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New Cracker Jack’s Flavors and Childhood Memories


I remember as a kid how exciting it was to get a box of Cracker Jack snacks and hunt for the prize somewhere in the middle. Similar to finding a prize in your cereal. However as much as Cracker Jack snacks bring back childhood memories it will always have a special place in my heart, and cause giggles in my throat for my teenage years. Let me set the stage (note names have been removed to protect the innocent)

Note: You have been warned do not try this at home

Imagine two girls 14 years old who whispered in the halls and spent summers together. These girls were your typical teenagers hanging out, having fun, and thinking of boys and cars. One of these teenagers mother let her take the car out once in a while. One day on a trip to the mall, who knows what the infraction was, but as we the girls were turning into the mall a man honks and yells out his window.

“Where did you get your license a Cracker Jack Box?”

The two girls looked at each other and busted out laughing, because if you read this story correctly you would know that no 14 year old has a drivers license. From this day and everyday forward I can never look at a box of Cracker Jack snacks without smiling and thinking of my best friend and of course laughing. Cracker Jack snacks became our bond and I remember one birthday years after mailing a box of Cracker Jack snacks to my friend.

As a mother I obviously do not condone driving without a license and I look back and think what were we thinking, but it still brings a smile to my face. As you can seen Cracker Jack snacks have a special place in my heart and after 120 years they have come out with some new flavors and modernized their prizes.


I still love the original but the butter toffee is definitely a close second. The new and exciting modifications being made to Cracker Jack snacks include:

  • Two delicious new flavors rolling out nationwide this spring – new Cracker Jack Kettle Corn popcorn, offering a sweet and savory flavor profile and new Cracker Jack Butter Toffee popcorn, which includes a buttery toffee taste that makes it the perfect snack to unwind with after a long day of work or play.
  • More crunchy delicious peanuts in two of the most popular Cracker Jack Original snack packages (4 and 8 oz.).
  • Modernized Cracker Jack snack prizes with new digital components, including classic stickers with fun facts and special codes that offer surprises online.
  • A new Cracker Jack-branded mobile app, featuring two nostalgic games (Baseball and Pinball) available free for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch mobile devices and all Android devices at


Disclaimer: I was provided Cracker Jack snacks. All opinions are my own. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. I love Cracker Jacks!

  2. I used to love Cracker Jack when I was a kid.

  3. Oooh I would love to try the Kettle Corn, was a big fan of Cracker Jacks growing up.

  4. I love em as a kid, and I would want to buy multiples just to get all the prizes inside, lol

  5. I used to love cracker jack…. Used to, still love the taste but, well call me a cranky old fart, but, I remember when cracker jack prizes were cool. I bought a box as a grown up, got a stupid temporary tattoo sticker, it wasn’t cool and the tattoo ink didn’t even go on. I felt, cheated. I bought another box, heck every one has an off day I thought. Same stupid tattoo sticker. And now it’s not even in cute boxes any more, just another cheap bag, just like any other. Ahhh me, nostalgia has bittered the taste of a once sweet treat.

  6. I grew up in the 70’s and cracker jacks were part of my childhood and yes those prizes inside were definitely part of the excitement (too bad Im off of sugar now)

  7. The first thing I though when I saw the title to this was “where did you get your driver’s license, a Cracker Jacks box?” just like you said in your post! My friend’s dad said this ALL THE TIME!

  8. You sure were a lil’ rebel now weren’t you.

  9. I used to love Cracker Jacks. I haven’t had them in decades.

  10. Oh my gosh how I remember eating this :) I loved the prizes!

  11. Leilani says:

    I had no idea Cracker Jack’s was still around. I used to love these as a kid.

  12. Vanessa: thequeenofswag says:

    I still love Cracker Jacks! The toys inside for the kids have gotten weird though.

  13. I miss all the cool prizes …. they aren’t as fun as they used to be. :(

    BUT .. it still tastes good!

  14. New flavors?!! I have not had cracker jacks in forever!

  15. Butter toffee sounds amazing! I used to love Cracker Jacks- well, I still do but I haven’t had them in forever!

  16. I never got into Cracker Jacks, but it was always fun to find the “surprise” on the bottom. :)

  17. I tore through many a box of Cracker Jacks when I was a kid. I do say, that I miss the box though.

  18. I used to get Cracker Jack as a kid. When they started putting in stickers instead of toys is when we lost interest.

  19. I loved Cracker Jacks too. I always loved finding out what I was going to get.

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