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Candy Crush Level 417 Tips

Candy Crush Tips Level 418

When on a Candy Crush level for several days or even weeks I often look to others for tips on how to finish a level. Usually what I encounter are videos. I’m not really interested in watching how the level was won but am looking for written tips on how to pass the Candy Crush level I’m currently stuck on. I also have several friends and co-workers hand over their phones and tablets when they need help. So I’ve decided to start a series of my own with Candy Crush tips for each level. I’m working backwards and will be adding as fast as I can my tips for each Candy Crush level.

Candy Crush Level 417



Bring down 3 nuts in 40 moves


The way I approach a level is by putting an order on what is important. For this level the order is

  1. Create special combos
  2. Use the pink wheels vertically to send stripes horizontal.

I wish I could give you more advice on this level but this is one of the levels I feel is almost pure luck. There are so many tornadoes that they often hinder you in making stripes. I spent my time making sure the pink wheels were used to an advantage. If you can get the pink wheel over to the left side you can use it horizontally so the stripes will shoot down vertically.  This level is all about making combos to break the bricks so that candy can fall.

Best Special Combos:

For this level the best special combos to create are horizontal stripes. If you can make a color bomb and stripe that is great but often times the tornadoes interfere. Two wrapped candies will only help if you can get them on the right side of the board together.

Good Luck Loyal Candy Crush Players!

Please feel free to leave your own tips below on how you passed this level.


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