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Fingerprint Resistant Glasses from Zenni Optical

This post brought to you by Zenni Optical. All opinions are 100% mine.

In a little less then 2 months I will be turning 38. I know age is just a number but for me 35 was the magic number, anything after that just makes me feel old. One thing I’ve noticed in the last few months is my vision is starting to get just a little worse. I know it is the 40 curse in which many people start needing reading eyeglasses. I joke with my husband at times about his but soon I know we will both be in the same boat.

I’m not stranger to glasses I use to wear them not too long out of high school. After getting a full time job in front of a computer I started to get headaches. I finally went to the doctor and they recommended glasses. My first pair were not cheap eyeglasses.

Thankfully things have changed since that first pair many years ago. In fact not only has the price changed and become more affordable they have come out with so many options and choices from anti-reflective to even fingerprint resistant. Personally I need this coating on my sunglasses. Zenni Optical offers a Fingerprint Resistant Anti-Reflective coating for your glasses.

Fingerprint Resistant (Oleophobic) Anti-Reflective Coating is the newest generation of AR coating. The technically advanced super-hydrophobic/oleophobic coated lenses effectively repel water, , dust and fingerprints, while still reducing annoying reflections. Lenses stay clearer, and are easier to clean than ever before. As an AR coating, it significantly reduces reflections while driving or from overhead light reflections, and makes your glasses less noticeable and less reflective in photographs.

Glasses have come so far in fashion as well. I checked out Zenni Optical to see what they had to offer.


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  1. These would be great – smudges on my eyeglasses make me insane!!

  2. Thank you for writing about the coating. That is one of my issues with my glasses. I will be needing new glasses within the next year. I have read about Zenni and am considering them. I will have to look at them a little harder now.

  3. I’ve always have the fingerprint problem. Thanks.

  4. Are these glasses really fingerprint resistant? I mean it really doesn’t leave any fingerprints or smudges on it, or they are just better to clean?


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