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I Applied To Be a Ford #FiestaMovement Agent: Have You?


So a good blogging friend of mine showed me the way to a fun campaign by Ford. This is the second year of this campaign and this year is going to be better then ever. So what did I find when I was directed to Apply : Ford #FiestaMovement Agent. I found an amazingly fun sounding campaign full of exciting opportunity.

Ford #FiestaMovement Campaign

The Movement needs 100 agents to introduce the Fiesta. As an agent, you will be the voice of the 2014 Fiesta. You’ll complete missions, have tons of fun, and share the outcomes with your fans and followers. And here’s the twist. We’re going to share the best of the best content with the rest of the world. So if your stuff rises to the top, it could be your photo in prints ads or your face on TV.

How fun does that sound? What I love best is the opportunity to test drive a new car (Ford),  try new things and celebrate (Fiesta), and travel (Movement). Ford will gas up the car that you get to keep for quite some time, insurance included. You get to drive around town showing it off, talking about it with your friends, family, co-workers, grocery store worker, guy on the corner as you are whizzing by (you get my drift). Then to make it even more fun you get to select missions, thankfully you get a say because not everyone has the same enthusiastic desire to plunge into the trees hanging from a wire (I do), teach a yoga class (I would participate), or jump out of an airplane (not I). Each mission you take you will be bringing along two things 1. Your awesome, cool Ford Fiesta and 2. Your video camera (and if you are me 3-4 additional family members-unless the mission is spa day ;)).

What You Need to Apply

A valid drivers license (obviously), a great attitude, and a video camera. Some social media savviness is a plus and maybe a little bit of witty humor (ok I added that myself). You will fill out a form with the required information, name, address, phone, email, birth date, blood sample (oh sorry got carried away). The form is simple , they want to know who you are, what you do, and what are your “mad” skills (can you wield a video camera like it is an extension of your hand). Then you are going to put those skills to the test and submit a video telling Ford (and the PR company) why YOU should be the next Ford #FiestaMovement Agent.


At least that is what I did, I’m baring my soul, my sunglasses, and yes as everyone will continue to remind me our sunny beautiful South Florida weather in my Ford #FiestaMovement video below:

Please show a little love leave a comment, tell me I’m a Ford Star, (or if I suck-but I can delete ;), just kidding freedom of speech is a must here at Shibley Smiles). I’m just really excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see who is chosen (April 1st and 30th)


I did have a phone interview with some great guys that wanted to know all about me, (yeah I’m cool like that). I thought it went well but with hundreds of submissions I’m sure they have a lot to ponder (pick me), videos to watch (did you check mine out?), and decisions to make (easy peasy Colleen is your girl!)

Oh yeah almost forgot if you are interested you apply here: Ford #FiestaMovement Agent Application

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  1. I was wondering if you ever heard back about if you got the position or not. Fingers crossed!

  2. Good luck Colleen. I think you would be perfect for the job! They would get a ton of exposure on your awesome blog that I have been following for about 3 years now!

    • Thank you for the loyalty! They have until the 1st of May, I’m sure they got a TON of applications! Many vloggers that have an upper hand but you never know!

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