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Candy Crush Level 418 Tips

Candy Crush Tips Level 418

When on a Candy Crush level for several days or even weeks I often look to others for tips on how to finish a level. Usually what I encounter are videos. I’m not really interested in watching how the level was won but am looking for written tips on how to pass the Candy Crush level I’m currently stuck on. I also have several friends and co-workers hand over their phones and tablets when they need help. So I’ve decided to start a series of my own with Candy Crush tips for each level. I’m working backwards and will be adding as fast as I can my tips for each Candy Crush level.

Candy Crush Level 418



Clear the jelly in 25 move.


The way I approach a level is by putting an order on what is important. For this level the order is

  1. Get rid of the caged candies
  2. Create special combos
  3. Use the ? eggs
  4. Break the jelly
  5. Make moves at the bottom.

It may seem strange that my last importance is breaking the jelly. Concentrating first on breaking the cages, will give you a larger space to create special combos to break the jelly since you are limited to 25 moves. Trying to use the ? eggs will hopefully give you special combos though you may encounter the opposite with chocolates and blocks.

So when looking at the board above the first thing I look is to see if I can break a cage. If there is no such move I look to make a special combo and then a move to use the ? egg. If there is none of these I will try to use a move to break the jelly. Each move you make should be for a purpose. If you have none of these moves either make a move that will create a special combo on the next move, or make moves at the bottom to move the candy and hopefully a cascading effect will break some cages or jelly.

Unfortunately on this level the tornado is a nuisance and a help. It can help you break cages and jellies or it can ruin a perfectly good special combo you were maneuvering candies to make.

Best Special Combos:

For level 418 the best special combos to create are either the Color Bomb (AKA Freckle, AKA Boss Candy, AKA Doughnut) combined with a striped candy, or two wrapped candies. Both of these combos will break several jellies at one time.

Good Luck Loyal Candy Crush Players!

Please feel free to leave your own tips below on how you passed this level.


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  1. Gosh! I’m not even in my 200s, i can’t imagine being at level 400! You must have been playing for a long time!

  2. Oh I could get so addicted to this game.

  3. heard lots about this game. never played. didnt know until this post. great review. seems fun and challenging

  4. Very interesting to see a diehard gamer! Candy Crush sounds like a challenging game!

  5. DG Middendorf says:

    I can’t leave any tips. i got so dad gum tired of this game after a week I almost tossed my ipad.

  6. David Fultner says:

    Thanks for the tips.

  7. Kimberly Flickinger says:

    I am not at this level yet, far from it actually, but I appreciate these tips for when I reach this level!

  8. I have not even started playing because 6 months ago someone started me on bejeweled blitz and I will stay up till 3 am playing that darned game..I cannot afford another addiction lmao

  9. CR Williams says:

    I have heard so much about this game but have never played it

  10. Sherry Jennings says:

    I started playing and I stopped I got frustraited with it. I haven’t gotten this far yet hopefully some day.

  11. Michelle Washburn says:

    thanks for the tips, I’m stuck on level 382 and have been for 2 weeks.

  12. Cynthia C says:

    Oh my goodness, this game is addictive. I think I want my life back LOL!

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