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HTML 5 Cheat Sheet : List of HTML 5 Tags

So I will admit I have had no formal training or even any training at all when it comes to web design and coding. This little site here was all created my little ‘ole me. Ok yes I’m using a platform and I didn’t code my theme from scratch I have however made several changes to the HTML and coding to get it to do what I want and look the way I want it to look. In fact, you  may notice over the years a growing and changing design. Everything I know and have learned I have done so by searching the good old internet. When my mother or sister call me up to ask me how to do something, little do they know that many times I am actually searching for the very answer.

When it comes to coding most blogs use both HTML and CSS. Often if I want to do something specific I have to google how to do it. I came across this nifty HTML cheatsheet that has severed me well over the years. It is a great asset for any beginner or self taught tech geek. All you have to do is print it off or even save the file for future reference. For example this sheet can help you understand what many of the HTML codes are that currently exist on your site. From there you can play around as you wish. I caution you however to always make a copy of what you are doing first. Just one little / out of place or an open tag can through off the whole thing or render an error. HTML is a very logical language if you get to know it you may find you can be friends!


Ultimate HTML5 Cheatsheat by Tech King

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  1. This is a great infographic reference but i would love to print it for my wall which would be difficult to do, maybe you should offer it as a poster? My pet peeve about infographics is how hard they are to print if you like them

  2. Patrick T. Lafferty says:

    I’d love to get a poster of this for my classroom, too. Any chance of releasing the source file(s)?

  3. This is great! Bookmarking now!

  4. Christian Trueman says:

    This is awesome! And huge, lol! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Denise Smith says:

    thanks i can use this i will be sharing also

  6. wow looks great for a quick reference.

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