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George Foreman Control Temp Grill Giveaway : (Ends 5/31)

My first George Foreman grill was given to me by my hubby for either our anniversary or mother’s not sure which one as they are always so close to each other in I believe 2001.  Don’t think, man he is that kind of husband, I actually asked for one.  Where that grill is I have no idea. I don’t remember getting rid of it but we don’t have it any more.  My mother-in-law brought one with her when she moved one so we have had one for the last two years.  With her getting ready to move out in the next month I was a little saddened by the soon to be loss of the grill (and my mother-in-law moving back up north).

Thankfully I was given the opportunity to review the George Foreman Control Temp Grill . WOW has the George Foreman Grills evolved. It makes my little two chicken cooking grill I had years ago seem like a dinosaur!

This grill has so many advanced features compared to the original that I don’t even know where to begin.  Lets start with the temp control. One thing that I sometimes had problems with, with the original is if I had a thick piece of meat it would sometimes get pretty done on the outside before the inside was finished cooking.  The temperature control really helps eliminate this problem and there is even some suggested grill settings. L: Use to reheat fully cooked foods, L-M: Sandwiches and wraps, M: Fish fillets, M-H: Fish steaks, shrimp, scallops, poultry, furits and vegetables, H: Meat.

Another feature I love about the George Foreman Control Temp Grill is the size.  As I mentioned above the one I use to have was one of their smaller grills and held about two chicken breast.  This one can hold more then a package of hot dogs.  With three kids and a total of 5 of us that really is a big deal.

However better then the temperature control, and better then the size, is the removal of the plates.  Why is this so important  you may ask? For cleaning purposes.  If I had to guess where my original grill went I would say I may have tossed it because it is so hard to clean something you can’t submerse in water. Especially something that gets as greasy and grimey as a grill.  George Foreman has finally recognized this and made the grill plates removable. Which means they can be removed and soaked. WOO HOO George! Here is a super quick video of me switching out the plates.



Did you notice that I was switching out two different plates? That is because this grill comes with both grilling plates and a griddle plate. I just LOVE that. I can cook my chicken, meat, hot dogs, etc. one day and then use it in the morning to make pancakes. If you have used a George Foreman grill before you will know that it is set on a tilt, so that the fat drains into the drain cup provided. So you may be wondering how the heck you can spread pancakes on a griddle that is tilted. Well you don’t, again they have thought of everything. The stand that is attached to the grill is adjustable for just this reason.

The feature that is the same no matter which grill you have one from 2002 or one from 2011 is the healthy benefits of the grill. The grill is designed with your health in mind. The purpose of a George Foreman grill is to allow the fat that is grilled away from your meat to drain away from your meat so it is not sitting in grease/fat while it cooks. If you are looking for more ways to prove that the George Foreman name is committed to bringing you healthy alternatives you should visit their Healthy Cooking Blog in which they share some great healthy recipes.

As you can see I am thrilled with my new George Foreman Grill and I really can’t say enough nice things about it. I highly recommend anyone that is dedicated to eating healthy and feeding their family healthier meals to get their own George Foreman Grill. Or better yet enter to win your very own right here at Shibley Smiles.

One lucky winner will receive their very own George Foreman Control Temp Grill

***********George Foreman Control Temp Grill***********

To enter to win: Tell me one thing you do to make sure you and your feeling make healthy choices.

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See Official Rules. Giveaway will end on May 31st at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US Only.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) at no cost to me by the company or representing PR agency. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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