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Get the HOPPER from DISH! TV Anytime Anywhere

This post brought to you by DISH. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Just this evening I was watching TV, a competitor that will remain nameless, when a message flashed regarding the possible removal of a very popular channel. This is the third time this has happened and made me start thinking maybe it is time to shop around. Then what should appear but some awesome information about the HOPPER from DISH.

We have five people living in our household and there are times when all five of us could be watching TV. We have definitely outgrown our current programing package. We have two DVR's but I really wish all the TV's had the ability to record and pause. In comes the HOPPER

I had no idea about all the features of the HOPPER from DISH. Learn more about the Hopper below


  1. With the DISH Anywhere app (for Apple and Android devices) and online portal, customers can watch live and recorded TV including live sporting events, TV shows and – anytime, anywhere. (One of favorite features)
  2. DISH Anywhere also lets you take control of your DVR to schedule and manage recordings remotely.
  3. Transfer your DVR recordings to your iPad with the free Hopper Transfers app before you leave the house and you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows on flights or keep your kids entertained on a long road trip, even when you don’t have an Internet connection. (definitely my next favorite)
  4. DISH created commercial-free TV so you can save an hour each night! Now you can instantly skip commercials in recorded primetime
  5. With the Hopper™ you can record 6 different shows at the same time during primetime giving you three hours of on demand primetime
  6. The Hopper™ lets you have full HD DVR functionality on every TV, so you can pause, rewind and record live TV in any room. (one of my favorite features)

These features are something I'm really looking for in my programming. I love to watch TV on my iPad. This way while my husband is watching his shows (that don't interest me) I can still sit with him and watch my own shows (that don't interest him) on my iPad. Sometimes I will bring my iPad to work with me and watch a show during lunch. How awesome it would be to take with me my recorded shows!

One thing I hear often from my children is "just wait until a commercial" or "this is almost over". The TV they watch most of their programming on does not have the ability to pause. It would be great to have the HOPPER and be able to pause any programming on any TV. (Then they can't give me an excuse to get up and do what I ask). Not to mention everyone likes their own shows and we currently only have 2 DVR's, which my husband and I mainly use. I would love the children to have the ability to record their own shows of choice.

I definitely will be looking more into this as an option for changing providers. If you are interested in DISH then why not LIKE DISH on Facebook and follow Follow DISH on Twitter

Get the Hopper™ free when you sign up for DISH. Packages starting at $24.99. (For 12 months with 24 month commitment. Restrictions Apply.)

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  1. Meghan @JaMonkey says:

    Funny commercial

  2. Sounds great!

  3. That’s a great price!

  4. I love this commercial! The grandpa in the bathroom cracks me up.

  5. That commercial is hilarious. This would be so helpful in my household.

  6. I thought the commercial was hilarious! I really like the thought of a Hopper dish TV where I can watch TV anytime at my convenience! Sounds great!

  7. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    Wow – I too didn’t know about all these features of the Hopper from Dish. Maybe it is time to switch.

  8. I’ve heard great things about DISH.

  9. Had it-wasn’t satisfied-went back to Time Warner Cable.

  10. Love the commercial

  11. I just saw the commercial today so want this!

  12. funny commercial and great deal!

  13. I want the Hopper so bad!

  14. We don’t have satellite but it does make it sound more worth getting now.

  15. This commerical cracks me up ” the hooopa” LOL! We have Cox Cable but I have looked into Dish a few times, this would definitely be an advantage over what I have now.

  16. I am a total TV addict. I need this!

  17. Sounds cool!

  18. Lorayne Gothard says:

    This is really a great sealing point. We have comcast and we are sick of it. So behind Dish. I will show this to my husband!!

  19. Now that I have a smart phone the Dish anywhere option would be neat to have.

  20. Melissa Shirley says:

    This would be great to have

  21. I have the DISH Hopper Colleen and it really is awesome! My favorite part about it is the sling capabilities because of all the traveling I do for my job at DISH. It’s fantastic being able to bring all of my recorded or live shows with me on the go because I am just as big of a TV fan as anyone! The DISH Anywhere app helps keep me entertained while I’m away, and it helps me keep up with my favorite shows when I’m half way across the country! :)

  22. Peggy Greco says:

    Thanks for sharing, looks good to have if you can afford it.

  23. Denise Smith says:

    i love the hopper really great deal

  24. This sounds like a great deal. I have seen some of their commercials and love them. Super funny!

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