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Free Online Kids Chore Chart at My Job Chart

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As a mother of three with the oldest 15 years old, I can’t help but think of things I might have done a little differently. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for “things happen for a reason” and I am happy with my life and my family. However sometimes I wish I would have cooked more, maybe limited certain activities, and sometimes I wish I would have given my kids more responsibility at a younger age. Of course you probably know as a parent yourself it is much easier to say then to do.

However I was recently introduced to a site that could make teaching your children responsibility and chores a little easier. My Job Chart is the “new age” chore chart so to speak. Responsibility meets the computer. Kids log on and record their daily chores. Chores that you as a parent set up, you set up your family, assign jobs, set rewards, and encourage your kids. You can set morning and evening tasks for each child, and assign a point value. Kids set aside to save, give to charity, or buy rewards you set.

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You can assign jobs to each child, or even create your own on an easy form. This is great since I have a 15 year old and a 7 year old. You can imagine their set of chores are going to sometimes vary.

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I love how My Job Chart connects to Amazon, where kids can actually use their rewards to purchase items they want and see them shipped right to their door. I admit there are times when I tell my kids they can earn money and then it takes me a while to get that money to them. I love the idea of having it all done with only my supervision needed. My Job Chart has a tutorial section to easily walk you through any troubleshooting or how to use the site, and manage your family, jobs, and rewards.

I watched the video “Mange Rewards – Spend” to find out how children can “spend” their points they earn by doing chores. It was exactly what I was looking for. In addition to your children being able to spend their points on products they can purchase, you can also set up “Family Rewards”.  I really think this is important, sometimes going to the park, spending time with mom or dad, or playing a game is more satisfying to a child and/or parent then purchasing an item.

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Again each reward can be turned on per child. Simply go to My Family, Manage Rewards, and choose which type of rewards you want to enable. Another great feature because something my daughter may value as a great reward would not interest one of my sons at all. Here I’ve decided to activate some Family rewards for my daughter. My daughter, when she is logged in, can see what rewards she has the ability to purchase and how many points are needed to earn the reward. She can also see how many points she has left to reach the reward she is trying to get too.

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If my daughter selects to purchase a reward from a retailer I will receive an email so I can go in and finish the transaction so her purchase can be sent to her. I really love the way My Job Chart is set up because your child is able to constantly see how many points they need, how close they are to earning a reward, and it gives them the sense of responsibility and a feeling of having power over their actions. Knowing they will be rewarded for doing chores and helping out others.

My daughter is definitely going to love this system, it is very similar to a system they have at school in which they earn tickets throughout the week. At the end of the week they can spend their tickets on things such as candy, treasure box, lunch with the teacher, etc. I often find my daughter saving her tickets for a bigger reward.

I love how My Job Chart has taken the written “chore chart” concept and not only made it modern and adapted it to today’s emphasis on technology. They also have added great features like the ability to use the points and not just tell their parents but go through the process of purchasing them. Kids get a thrill out of this just like when they have a little birthday money to spend and they want to go to the store and give the money to the cashier themselves. It makes them feel “grown-up”. This is exactly what the reward system at My Job Chart does as well.

The Save Rewards allows your children to set aside money to save into their own account:

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 8.17.14 PM

The Share Rewards allows your children to give to charity and teaches them to give back to those in need:

Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 8.16.55 PM

I can’t find one thing I don’t like about My Job Chart, and it is even better that it is free. I think not only is this a way to safely introduce your children to using the computer, it is a great way for them to be able to take charge of their chores and really watch their hard work get them somewhere. I encourage you if you don’t have a system set up that works for you to give My Job Chart a try and tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for this post however all opinions are my own. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. This is very cool! Although I still find the need for paper/pencil for recording my children’s jobs 🙂

  2. looks like a great idea. M was just talking about chores and allowances for chores.

  3. Gina Brickell says:

    Wow, it’s so crazy how EVERYTHING is being done via computer now.. My son is addicted to the computer and I think this would be a fun way to get him to help with chores when he’s a little older… It makes it fun for the kids.

  4. Thanks for the info!

  5. My Job Chart sounds amazing!

  6. I need something like this for my daughter! LOL!

  7. great idea, i’ll have to try this for my kids i get help cleaning and they get rewarded.

  8. I like that Amazon connection too, because we love to shop there. We are starting with minor chores for our son at his age.

  9. I love that it’s free!

  10. My girls are probably just old enough to benefit from something like this. Better organization was a resolution of mine so maybe I’ll check this out.

  11. Very cool!

  12. Great set up to get kids motivated.

  13. That is seriously cool that it connects to Amazon.

  14. Thanks for sharing. The job chart will be great for my granddaughter.

  15. bianca roman says:

    My son is only three, but this would be great for my niece! I remember when we had chores like taking out the trash, washing/putting away dishes, clearing the table etc! This is a great site because of the rewards process (i.e., making up your own rewards) VERY COOL!

  16. Great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  17. If Job Cart works that is good news, great review. Thank you. Jerri Davis

  18. Meg Tucker says:

    I’m all about ths one!! Thanks for the heads up on my job chart!

  19. The Chore Chart is a superb idea and the fact that it is free makes it even better. I planned on getting a chore chart for our little one, now I am going to go and check out this one. Thanks.

  20. thaks for the info

  21. natalie nichols says:

    This is great. Thank you for sharing it. It will definitely be useful! Glad I stopped by

  22. I love chore charts. I think my daughter would like the change

  23. I LOVE this website already just from your review, and the sad thing is I don’t have any kids yet. It just sounds like an excellent way to encourage responsibility and savings to children based on individual ages and maturity levels.

  24. Marthalynn says:

    OH wow! I love this! And thank you for including screen shots. That is so helpful to see how easy and well laid out this site is.

  25. Tami Vollenweider says:

    This is pretty neat! Wish I could have had this when my Son was little!!

  26. I have been looking for something like this for my kids. I never expected to find something so in depth and I can’t wait to get started.

  27. One of my goals for this year is to put my kids to work..just kidding! But really I want them to have daily chores just like I did as a kid. Tools like this help me to come up with ideas and charts.

  28. Such a great way to modernize the chore chart!

  29. I’ve used this for my kids. It’s a great tool.

  30. i wish they had this when i was growing up. mom would have had few headaches!

  31. This looks like a great online resource! Love how it works for kids of varying ages.

  32. This is a neat app.

  33. Deff. need to check this out & make a list for my 5 yr old he never seems to listen when I tell him to clean his room typical boy lol

  34. looks cool! I will check them out

  35. This is awesome. I’ll keep this in mind when my son is older.

  36. Naomi Osborn says:

    this is great! thanks for sharing!

  37. This is pretty cool! I really like that you can use various reward methods and not just money. It could be a treat or an event or getting to go somewhere. Pretty cool!

  38. Taryn Pasco says:

    This is also great for a household with room mates! Lol

  39. with 2 kids that really should be doing chores I need to give that a look and see if it would be helpful for us

  40. This is amazing. I love how you have different rewards. It’s not just about money.

  41. rebecca shockley says:

    This is exactly what we need in our home with the kids and their range of age’s. Thanks for sharing this great idea

  42. Wendy Mastin says:

    Giving kids chores are good for them to learn that it is important to have to help around the house.

  43. Anna Johnson says:

    Cool thanks for sharing, going to go check it out!

  44. Mary Williams says:

    This looks great to give kids some incentive to do their chores!

  45. Tara Caudillo says:

    I need to use this!! I have a 10yr old , 5yr old and 4yr old who need to get going on this!!

  46. Rich Hicks says:

    This is a wonderful tool. Great motivator for the kids to get their chores done. Going to look into this closer!

  47. Do you think it’s work for almost 16 year olds? LOL.

    I actually don’t mind doing everything … presuming he is using his time for school and sports. When he’s on top of things, he puts in some really long days!

  48. This is great! I will keep it in mind when my guy is old enough to help out 🙂

  49. I’m going to have to look into this!!! My kids need to do some cleaning 🙂

  50. GayAnn Wright says:

    Thanks for posting this. Going to look into it. 🙂

  51. Amy Orvin says:

    This is great! I need to email this link to my brother. He has 2 daughters and has to force them to do anything!

  52. Amy Green says:

    I love chore charts-especially with stickers!

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