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OptiGrill by T-fal from Freezer to the Dinner Table


I am not a structured person. I do not plan ahead (very often). Why is this relevant? When it comes to dinner and my family asks, “What’s for dinner?” I think about all the frozen meat in the freezer. The meat that I didn’t take out ahead of time to defrost so we could have a nice home cooked meal. I was just introduced to a wonderful product with one feature that I absolutely love, it cooks your frozen food. Yes I said you can skip the defrosting and throw your meat right on the grill. This product is the T-fal OptiGrill.

When I was asked if I wanted to review this revolutionary product I was excited. Not only does it cook frozen food but it takes the guessing out of how long you should cook something. It is the closest thing to the Jetson’s futuristic machine that spit out food cooked and ready to eat.

T-fal OptiGrill Features

  • Cooks evenly on both sides
  • Cooks from frozen
  • Automatically senses thickness and regulates temperature
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable grill plates are easy to clean
  • Fat drips into extra-large tray for healthier eating
  • Simple to use with guaranteed results every time


I’ve used my OptiGrill a few times and just love it. My husband will often take grilled chicken to work each day for lunch. I often have a hard time not over or under cooking the chicken. The OptiGrill took the guess work out. I simply put the chicken breast on the grill and selected chicken. The dial on the right side will let you know what phase it is in, rare, medium, well done with a beep at each phase. With the chicken you should cook it to well done.


The chicken came out just perfect! It was not tough or over cooked and it was cooked thoroughly. This is going to come in very handy when it comes to preparing lunches. My next test was to cook a frozen item. I decided to try a frozen steak. When selecting a frozen item make sure you click the snowflake to let the OptiGrill know the meat is frozen. I made my selections and decided I wanted my steak medium.


The steak came out a little more medium rare than medium. I think it could have cooked a little longer. I’m not going to say that a steak on the OptiGrill has the same “on the grill” flavor as a gas or charcoal grill. If that is how you like your steak I think your going to have to stick to cooking it that way. I do like the convenience of the OptiGrill and how it tells me when my food is ready. The clean up is easy and the time factor is a huge feature for me because I never have enough time in the day. I can set the meat on the grill and go about cooking side dishes and not worry about checking the meat, or if I put the grill up to high or too low.

Get Perfect Results with OptiGrill

Only the T-fal OptiGrill has special sensors that automatically determine the thickness of your food and grill with precision at the ideal temperature for that unique cut of meat.

The precision grilling technology also monitors the temperature of your food as it cooks. The Cooking Level Indicator will indicate when it has reached your ideal temperature: Yellow for Rare; Orange for Medium; Red for Well Done.

The non-stick grilling plates disconnect from the OptiGrill and can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. In addition to the plates the drip pan is extra-large and will collect all the drippings as your meat cooks. I love the 6 different programs:

Six OptiGrill Programs

  • Burger
  • Chicken
  • Sandwich & Panini
  • Sausage & Pork
  • Red Meat
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Or, select Manual for grilling vegetables, fruits or creating your own recipe

We definitely recommend the T-fal OptiGrill for indoor grilling. The precision grilling technology is awesome and makes grilling a piece of cake!

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  1. Um… This is AMAZING!!! I love how it can cook from frozen foods, and I love how it has all the special features! I so need this!!!!!!

  2. This is exactly what we need!

  3. That looks a bit too rare for me, so I’d keep it on longer too, but I do love that it’s perfectly sized for easy use.

  4. I’ve been looking all over for a grill like this! I’ll definitely have to get one as we love grilled steaks and fish!

  5. That is amazing that it can cook straight from frozen & even let you know when it is done.

  6. We have one of these and I love it. I made bacon on it just tonight, and it was so much easier to just put it on there and forget it. I love how easy the plates are to take off and wash in the dishwasher too.

  7. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    Wow, that’s very cool! I would often love to have meat with lunch while the kids are at school, but never do it because its too much work just for me. This would be great for that and I like the frozen idea as well, since I wouldn’t really know what days I would like to eat a bigger lunch. I always think some peoples idea of medium/rare are different than mine, so wonder if that is what happened with your steak as well. Just has a learning curve>?!?

  8. Even though your steak came out more rare, I can definitely see the benefit of using this over a grill outside – especially if it’s raining or just super hot!

  9. I haven’t used the cook from frozen feature of this yet, but I could have used that for cooking about a billion times over the years! I like that I can cook to different people’s specs with this easily.

  10. I need to replace my George Foreman grill with this one! I just love that the grill plates are removable.

  11. I have got to try this out! I love to grill but it gets so cold here in the winter time.

  12. This would be very nice to have during the cooler months.

  13. This indoor grill is perfect for someone like me who doesn’t actually have any real grilling skills! 🙂

  14. scott smith says:

    Anybody try cooking bone
    in chicken breast?

  15. Brent Dabbs says:

    I bought this grill for Christmas and I”m mostly satisfied with it. I have found one problem with it though. I don’t know if it’s a glitch on this particular grill, but when I cook chicken on it, it cooks the snot out of it. I have tried both from frozen and thawed out and it comes out tough and rubbery and generally not good. I turn on the grill, press the chicken button and then the OK button. I wait for it to preheat and beep and then I put the meat on and proceed to cook it well done. It seems like it takes forever to cycle through the other degrees of doneness and by the time it gets to well done it’s cooked to death. The same thing if I cook from frozen, except I choose the frozen button when I’m setting it up. Is this a problem with anyone else or is it just me? Or is there a problem with the grill?

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