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Biggest Loser Season 13 : Episode 4

conda biggest loser

  Week 4 of the Biggest Loser brought a week of no gym for one team and banishment for one team member. During this week's "No Excuses" episode the excuse addressed was "I can't get to the gym!" Now having been in the weight loss and fitness game for some time this is an excuse I banished from my own list years ago when I cancelled my gym membership. Magazines, television, and the internet have all but given us plenty of ways to workout … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser Season 13 : Episode 3


The episode with temptation of many sorts at its center. Before we get into the yummy temptation above lets talk about another temptation that the Biggest Loser contestants face..."Missing Family". This I'm sure must be the hardest part of living on the ranch. Harder then the exercise, the eating healthy, and Bob constantly yelling "more" in your ear. Missing his family was too much for one contestant this week. After his brother leaving the week … [Read more...]

Golden Globe 2012 Winners


Golden Globe Winners 2011 Best Motion Picture, Drama The Descendants  The Help Hugo The Ides of March Moneyball War Horse Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama George Clooney  - The Descendants Leonardo DiCaprio - J. Edgar Michael Fassbender - Shame Ryan Gosling -The Ides of March Brad Pitt - Moneyball Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama Glenn … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser Season 13 : Episode 2

The Biggest Loser

With Ben Shuh home the black team was down by one.  Insert time for a challenge of sorts here. One thing about Biggest Loser they don't often repeat temptations or challenges. Tuesday nights challenge was a "poker game" of sorts. The winner receiving...the second most coveted Biggest Loser prize "pounds". Second of course only to immunity. The objective of the game...guess the percentage of weight your team will win in week two. Wage the most and … [Read more...]

People’s Choice Awards 2012 Winners


I've always enjoyed the Harry Potter series however the movies can not compare to the books. I have not seen the last movie (though I have it on DVD) so in light of the ton of awards it won I'm hoping it is all that when I sit down to watch it. I do want to give a special Congrats to Hugh Jackman for Favorite Action Star I'm excited to see he won! Props to Johnny Depp for Favorite overall actor I agree he is a very talented actor. Favorite Movie … [Read more...]

My Favorite Thing about NCIS


NCIS is one of the programs my husband and I watch faithfully together. There is one thing that I LOVE about NCIS and makes me smile each time I watch it. Mark Harmon reminds me of my step dad. I know he doesn't have a mustache anymore but grabbed some of when he did to compare. My step dad of course had a little darker hair at the time of the picture but they both have brilliant blue eyes and contagious smiles. … [Read more...]

Biggest Loser Season 13 : Episode 1


I know a day late and a dollar short but Biggest Loser comes on at the same time NCIS comes on so hubby and I watch NCIS on Tuesday and saved Biggest Loser for tonight. When I found out Season 13 was coming on this week I said we have to watch it. It will be a perfect inspiration for the New Year's Weight Loss. We missed Season 12 partially my fault because I was so busy and The Biggest Loser is hard to catch up on once you have missed a … [Read more...]

Vote Today for People’s Choice Awards


I see the awards on TV and hear about them all the time but always wondered how the "People" were pulled. I just voted thought I would pass it on in case you would like to vote as well! I know it is YOUR choice but just had to say I SOOO voted for Hugh Jackman! Make your voice count! Vote for the People's Choice Awards Today! : … [Read more...]

Game Time : Tackling the Past Premieres September 3rd

game time

I've mentioned on previous reviews that I really enjoy the Family Movie Night from Walmart and P&G. It seems that each movie just gets better then the one before. Game Time : Tackling the Past premieres this Saturday 8pm ET/7pm CT. I previously gave you my thoughts on Field of Vision and Who is Simon Miller?   Pro football star Jake Walker is living the dream… or so he thinks. The veteran tight end is a fan favorite and on pace to … [Read more...]

Question of the Day : “Who is Simon Miller?”


"Who is Simon Miller?" is a family movie brought to you by P&G and Walmart that premieres this Saturday, August 6 on NBC at 8pm ET/7pm CT.  Not too long ago I had the chance to preview my first ever P&G/Walmart movie "Field of Vision". I enjoy these movies because they are movies that you can watch with the whole family without worrying about a lot of violence or inappropriate language. Synopsis   Like most families, the Millers … [Read more...]

Cross Dimensions With ‘Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension’


I may be in San Diego at BlogHer on August 5th but I know what my kids will be doing. They have been looking forward to the forthcoming release of Phineas and Ferb Across the 2nd Dimension.  This Disney Channel original movie will premiere Friday, August 5th at 8:00 p.m., ET/PT on the Disney Channel. Movie Synopsis: In this animated adventure based on Disney Channel's Emmy Award-winning comedy series "Phineas and Ferb," stepbrothers Phineas … [Read more...]

Vote For Your Favorite Hot New Drama on ABC


ABC has announced two new drama's in their fall line-up: Once Upon a Time and Charlie's Angels.  I've watched both video's and I've decided which one I think has a chance and which one I would like to check out but I would like to know what you think? Charlie's Angels   Once Upon a Time   I would love to watch Charlie's Angels. I'm not old enough to have enjoyed the original but I loved the movies. Of course there is not … [Read more...]

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