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Do Braces Hurt? – Answered by a Ten Year Old

This was the question my ten year old posed to me just this last  week. I felt terrible that I could not give him an honest answer. Up until a few days prior to Friday he had been excited about getting his braces. Why? I have no idea but he was excited. The closer it got to Friday the less excited he became. Initially he was suppose to go to school for half of a day on Friday I was going to pick him up at 12 and take him to the dentist for a cleaning and then to get his braces up on. However I could tell Thursday night that he was really starting to get anxious so I decided to just keep him home the whole day (which of course he did not argue with).

As we were waiting in the dentist office he asked me again, “Is it going to hurt to get my braces on?”. I refused to lie to him because the honest truth was I just didn’t know. I had to tell him just that, that I didn’t know but we would talk to the orthodontist before they did anything. He went in for his cleaning and ten minutes later the hygienist came out to get me. She said he doesn’t want his teeth cleaned because if he doesn’t get them clean then he doesn’t have to have braces put on. (Sounds logical I guess to a ten year old) So Honey and I went back to see him and he was in tears. Honey was trying to hug him and make him feel better and it just broke my heart because I didn’t know what to tell him. We finally convinced him to allow the hygienist to clean his teeth. (You would have thought she was poking him with needles as much as he groaned).

Just to give you an idea, the poor kid has been through the ringer when it comes to the dentist with teeth pulled, cavities filled, and a spacer inserted. (He got those genes from my side of the family) They wanted to do a root canal but ended up pulling them instead (they were only his baby teeth.) Anyway he finished up with the hygienist and we headed over to ortho. The girl there told him that what she was going to do was not going to hurt at all. She was going to paint his teeth to help the braces stick. The dentist would come in and put on the braces, then they would put in the wire and he would be done.

As soon as she said “it wasn’t going to hurt” you could visibly see the change in his posture and demeanor. Honey and I waited for him in the lobby and when he was done he came out with a huge smile. He said to me, “Just so you know mom. Getting braces does not hurt!”. He is extremely proud of his braces, I can only assume it is because he LOVES attention. He says it is because he loves the “color”! He is able to change the color each time he visits. He went with black and white which was a little change up from his original choice of black and pink (real men where pink you know).

He was told that his teeth would probably be pretty sore later that night and a lot worse on Saturday. Nicky said NOPE they don’t hurt at all. Well, he said they kinda did just a little bit but not enough to really noticed. I was really quite surprised that he had no complaints. Let me take that back, his biggest complaint is that he can’t eat Airheads and Laffy Taffy anymore (YEAH! Score one for Mom-no more candy!).

So kids the answer to the question “Do Braces Hurt?”, according to my ten year old, “Not one Bit!”

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  1. I feel for him. I have the same issues with my teeth. I went through braces and cavities. No matter how well we took care of my teeth I would end up with a cavity. Now as an adult I am getting my first crown. I am so glad to hear that he is liking his braces!

  2. Awwww. I'm glad they didn't hurt, but what a process – poor thing!

  3. raquelamaral says:

    Love having teeth, wish I would have got braces when I was a kid. New follower from Spicy Blog Hop.

  4. I never had braces, so I honestly don't know how it feels. I did have 4 root canals, followed by a retainer. That didn't bother me at all. In fact, I urged the dentist to do that for my DD when she was 10, but I was at the mercy of military care and the dentist did not want to be proactive.

    Now, she is 16, and she just got her upper braces 6 weeks ago. We had to wait for all of her baby teeth to fall out. *sigh* She HAS had some problems with soreness. The first couple of days weren't so bad; but, when she continued to have soreness up until her second appointment, she was getting pretty aggravated. After her second appointment, we went straight to Aldi for more gum.

    I hope your son's experience continues to be a good one. Our ortho REALLY advocates sugarless chewing gum and eating normally (except for all the things that CAN'T be consumed) to counteract soreness, so keep that in mind if soreness rears its ugly head with your DS. Also, I won a fancy electric toothbrush in a blog giveaway and gave it to her. She thinks that toothbrush has helped with the soreness this time around because it massages her gums while she brushes. Even though she has a firmer wire in place, she isn't as sore as before.

  5. Coupon Queen says:

    I am so glad he didn't have any pain, back about 35 years ago they did indeed hurt to get, now days everything is done with smooth percision. Funny though, 35 years ago the thing I most disliked was not being able to eat Laughy Taffy. The more things change, the more they stay the same. 😉 Have a great weekend!

  6. Oh but wait until they have to get tightened….LOL.

    We're working on our second year with the braces, they were supposed to come off this summer, but after the last checkup it looks like there is still some more moving to do, and that looks like a premature date. The 15 year old is not terribly thrilled with the prospect of having them on longer…

  7. me-so-geeky says:

    Aww. That's cute. Never had braces, actually gonna get them sometime soonish. I get to be special adult braces wearer. Lol.

  8. Princess Time Toys says:

    What a sweetie. I'm glad he made it through OK.

  9. He is so lucky! My braces hurt like hell! I remember every month after I would get them tightened I would just lay in bed and cry until the pain killers finally kicked in. It was not fun.

    Poor kid about crying at the dentist. I feel bad for him. 🙁

  10. sorry, but is that kid a super-human or somthing????? i’m 14 and got my braces on a while ago and i just dont understand how that works. braces hurt like heck.

  11. Lol sorry mom but even with braces kids still eat the things they’re not suppose to

    • LOL I know, my son actually got his braces off in March. He did pretty good for the two years. Yes once in a while he did eat some candy he shouldn’t have. He had ONE break with the wire but overall for him that was pretty good.

      Unfortunately he now his retainer and after two months he already got a crack so I had to purchase another one.

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