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Guest Post

It seems everything in life is going digital, and it’s no secret that the fitness industry is too. At-home programs such as P90X and Insanity have been extremely successful and prove that you don’t have to have an expensive gym membership to get a great workout. They have done an incredible job at bringing fitness into peoples’ homes. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you were held accountable to doing that workout at a certain time, like you have to with your fitness instructor? Or could communicate with that P90X or Insanity trainer like you do with an in-person trainer? Fitblok is a new digital platform that mimics real-life fitness as closely as possible, making your fitness routine more engaging, convenient and successful.


How, you ask?

First of all, there are tons of  trainers to choose from on Fitblok who are constantly streaming the latest videos of their workouts. (And, there’s almost every kind of workout that you can imagine!) With constant new videos, the trainers will keep pushing you with new workouts so your body stays fit and your mind doesn’t get bored, just like a real-life trainer.  Think about it, if you workout with the same workout video(s), you’ll eventually get bored and your workouts will become less effective.

Additionally, the classes are streamed at a certain time, so you’re accountable for sticking to your class at that time – just like in real life (surprise)! The videos are later available “on demand”, but the schedule still helps keep people on track.

Instructor Taking Exercise Class At Gym

One of the biggest downsides of most digital platforms is that there is no two-way communication. But on Fitblok you can message your trainer to ask him/her questions or keep up with his/her future classes, helping keep you engaged and less frustrated! AND you can even digitally communicate with your friends by inviting them to join a class with you. (We’re sure you’ve invited a friend/significant other to take a class with you before, right?)

There are many other aspects of Fitblok that make it a convenient tool (like being able to do the workouts anywhere, and being very inexpensive) Fitblok’s main focus is to encourage people to do more fitness, and live a healthier lifestyle. With essentially no physical barriers holding you back what’s stopping you from training with elite trainers right from your own home?

Do you use a digital fitness tool – and what are the pros and cons? Would you use Fitblok?

We’d love to hear your feedback. Go to to try it out yourself and see what you think.

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  1. Tammy S says:

    This is so cool. I have never heard of this program. I love that you can message your trainer if you have a question. I have got to check this out.

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