipe for glazed donuts?

Tip: After using this particular cake pop machine if you are looking to purchase and make cake pops I recommend the Babycakes which make smaller cake balls over the one I purchased. I think the one I purchased is great for donuts and muffin type pops.

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  1. Corn dog pops? I never would have thought of that. Have fun!

  2. I would never be able to make cute and fun cakepops. LOL

  3. You sound like me. I am not a baker at all. The muppets are adorable!

  4. Danielle T says:

    I make cake pops usually by hand rolling them so when I saw this machine I was super excited. I had the same troubles as you though. The cake pops turned out way to big. I tried doing brownie mix in it next and had troubles with the tops getting cooked (kids still loved them). I will try the donuts next, hoping they turn out better!

  5. I still ned to make mine. I was going to make them without a machine, we’ll see. Now corn dog pops sound good!

  6. Michele Behlen says:

    I have one of the Babycake makers and they are the perfect size. I could never make the muppets but we made them for a bake sale with just choclate and sprinkles. They charged 50 cents a piece and were gone very quickly. If you put them in the freezer for just a little while, the sticks stay in better until you glaze them. I have a recipe for donuts that came with the maker if you want to try it. It is for apple cider donuts, but the vanilla cake recipe they give is sort of like a cake donut plus there is a recipe for a glaze. Email me.

  7. Aw, I want to see a picture still please! I have been wanting to get the machine but now I’m scared!

  8. I love making cake pops but they NEVER turn out as good as those in the pictures. Those are some seriously talented cake pop makers!

  9. I have never tried to make them, but mine would probably look awful too. I love the Muppet ones though!

  10. I’m not friends with cake pops either!

  11. Call me crazy but I can’t stand cake pops. I rather have a cake/cupcake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    This just does not appeal to me in anyway. I decorate cakes several times a year and I just think the balls would be so much harder and I get stressed out with a flat surface! LOL Good luck and maybe after a couple times making them things will get easier.

  13. Kelly Ann T. says:

    I would not be friends with cake pops either, I can barely decorate a regular cake. Artistic and I do not belong in the same sentence.

  14. I have made cake pops, but not as cute as the ones on this post.

  15. I have a cake pop maker that I haven’t taken out of the box yet. I think that’s because so many people say they’re much harder than they look and I am NOT creative/crafty at all.

  16. I haven’t tried making cake pops because I’m sure mine would be awful.

  17. Kasandria Reasoner says:

    I’m like Billie I know my limits when it comes to baking. Those Muppets Cake Pops are awesome!!

  18. I have had very little luck either!

  19. We’ve never tried making them!

  20. I tried to make them once, it was a total disaster. It was more like cake smash instead of cake pop lol.

  21. I want to see the picture! We don’t have the cake pop maker, but we do have the mini cupcake one and love it.

  22. I would love to try to make them. Not sure how they will turn out!

  23. Colleen, don’t feel bad. I got one of those mini donut makers and used it ONCE. They came out SO awful that I vowed never to try again.

  24. We have a cake pop pan that you pour the batter in and then cook in the oven. I’ve only made them once but they turned out pretty good.

    I would love to see yours. lol

  25. Thanks for the suggestion, I have been going back and forth on whether to buy one of these. I will definitely buy the smaller one

  26. I love cake pops…I have a bake pops maker and I never use it because I would eat them every day!

  27. I wish I could make ones like that.

  28. I saw a great HOW TO BOOK at the Wilton Tent sale yesterday

  29. Canadian Mom Blogger says:

    I such at cake pops too Colleen, lol. I’m going to try again sometime though!

  30. courtney b says:

    wow those muppet ones are awesome! its SO hard to make cake pops! i’ve tried and failed

  31. Betty Baez says:

    Poll I sucked the first few times I bought the cake pop pans and now I’m prett good a it ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Oh no. I’m so sorry the experience was not great ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for the advice if I ever decide to make a purchase.

  33. I haven’t tried making cake pops yet, esp not with something like this. I had a hard time making ice cream cone cupcakes – made for a church fair, and I tried the new way putting the batter in, then the cone on top, they came out horribly lopsided, etc., it took me a whole day to fix them and decorate them good enough – and I thought I’d be done in a half hour! and there was a huge mess to clean up!

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