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Holiday Gift Guide: Time Buddy Time Management Fun Giveaway (ARV $35)

Another great gift for the holidays this kills two birds with one stone. A fun and interactive gift for a child while at the same time helping them learn time management. I can hear Honey’s Time Buddy go off each morning at 7:30 AM to tell her it is time to get up and get in the bath. Now she doesn’t always wake up to it but that is no fault of Time Buddy he does a great job calling her name, she is just a very sound sleeper.

I was happy to add this to my Holiday Gift Guide and give you a chance to win one for a child. Take a look at what I had to say when I received my Time Buddy previously:

One of my biggest faults as a parent to overcome is structure and responsibility when it comes to my children. What I mean by this is this. I have three children who are active in all kinds of sports and school activities. So as I mother I find myself running from here to there, doing this and that, and forgetting to teach my children that it is their responsibility to help to take care of certain chores and things themselves. For example my children are use to me waking them up each morning, telling them to get dress, to brush their teeth, to pick up their toys, etc. I find that I’m either reminding them constantly or noticing after they have gone to bed all the things they didn’t think to take care of and I then do them myself.

This way of parenting does not teach my children that they need to be responsible to brush their teeth, that they need to make sure they are ready for a schedule event, or that they need to make sure they pick up their toys or clothes before they go to bed. It was not something I intended to do but something that evolved over time as I added more children to my family.

As I have begun to reprogram my older two boys I vowed to myself not to let this happen with Honey who is currently four years old. The problem when trying to each children how to take responsibility for what they need to get done is they don’t always have the best concept of time. This is where TimeBuddy comes in. TimeBuddy is a one of kind educational product designed to teach young children daily routines and build a foundation for time management skills. When I read what this “toy” was about and suppose to do I thought WOW what a great idea, this would be a prefect item to review in our household. Thankfully I was able to do just that. We received our TimeBuddy just last week.

“Long term benefit: TimeBuddy helps children have a structured routine that they understand (since they can visually see the series of activities to be performed). Structure in kid’s lives provide security. Children that feel secure have a tendency to be self-confident, independent and responsible; and thus, happy children. Additionally, today’s society, whether we agree or not, is highly active. The demand of work, children’s activities, doctor’s appointments, errands, and personal time continues to increase. Successful adults are often those who have good time management skills; and time management is a habit. Thus, helping children develop this habit at an early age will help them increase their chances to master this skill as adults.”

One of the great things about TimeBuddy is the ability to personal is, not just the color and looks of TimeBuddy but the events that you feel your child needs to be reminded about. Such as brushing their teeth, getting their clothes ready for school, or even fun events like playing outside or watching TV. Instead of a constant can I do this or that, or having them forget when they need to do something you can refer them to their TimeBuddy. The TimeBuddy comes with over 150 different stickers and you can customize the color and look to suit your childs taste. You can choose from blue, pink, green, and red as your base color as well as some fun googley eyes and smile to give your TimeBuddy some personality.  It is recommended that your child help you with the process.

Honey could not wait to break out her stickers she was very certain that her TimeBuddy must be pink because she was a girl. Her grandmother and I sat with her and discussed the things she is suppose to do each morning before school as well as a few specific items she is suppose to do when she gets home. We then went over our bedtime routine and she added all the stickers to the 24 hour time clock. (The clock is set in a 24 hour time frame versus a 12 hour time frame. This is not a tool to each your child time but to help them understand when things are to be done.) As you can see here Honey has “done up” her TimeBuddy exactly the way she wanted it.

One of the things I really like about the TimeBuddy is the alarm feature. You can set up to three alarms, we are currently using two. One to help wake her up in the morning and one to give her a thirty minute warning before bed time. When the alarm goes off it says her name. Yep you read that right you are able to record your child’s name as one of the alarm features. You are also able to record custom messages. This feature my daughter decided was one of the best! She played with her TimeBuddy for quite some time recording and re-recording funny sayings and playing them back to everyone in the house. TimeBuddy is a really great tool for parents like me that forget to teach their children some of the basic concepts like time management because we are so use to just doing everything ourselves.

Additional info from Time Buddy:

“Our company has reached a deal with Penny Bernath, which is a lead child psychologist for PBS channel 2 affiliate in Miami. Penny will share information with our followers regarding kids and time management as well as sharing tips on how to best use TimeBuddy. Additionally, followers will have the opportunity to ASK THE EXPERT.”

TimeBuddy is graciously offering one of my readers their very own TimeBuddy. This is a great tool to help your child learn much needed time management skills, and pick up your first holiday gift.

************TimeBuddy Time Management Building Toy***********

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Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion. I received the above product in this review for the purpose of reviewing and posting my opinion . A big thank you to TimeBuddy for  providing a TimeBuddy for one of my awesome readers. You may read more disclosure details here.

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