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Cinch! Review One Week-Final Update 10.8 lbs Lost!

Cinch Review
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Cinch!: Conquer Cravings, Drop Pounds, and Lose Inches

When I made my meals Wednesday evening I made enough for two days so yesterday was a repeat of Thursday with a small difference. I mentioned that the morning smoothie didn’t work for me since I tried to make it at home and bring it to work. I did not have enough time Friday morning to blend my smoothie so I did some substitutions. I replaced my protein of milk with eggs and my fruits of blueberries with pineapples.

This is a perfect example of how simple it is to follow this plan, you can substitute or mix and match items as long as you stay true to the puzzle: 1 protein, 1 produce (veggie/fruit), 1 whole grain, and 1 plant based fat, and your items are on the list of acceptable foods.

I sailed through the day with no snags, no temptations, I felt full and satisfied and full of energy. I mentioned in my title that this was my final update on the plan but don’t fret. I will be continuing with my weight loss. However one thing I will not be continuing is my daily weigh ins. I do host my very own meme called “Tone It Up Tuesday” that I started back in July when I began blogging. I will be starting that back up this very Tuesday. I will be posting my weight loss each week and giving health tips, recipes, or even just my random thoughts and feelings. Basically I’m keeping myself accountable. I would love for you to join in.

I do plan this weekend to make Cynthia’s Truffle recipe and share my thoughts with you here. Also if you are just checking in this morning and this is the first post you are reading don’t miss my Cinch! Giveaway. I have been authorized to giveaway two books to two winners. I also have an additional giveaway I will be posting this weekend including the Cinch book as well so you have THREE chances of winning the book. I encourage you even if you aren’t entering the giveaway to read the post it is my final assessment of the plan and my feelings and thoughts about the 5-Day Fast Forward portion.

Start January 1st: 169.0 lbs
January 2nd: 165 lbs
January 3rd: 163.2 lbs
January 4th: 161.0 lbs
January 5th: 159.8 lbs
January 6th: 160.0 lbs
January 7th: 159.6 lbs
January 8th: 158.2 lbs

Total weight loss one first week:  10.8 lbs
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  1. This is pretty neat Colleen, I've been reading all week. I cant believe you lost 10lbs! Great review.

  2. WOW… I gotta get my hands on this book!

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