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My Handy Cooler Stay Cool Review and Giveaway

My Handy Cooler

As you may have read over the past couple of weeks we have begun the sports season here at the Shibley household. With the sports season comes days in the Florida sun. As much as I truly love watching my boys play sports sometimes the sun is just so intense it is hard to lug the sports equipment, chairs, and coolers around and stay somewhat cool to make it through the entire day. I don’t know about you but when I get over heated I get tired, which makes for a long day when you are running around from the soccer to baseball fields. How nice it would be to tag along a mini air conditioner as well!

I was very excited to be able to review the My Handy Cooler. The boys and I have tried several things to try to keep us cool over the past years. The little battery operated fans, the spray bottles with a fan attached (which just gets your face all wet), ice packs, umbrellas, and the sports chairs with the cover for shade. Though the umbrella and covered chairs work the best for at least keeping the sun off of you it does not cool you down. The Handy Cooler was great to have this Saturday during our Shibley Sports Day. We were outside from 10 am until 3:30 pm watching both boys in their soccer and baseball games. Honey loved it the most and we were lucky to get it away from her to try it for ourselves. She was very helpful though in cooling off her older brother.

My Handy Cooler

My Handy Cooler

How it works.(Cooling Process)

Air is forced through a large surface area of wet cooling filter and cools down due to evaporation. Once it passes through, the water in the cooling filter evaporates. This cools down the air. 

My Handy Cooler

One feature that I really loved, and this is just a fun unique feature, is that you can add a couple drops of aromatherapy oil for a scented breeze. Call me cookey but I just love this added bonus. I didn’t have any oils to use on our test drive of the product but I will definitely be picking some up during my weekly grocery trip.

As much as Honey loved the Handy Cooler I really think it would be a great thing for the boys to actually use in between quarters (soccer) or innings (baseball) to help cool them off before they get back to the game. I can so see Nick taking this into the dug out and sharing with his team mates.

My Handy Cooler

The Handy Cooler can be used for much more then just sporting events. Some other great places this would come in handy are camping, BBQ and picnics, amusement parks, and sunbathing just to name a few. Of course here in Florida we occasionally have to deal with hurricanes which so nicely like to knock out our power. This would be another useful thing to have during these times.

Though I had no need to review this item Handy Cooler also sells an air conditioning system for baby strollers. I know as a mother who was dragging Honey around to many sporting events this would have come in very handy.

Thanks to the cool air produced by Handy Cooler™ , this baby stroller cooling system provides a stream of fresh cool air into the stroller. This add-on kit consists of:

1) A universal organizer to carry a Handy Cooler™
2) A flexible air tube to deliver the cool air.

The kit circulates cool air within the stroller when the hood is closed and provides your child with a constant supply of cool air. The air tube is retractable to save space and fits on all stroller design. Handy Cooler™ remains on the rear of the baby seat out of sight and reach of your baby.

There is simply no better way to keep your baby cool in the stroller. This air conditioning system provides ‘first class’ climate control.

The Handy Cooler currently retails for $49.95 marked down from$ 59.95. You can purchase the Handy Cooler Stroller kit for $59.99 marked down from $94.99. However if you win the Handy Cooler here and would like to turn it into a mini air conditioner for your stroller you can purchase the upgrade pack for $34.95

My Handy Cooler has offered to give one of my readers their very own Handy Cooler!

************My Handy Cooler Stay Cool ***********

To enter to win: Please comment below on what type of event you would use My Handy Cooler for.

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Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion. I received the above product in this review for the purpose of reviewing and posting my opinion . A big thank you to Handy Cooler for  providing a My Handy Cooler for one of my awesome readers. You may read more disclosure details here.

If you have a product you would like me to review please contact me at colleen(at)shibleysmiles(dot)com.

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