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Need Your Questions For Interview with Cynthia Sass and Myself

So if you don’t know I’m following the Cinch! Program by Cynthia Sass by now then you must be new. No worries if you are interested in following my progress and thoughts through the trial feel free to read more here: Cinch! Review Progress.

One thing that has been great is my interaction with the author herself Cynthia Sass. She answers my emails promptly and is just a normal person like you and I and loving what she is doing. It is great to get answers from the author herself.

I myself have received a few questions about my progress and the diet so far and I LOVE to see my readers engaged with my post. So I decide to open it up to everyone and even asked Cynthia to get in on the fun. So I am asking you to submit questions to myself, Cynthia, or both of us here at Shibley Smiles. I will then post the answer to the questions here in a Q & A session type blog post.

You can ask either myself, Cynthia, or both of us any questions you would like be either filling out the form below (in case you would prefer not to reveal who you are) or leaving a comment on this post. Which ever you find to be the easiest. I look forward to hearing and answering your questions!

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