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Cinch Review
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Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches

One week done, gone, mark it on the calendar. I have officially finished the first week of the Cinch! Plan. However as I finished it I realized something very important. In finishing the 5-Day Fast Forward I have finished all that needs to be finished. What could I possibly mean by that? The book isn’t just a 5 day plan is it? Of course not! The book is a way to eat for life, it is the missing piece for many people that just aren’t quite sure how to do it and how to get on track. I had told myself I was only doing this for one week as a trial for you my readers. So you could get an HONEST opinion of the diet. However I realized tonight as I sit here nibbling on my dark chocolate  that I really am not going off the plan at all, it no longer seems like a “plan” to me. I am no longer following or not following the plan. I am putting her principals of how to balance a meal in place and eating in that manner. This is not something you follow for 30 days and are finished, it is the key to how you should construct your meals for a healthier way of life.

Before I began Cinch!, and before the holidays I had already lost 40 lbs on my own by changing how I ate. The Cinch! plan actually falls right in with my beliefs on how we should eat. However the KEY thing I got from the book is the puzzle. The 1 protein, 1 produce, 1 whole grain, and 1 plant based fat. Now I feel like I have the tool to create any meal I want at home, at a party, at a restaurant. You may not always be in the perfect situation with the healthiest foods but you can make the healthiest choices and use these guidelines to construct a meal.

So basically I will be continuing on the plan even though I didn’t know it. However one thing I will not be continuing is my daily weigh ins. I do host my very own meme called “Tone It Up Tuesday” that I started back in July when I began blogging. I will be starting that back up this very Tuesday. I will be posting my weight loss each week and giving health tips, recipes, or even just my random thoughts and feelings. Basically I’m keeping myself accountable.

I would LOVE and encourage you to join me each Tuesday with your own stories and progress. Whether you are following Cinch!, going to follow Cinch!, or using your own or other methods to get healthy. Keep yourself accountable either here, on your blog, with friends, or with families. Make a commitment and decide you are going to do it. Take it one day at a time, don’t look at how far you have to go. Make mini goals for yourself and reward yourself (without food) when you reach them. For those of you that stopped by to read my initial review of the book Cinch you can find it here: Cinch! Review. If you haven’t visited before and would like to follow my progress you can find it here: Cinch! Trial Follow My Progress.

Since this week has come to an end I did want to give you my very HONEST opinion of what I have gone through in the past week. I also want to preface this by telling each and everyone of you this truly is my HONEST and OWN opinion. I received the Cinch! book from One2One Network, only to read and review the actual book. There has been no compensation and no one has asked me to do anything. I myself took it upon myself to review the actual diet plan. I was surprised when I received an email from Cynthia and have been talking to her about her book and my progress. The Q & A sessions were my idea because I wanted my readers to be able to ask myself or Cynthia any questions about the plan (basically give you the same benefit I was receiving). Cynthia has been the most gracious and down to earth person to deal with and I thank her deeply for being a part of this here at Shibley Smiles. NONE of this has anything to do with my views and thoughts of this book and diet plan….so with that here it goes…

Thoughts on the 5-Day Fast Forward Plan: I am not going to sprinkle it with sugar, this was tough. It was tough because of who I am. My husband good eat the same thing day in and day out with no problem. I RARELY eat the same thing two days in a row. So the lack of variety for the 5 days did take some willpower. So don’t expect it to be a walk in the park. HOWEVER, my feelings about the 5-Day Fast Forward are EXTREMELY positive. Yes you lose a lot of weight, most of it both water and waste, but I believe that will happen on any diet you begin if you go from drinking almost no water and eating junk. What the 5-Day Fast Forward program is designed for is to retrain your mind and body. It retrains your mind to start listening to the cues from your body as to when it is hungry and ready to be fueled. I know this because when I’m not eating well I’m never hungry. Really I’m not, I eat because things look or sound good or because it is time to eat. The 5-Day Fast Forward helps your mind start listening to the cues. It also retrains your taste buds. If you eat a lot of sugar and then the next day bite into an apple, it will taste fine or alright, probably nothing spectacular. However deprive your body of sugar for 5 days and take a bite of an apple. It will be the sweetest most delicious thing you have eaten in 5 days. Also with the detox of sugar in your body your cravings for unhealthy items start taking a back seat in your brain. You really don’t know how powerful sugar drives your cravings until you deprive yourself of it. Have you ever been doing good and then eat just one small piece of candy and then find yourself wanting more or other items? It is your body’s reaction to the sugar. So after all of this my thoughts on the 5-Day Fast Food Plan is that if you can do it, if you can make it through the 5 days it is worth it. It serves more of a purpose then just shedding pounds.

Thoughts on the Core Program: The Core program or main meat of the book and the basis of the meal plans is at each of your 4 meals you should eat 1 protein, 1 whole grain, 1 produce (veggie/fruit), and 1 plant based fat. Plus a daily dose of dark chocolate (can’t complain about that). The simpleness of this plan is sometimes over shadowed by the recipes in the book. My feelings are the recipes are a great tool to teach you how to cook with flavor so you don’t feel your meals are boring. However it is not “THE PLAN”. You don’t have to use the recipes, or the exact recipes to be following the plan. As yo.  The Core Program (or the plan as I have been referring to it) can not be any more simple. You choose one item from each group at each meal and you have stayed on plan. Cynthia gives you a list of foods that she considers the best choices for each group. Plaster this list to your refrigerator and you will always know what to eat. Have a smart phone? Type it in your notes if you have too. Maybe you carry a daily schedule in your purse, throw it in there. As long as you know the puzzle and know the foods you should be eating you can make this plan work anywhere.

Ok now that I have become a walking advertisement. Hey it is in my blood, if I am passionate about something and believe in it I will let you know, just ask me sometime about Hooked on Phonics you will wish you never heard of the program. Now that you know how I feel I have been given the chance to give you the same opportunity. I reached out to Cynthia myself to see if she would be interested in a giveaway to my readers. Her answer was an enthusiastic YES! I’ve been given the ok to give away THREE Cinch! books to my readers. Three you ask? The title only says Two? I have another special giveaway that will be up very soon that will include that third book, but don’t wait for that one you are gong to want to enter both just in case!

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Disclaimer:  I received the above product from One 2 One Network for the purpose of this review  A big thank you to Cynthia Sass and Harper Collins  for providing this giveaway to two of my awesome readers. You may read more disclosure details here.

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