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Let’s Get Moving During the Super Bowl

I loved this interesting way to tackle health and fitness while watching the Super Bowl. Could even be a little fun if you have a big group of people.


Pritikin Super Bowl Fitness Challenge by Fitness Expert Scott Danberg

Set up a friendly but feisty competition. We call it the “Pritikin Super Bowl Fitness Challenge.” It was created by Pritikin Fitness Director Scott Danberg, whose life’s mission is cajoling the rest of us off the couch (and what a helluva job he does!).

Here’s the game plan: Divide everyone into two teams. For maximum rowdiness and fun, do your best to put each guest on the team that he or she is rooting for on TV.

    1. Celebration Touchdown Dance
      • Each time one of the Super Bowl teams scores a touchdown, the same team in your living room does a Celebration Touchdown Dance, and (here’s the best part) the opposing team must copy the dance! Go all out! Include chanting of your team’s name, arm movements symbolizing letters of your team’s name, dance it up… live it up. Then kick the competition off the couch and have them copy it. (No shortcuts allowed!)
    2. Field Goal Squats
      • Each time your team scores a field goal, get up from the sofa for 10 body weight squats. The opposing team then performs 15! For guests who have (or say they have) joint pain with squats, they can do seated leg marches instead.
    3. Fumble Ball Push-Ups
      • For each fumbled ball, the retrieving team gets down on the floor for 5 push-ups; the opposition team does 10 push-ups! (Push-up-challenged guests can do wall, table, or from-the-knees push-ups.)
    4. Interception Arm Circles
      • For each interception, the retrieving team stands up and spreads out for 15 forward arm circles; the opposition gets up for 15 forward and 15 back arm circles! (For the arm-circle-challenged, any pain-free range of movement using the arms will do.)
    5. Foul Marches
      • For each foul that results in a penalty of yards, the non-penalized team stands and marches in place for one minute. The penalized team hoofs it for two minutes! Seated leg marching is fine for those with ambulatory challenges. (Alcohol-induced challenges don’t count!)
    6. Quarterback Sack Crunches
      • For each quarterback sack, the team delivering the sack falls to the floor for 10 abdominal crunches; the opposition then drops for 20 abdominal crunches. (Crunch-challenged teammates can do seated straight leg lifts.)
    7. Half Time Whossiers
      • At half time, the team winning dances to a Who song (“Awesome band for us baby boomers” laughs Coach Scott). The losing team dances to two Who songs. If the game is tied, everyone dances two songs! During half time, everyone takes a few minutes to stretch and enjoy healthy snacks to fuel up for the second half.
    8. Grand Finale Celebration Dance
      • At the end of the game, the winning team performs a rousing Grand Finale Celebration Dance that the losing team – yep, you guessed it – must match!
    9. Every movement counts
      • Do you think all of these get-up-from-the-couch activities are worthless? Think again. Research published just last week in the American Heart Association journal Circulation tracked 8,800 people for six years and found that the more hours they sat in front of the TV, the greater their risk of dying from any cause, especially cardiovascular disease. Yes, this is a duh finding, but there’s more. The findings held true not just for couch potatoes but for regular exercisers – people who put in on average 30 to 45 minutes of exercise a day.
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  1. These sound like fun little activities! I will be at a “party” while on a press trip and think I could really liven things up if I did these! LOL!

  2. Great idea to get moving!

  3. Great idea!! Thanks. Although I don’t plan on watching much of the game… this is a great idea for those who ARE! 🙂

  4. I love these! I actually really get my buns moving, squats will help me, lol

  5. These sound like fun ways to get everyone involved. It also might make you think a little more about what you are eating during the game.

  6. That’s a great way to stay fit while watching.

  7. Julie Wood says:

    This is a great blog post to get myself moving tomorrow because the food is going to be fattening! I am going to make sure I walk a lot tomorrow. I walk every day, but I am going to make sure I walk extra. Also I like these exercises to do while watching the game!

  8. This is great! I love the idea of a Simon Says esque dance off. Ha!

  9. These sound really fun! I won’t get the chance for a super bowl party this year so I’ll be watching it from a boring treadmill. I guess the upside is that I won’t overindulge either! Oh well, there’s always next year 🙂

  10. Sounds like a fun thing for a gathering tomorrow. I could really use it…I’ve been sedentary lately.

  11. Stephanie says:

    This is such a great idea! I never thought of doing something like this!

  12. Touchdown dance! How coool would that be for kids! Love the ideas.

    • Oh my son would be totally all over that, he once started break dancing at my sisters wedding and everyone cleared the floor for him (I think he was about 5)

  13. What a great way to get active.

  14. Sounds like a great idea!

  15. I love this! I’ve seen these around the web for different tv shows like Big Bang or the bachelor. Such a fun and great idea.

  16. That’s a funny idea. It’s like a reversed drinking game or something. I would like to say I am going to follow these but in reality I know I will just pig out and not do anything positive (movement) to counter it, haha!

  17. Great ideas! I’m skipping the Super Bowl, lol.

  18. A touchdown dance sounds like a fun idea!

  19. I’m so not looking forward to the Superbowl tomorrow, but these are some great ideas. 🙂

  20. Awesome ideas! I’m going to keep this open for the superbowl so I’ll remember the “rules”. Thanks Colleen!

  21. Better than noshing on greasy goodies.

  22. Meghan @JaMonkey says:

    HAHA These are hilarious!

  23. Great way to get your exercise in for the day!

  24. I’m not watching the Super Bowl but I love the idea of getting active during the game.

  25. These are some great ideas!

  26. We didnt have to have special exercised during the game…we were chasing a 15 month and two dogs during the game. Does that count?

    Seriously, this year we didnt pig out much. We cooked a regular dinner but “beefed” it up a bit with some steaks and mushrooms, shrimp and guac. with light chips. I made bars but we didnt even hit them. So we counterbalanced our slight lack of exercise with better Superbowl food fare.

  27. What a fun idea!

  28. What a fun idea! I definitely need to get to moving!

  29. just think there was an extra 27 minutes you could of exercised too when the lights wen tout lol

  30. great tips so you’re not sitting all day. any cardio is good.

  31. I don’t really iike watching sports, but the exercise ideas are defineltely interesting. Thanks for letting me visit.

  32. I actually walked around my family room during the game, and sat down during the commercials. 🙂

  33. Alison King says:

    This is such a great idea! They should design them for all different TV shows to keep people moving!

  34. This is a fun way to stay active while watching the game. Love these ideas.

  35. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    What a wonderful idea for all of us coach potatoes. I actually sometimes do exercises during regular commercials if I am not switching channels!!

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