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Win a Love 2 Love Trip to Hawaii and $50 Walmart Giveaway : (Ends 3/31)


  For many years I was not much of a perfume wearer. I'm not sure why to be honest but in the past years I've started wearing perfume on a daily basis. I also love to add some perfume scented lotion. I have my favorite perfumes but I enjoy experimenting with different brands. I was recently sent many samples of the new Love 2 Love fragrances found at Walmart. There are four different kinds: Orange Blossom White Musk – Inspired … [Read more...]

RoC Academy and RoC Skincare Giveaway : (Ends 3/25)


Unfortunately one of the side effects of age (for most of us) is wrinkles. Even worse if you take someone like me who has never really had the best skincare routine your skin can look pretty rough. Thankfully despite my lack of a good routine my skin is not in terrible shape. I'm even more thankfully that I will be learning a great deal of information about beauty and skincare using the RoC Academy, an exclusive online resource that provides a … [Read more...]

House of Blues $100 Karma Cash Giveaway : (Ends 3/19)


In a couple of weeks the family and I will be vacationing in Orlando and reviewing the Caribe Royale. We will be in the area for the weekend and have decided to bypass the normal theme parks to enjoy city. One of the places we will be visiting is the House of Blues The House of Blues will be featuring their new menu created by celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez of Food Network fame! Sanchez has used his imaginative take on classic American dishes to … [Read more...]

#PeepsTreats Explosion Cake and Over 40 Walmart Gift Cards Giveaway : (Ends 3/16)


Probably one of the most iconic signs of Easter I was shocked to learn that a co-worker of mine had NO IDEA what a Peep was. I was recently sent a HUGE and I do mean HUGE box of Peeps and Wilton products to great fun and festive #PeepsTreats. So let me warn you that I am not a cake decorator. That said I think my creation turned out pretty good. When it comes to cake decorating there is no brand better than Wilton. We received royal … [Read more...]

Everything Captian America Ultimate Giveaway : (Ends 3/26)


I'll be totally honest here, because what good would it be if I wasn't right? I has never a huge Marvel fan. Yes I admit it, I WAS not a huge fan. That was until I saw The Avengers. It was really just a fluke, I was invited to a screening and decided to go because the boys wanted to go. Sometimes the best movies are the ones that creep up on you and you had no idea you were going to enjoy it. In fact, since then I've wanted to see all the Marvel … [Read more...]

Easter Traditions and HERSHEY’S Easter Prize Pack Giveaway : (Ends 3/16)


Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! It seems like yesterday we were talking about new years resolutions and now we are preparing for Easter. Easter is one of the holidays that I find some many different and unique traditions among my friends. For the most part I've kept the same traditions I grew up with as a child. Of course each year the kids get to dye their own Easter eggs. These days it is just Honey that does the … [Read more...]

Play “When Orange’s Attack” And Minute Maid Giveaway : (Ends 3/7)


Orange juice is a favorite breakfast time drink. It may seem weird but I much prefer a cup of Minute Maid (no pulp) orange juice than freshly squeezed. My husband enjoys eating oranges as a snack. So hearing about a fun game called "When Orange's Attack" ( I knew I wanted to give it a try. Little did I know how challenging this game was going to be. I'm always up for a great challenge! Level one reminds me of some of … [Read more...]

Wake Up Your Space with PERK Vent Wrap 6 Month Giveaway : (Ends 3/5)


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PERK. All opinions are 100% mine. I am very sensitive to fragrances, for example I was on a packed plane once sitting next to a women with a lot of perfume on.  Since the plane was packed I couldn't move to another seat so the flight was pretty unpleasant and when I got off the plane I had a splitting headache. My husband buys car fresheners that are so strong I can't ride … [Read more...]

Lepow Moonstone 6000 Power Bank Charger Giveaway : (Ends 3/5)


Have you ever been somewhere and grabbed your phone only to find a less then 5% charge. Knowing you aren't going to be anywhere near an electrical outlet you are pretty much out of luck. As a blogger who relies on her phone often this has happened to me more times then I can count. I have purchased many power chargers with less than satisfactory results. Any of the power charges I have tried in the past have stopped charging just when I needed … [Read more...]

They Call it Truffle Love $50 Cold Stone Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 3/3)


When I want some good old fashion ice cream there is one place that comes to mind, Cold Stone Creamery. We just happen to have one just down the street. My favorite is the Founder's Favorite which includes: sweet cream ice cream with pecans, brownie, fudge and caramel. In fact, maybe I should suggest to my husband that we hop on down there tonight before we start our eating and exercise plan we are starting tomorrow. Once a month at work we … [Read more...]

Find Your 3Style at Dollar General and $50 Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 2/28)


Do you like to shop? That is like asking if I like to breathe! I love shopping, well at least if I have the money to shop. It is not fun to shop when you really can't afford it. My husband always tells me I don't "shop" I buy. Which means he goes to the store with a specific item in mind. Goes in and gets the item buys it and he is done. All I can say is where is the fun in that?  How do you find the deals and the steals. If I want to buy … [Read more...]

Say What You Mean WiseDecor $75 Gift Card Giveaway : (Ends 2/22)


I've noticed over a time the trend in wall decals as a decorating medium. I have always been a fan of murals and art on the walls. Maybe it is the creative side of me that has always wanted to paint my walls with something fun. In fact, I did do just that one year when my boys were young and shared a room. I gave them a... Safari Themed Mural However when  you live in an apartment or rented house painting it just not realistic. Not to … [Read more...]

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