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Nutrisystem Update : Week Seven

As you might (or might not) have noticed I’ve switched my weigh in day to Friday, and I will be posting Friday afternoon/evening or Saturday mornings..  I just feel that Friday is a good mental day for me to weigh in as I’ve usually done really good at least Monday-Friday. I tend to lax a little on the weekend which basically just slows down my lose a little, however I’m ok with that it is not a race.

That said the 11 days of vacation were not kind to me at all, but I take 100% blame.  As much as I had planned to make good choices and stay on plan as much as possible it all went out the window. Instead I just enjoyed my vacation and eat what I wanted which was lots of yummy but fattening food. That said I will admit towards the end of my vacation I was feeling the effects.

We sometimes don’t realize how eating healthy effects our energy, skin, and over all happiness.  I jumped right back on plan Tuesday and felt so much better after a full day of eating well and drinking lots of water. Water was another major fault of mine while on vacation. I didn’t drink nearly enough of it.

Despite the set back I’m still 100% committed to get to my goal weight of 130-135. My current short term goal right now is 155. I was happy that even though I’m showing a gain for the last 2 weeks or so that I still managed to just squeak under and stay in the 150’s.

Weigh in:

Beginning Weight: 168.8

Tuesday 5/17/11: 156.8

Today’s weight: 159.2

Total Weekly Weight Loss Gain: 2.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.6 lbs

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  1. Vacations are hard for healthy eating. I’m not looking forward to all our time away from home. It’s always hard to make healthy choices when you at a restaurant, etc.

  2. You were on vacation so that’s okay. I try to stay on track everywhere, but it’s really hard. Like right now I’m craving major chocolate, so tomorrow I’ll probably make some, oh well.

  3. You’re doing amazing! Vacations are tough on behaving! Your attitude makes me wanna do better! Thanks for that!

    • Thanks your comment really made me smile. This is really my hardest weight plateau. I’ve been between 158-193 since like November 2010. I mean I wasn’t really trying but I haven’t broken through that wall yet, but I know I will.

  4. Fantastic! I am starting week two as of Tuesday and I have lost 5lbs….. so exciting to see weight loss!

  5. I’m just stopping by to let you know that you have been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award :0)
    Check out my post and you can copy and paste the award button :0)

    Having Fun Blogging

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