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Otterbox iPhone Case Review and Case of Choice Giveaway : (Ends 7/16)

There is no question I am a fan of Otterbox. After a mishap with my iPhone one year and later my iPad keeping my electronics protected is top priority. My iPhone is never far from my reach so this means it travels to work, the car, shopping, where I am it follows. This also means it has a higher chance of meeting up with an unexpected accident, like it did years ago when shopping. My first shattered screen, a rude awakening to what happens when your electronics are not protected.

In the past year I’ve reviewed the iPad Defender Otterbox case, my first Otterbox product. It took me a little bit to get use to at first but now it is a safe haven for my iPad. It is almost never removed from its case which is one reason there are some accessories I don’t use as much as I would otherwise like my iConvert scanner and Atari Arcade Duo  because both require a naked iPad.

When I purchased an iPod Touch for my son for his birthday I knew that without a doubt it needed an unbreakable, sturdy, and indestructible case. Let’s just say my son got his gracefulness or lack of it from me. I immediately turned to Otterbox and my son ended up with a cookie monster blue Defender iPod Case that fit his personality like a glove.

That left just one more gadget of mine unprotected by Otterbox and that would be my very first Apple product, the one that set me on the path of Apple conversion, my iPhone. With my iPhone I’m more particular about style because it is very visible. The first time I began shopping for cases I did not like the ones that surround your phone including the home button and top bar. I have always had a simple shock absorbing case that just surrounded the outer edge of my phone, and I’ve always had just black, by choice.

When I was asked to review the iPhone Defender case I decided to break out of my shell and go with a little color. I chose the Thermal a grey/pink case.

The case arrived and immediately I knew that the color combo was not really “my style”. I liked the pink, I did not like the grey so much. I inquired about possibly purchasing a black silicone cover on its own to replace the grey.  At the current time of this posting in order to combine colors you must purchase two cases. The color combo seen here with the pink interior and black exterior is not one currently sold by Otterbox. This combo is a mixture of Thermal and Black. However in speaking with the rep I suggested that Otterbox have a “do it yourself” color choice in which the customer could pick the two colors they prefer and was told this was something they were hoping to have in the future.

Having all three cases the, iPad case, iPod case, and the iPhone case I can tell you that the iPhone case is definitely the easiest of the cases to put on and remove. This is definitely a bonus because though I don’t like being without a case there are times when I do need to remove the case, like when I walk/jog and need to place it in my iPhone armband.

The case comes with two hard shells that easily clip together to project your phone.

Once clipped around your phone you cover the hard shell with the silicone for added protection. This of course also makes your phone just a little more attractive and it feels better in your hands. The case also comes with a clip that you can wear on your hip or clip to your purse. I personally have not used this piece so I can not say anything regarding its quality or use, however I do like having it in case I should need it.

I really thought at first that I wasn’t going to like the over all feel of the case. I knew that it would definitely be protected but remember I told you I wasn’t really into the cases that completely cover your phone. The hard shell case also has a plastic like cover that covers your screen. I have found that I really do love the case. I feel that my phone is much more protected with this case than with the case I was using before. I’ve dropped it a few times and you wouldn’t know, not damage was done.

I would prefer to NOT have the plastic cover over the screen. Don’t get me wrong it works perfectly and doesn’t interfere at all with the touch screen. It is just my personal preference. I like the sleek shiny look of the screen with no protectors. Given the choice however of an Otterbox with the plastic screen and another case I’m 100% for the Otterbox. The protection of the phone is so much more important. I am a true Otterbox fan to the core.

Despite my going on and on about Otterbox and my Apple products don’t let this lead you to believe that Otterbox is only for Apple products. They have a list of many devices that they carry products for. Shibley Smiles highly recommends Otterbox products to protect all your electronic gadgets!

Because Otterbox is a must have I’m excited to give you the chance to win your very own here at Shibley Smiles. This giveaway is for a case of choice up to $50 from Any case at phone or otherwise up to a maximum of $50. Simply enter below!

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See Official Rules. Giveaway will end at 11:59 pm EST on the day announced above. Open to US Only.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) at no cost to me by the company or representing PR agency. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. My fave is the Sun Yellow PC / Gunmetal Grey Slip Cover

  2. Penny B W says:

    I would choose the iPhone 4 / 4S Reflex Series Case in Glacier Blue Translucent.

  3. Purple and black

  4. Mike North says:

    iPhone 4 / 4S Reflex Series Case in Glacier Blue Translucent

  5. shirley zolenski says:

    I would love blue and black

  6. Buddy Garrett says:

    I would like Pink.

  7. Cynthia Brinsley says:

    I love ALL of the Studio Collection, especially the Immortal!

  8. I like the Sun Yellow PC / Gunmetal Grey Slip Cover

  9. purple and black

  10. I would want a red/black combo!



  12. I’d like black

  13. Pamela Sims says:

    I would love anything pink!

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