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Hurry Up! Fast Paced Fun Game by RandomLine Giveaway

One of the things we love most at our house is Family Game Time. We don’t have a designated night because with sports, homework, and whatever else is thrown our way we are not on a strict schedule. However usually every couple of months I’m scouring the shelves at Toys R Us for a fun new game. It is very hard to find something that is fun and unique, as well as something that we can let Honey join in with us.

I jumped at the chance to try a new came called Hurry Up from RandomLine. It sounded pretty easy to learn and a lot of fun.

“Hurry Up is a fast moving dice game. Players compete to get the highest scores, but they better hurry up because the clock is ticking and everyone is screaming . . . HURRY UP.”

The kids and  I sat down and they patiently waited for me to read the instructions. They so love to wait for me to read the instructions and tell them all the rules and how to play. NOT! I’m pretty sure without me they would just make up their own rules. In fact sometimes they still do.

The game is actually really easy to follow and was loads of fun. There are six rounds, in each round you have a challenge you most complete. If you complete the challenge you get the points listed on the card as well as points for all six dice. Now it sounds simple right? Not all the challenges are easy to do because I forgot to mention you are playing against time. You have 30 seconds to complete the challenge.

Hurry Up! Is for ages 8 and up and for 2-6 players. However in hour house we don’t always follow the rules. Just ask the kids they are notorious for breaking them. In almost all the games we play we find away to make sure Honey can play with us too. Hurry Up! was no exception to the rule. When it was her turn she had a little help from the boys to find the numbers she needed to finish her challenge and we were generous and gave her two chances with the “sands of time” as Buddy would call it. I took some video of us playing the game. It doesn’t quite capture the excited and shouting we experienced during our game play because the boys were a little more focused on helping out their little sister.

However I’m here to say it really was a fun game. Buddy said to me as we were cleaning it up when we were done it was “The Best Game Ever”. Trust me it is not always easy to find a game that a 13 and 4 year old enjoy. This one was a Home Run!

Hurry Up! retails for just 9.99, which is an excellent price for some family fun. It is just one of many games that RandomLine sells, you can find other great games for different age ranges such as 8 and above or 4-7, so there is a game for everyone.  In addition to games you RandomLine has On-The-Go-Activity Pads and Wipe-Off Drawing Pads. You can find RandomLine games in many major retailers such as Barnes and Nobles and Toys R Us. I highly recommend Hurry Up! for you and your family, it is loads of fun!

RandomLine has graciously offered one of my readers their own Hurry Up! Game

************Hurry Up! Fast Paced Game by RandomLine***********

To enter to win: Please visit RandomLine and tell me one other game or activity pad that sounds fun. Please list the full name of the game or activity pad.

After you make the mandatory entry above, you will receive one entry for each item below (unless otherwise indicated). Just a reminder that the mandatory entry must be met for all other entries to be valid.
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Giveaway will end on October 16th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US Only. Please make sure your email address is public on your profile or leave in your comments so I can contact you should you win. The winner will be chosen by and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion. I received the above product in this review for the purpose of reviewing and posting my opinion . A big thank you to RandomLine for  providing Hurry Up! for one of my awesome readers. You may read more disclosure details here.

If you have a product you would like me to review please contact me at colleen(at)shibleysmiles(dot)com.

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