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Nutrisystem Update: Week Six

Update is not the right title for this weeks post. That is because right now I’m in LA and there is no scale (thankfully).  I’m treading my return to it because I confess I’m not doing well at all.  I had all intentions of eating mostly Nutrisystem food and splurging more so for dinners but truth be told I started off on the wrong foot before we even left for LA.  However I’ve decided to let it go, have a great time, and continue to try to do my best.  If my best results in some major gain I’m not worried I know with the Nutrisystem Program I will be able to jump back on as soon as life returns to normal.

So as you are reading this I’m probably still asleep in my hotel (this post was pre-written on Sunday evening) because I’m all out of sorts from the time change.  I will get up and have a great breakfast with my hubby, do a little sight seeing or sun bathing (if my hotel has a pool) and then get ready for the Biggest Loser Finale .  I can’t think of a trip that my husband and I have gone on by ourselves since we had children, which was almost 14 years ago so this is a special treat for us.

Instead of a Nutrisystem update I’m going to leave you with a vlog that Honey and I prepared before we left.  The video is titled “Teaching Kids to Eat Healthy”.  Originally I had a great intro about the segment but it scared Honey and she refused to answer any questions after that so we started over.  Also it turns out the camera was mainly on Honey so you only see a small glimpse of me.  Honey is not looking into the camera as she is very video shy but instead is facing me.  What I wanted to do was an interview to see what she felt eating healthy meant.



One thing I learned after my boys (who unfortunately do not eat too healthy) is that children are sponges and remember so much when they are young. So with Honey I began explaining to her WHY she should eat healthy and how it benefits her. When she once asked me to peel her apple I explained why she should eat the whole thing. She is an excellent eater, she loves to try new foods and loves fruits and vegetables. She use to eat mushrooms and apples by the dozen. The key is to start young, make eating fun, don’t bore them with details but make it exciting. I figure when she becomes a teenager eating healthy will simply be a way of life.

Hope you enjoyed today’s Nutrisystem update edition. Compliments go to Honey for bravely letting me video tape her interview. See you next Tuesday!

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  1. I love that you’re not only doing this for YOU, but for your family as well. BRAVO Colleen.

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