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Our Melted Crayon Art Project and Tips

I’ve seen this project over many blogs so I couldn’t even link you back to where I originally saw it. I loved the look and thought it would be a great project for Honey and I. If you are going to try this project at home I encourage you to read my tips below it might help you a little in the creation of your own Melted Crayon Art project.


  • Thick poster board or canvas
  • Glue gun
  • Box of crayons (size depends on size of board)
  • Garbage bag or drop cloth
  • Hair dryer


  • While your glue gun heats up. Begin by putting the crayons in the order you would like to place them on your board. We decided to go with a rainbow like order with some odds and ends at the end of the board.
  • Once they are in order you will then begin to glue each crayon to the board. Decide how you want them to look, we decided to have the “Crayola” symbol facing outwards. Use a good amount of glue to get them fastened to the board. However be careful when placing the crayons on the board they will stick easily and dry quickly.

  • Lay down a drop cloth or garbage bag under your poster board so the crayon will not drip on the floor. You will also want to be careful where you are doing this if you put it against a wall know that you may get melted crayon on your wall.
  • Once you are set up you will put your blow dryer on high heat. It is better to start off at medium power versus high power (see my tips below). Begin heating the crayons one color at a time.

  • As the crayons begin to melt (in a matter of minutes) the wax will begin to run down the board, it is important that the heat be directed at the middle of the crayon and not the tips (again see tips below)

  • Just continue to melt the crayons until you are satisfied with the results. For us our goal was to melt each crayon so that the tips were no longer showing.


There were a few things I learned as we did this project and wanted to pass on should you chose to do this project yourself.

  • Use a good amount of glue, we had a few crayons fall off after we finished the project
  • Keep a small tilt in your board, if it is straight the wax will fall directly down and miss the top of the board
  • It is better too keep the dryer on medium power until you get a hang of things. At higher power the wax tends to fly across the board at times instead of directly down.
  • Make sure you are doing this in a place that is easy to clean up. We ended up with wax on the wall and floor
  • Once the wax starts melting if you would like it to run down to the end of the board you may need to help it with the hair dryer by blowing the wax down the board.
  • If you end up with big clumps of wax because it dried before it ran down the board just heat it up again and watch it drizzle down.
  • The hardest part is the ends of the board due to the wax falling off the sides so take special care in these areas

The project took about an hour to an hour and half, a little longer then I had anticipated. However it was fun and the results are beautiful. Of course I’m a sucker for rainbows. I just think it is an inexpensive project to do with your child.

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  1. I’ve seen this before too, but they left it outside in the sun to melt. We just bought some small canvases the other day. Maybe we’ll try something like this! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I can see how kids would go nuts over this one. All kids love a good mess! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Melinda-LooKWhatMomFound., .and Dad too! says:

    i realy like this, it would be gorgeous in a daycare or school setting too

  4. Soooo cool! I added it to my Pintrest and Stumbled! Awesome

  5. Yea, I saw this all over Pinterest and really wanted to try it out. Thanks for the tips Colleen!

    • Yeah I saw it a few times when a stumbled and thought it would be cool to try. Maybe I should have actually read some of the stumbles and they may have had these tips already LOL

  6. Fun! This was not what I was expecting to see when I clicked the post – I have never seen this idea before! It looks great!

  7. That is so cool! I love the effect – what a fun craft!

    • It is definitely and easy one with the kids, but despite the fact that they want to be in charge of the hair dryer it is better for them to watch trust me LOL.

  8. I love this project. It turned out great!

  9. You know what, I’m going to have to do this with Zoe and Miles.

  10. I saw this on Pinterest before! It is such a great idea, I need to try it!!

  11. Such a fun idea! I love how it turned out!

  12. I saw the end result before, but I never knew how they did it. That is SO cool!

  13. I have been wanting to try this. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Thats really neat looking I may try this with my two kids they would love it.

  15. Love It !!!

  16. Hey – I saw this on Pinterest and really want to try it out. Thanks for the tips.

  17. Alisson H. says:

    I have never seen this before, but it looks awesome! I now want to try it with my three kids, but I am pretty sure it will turn into fights and bickering… hmmm, Maybe smaller versions for everyone?

  18. chelesa sims says:

    this looks really cool.looks fun

  19. lisa brown says:

    Wow. I have never scene this craft or project before . Looks fun.

  20. jennifer speed says:

    seems like a really cool project….i would love to try this

  21. Cassie says:

    I’ve done this a couple times now, if you have the time and/or patience, I’d take the papers off. The was would just kinda bust through the paper the first time we did this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Wow, really cool and I think my son would absolutely love to make this! Definitely on our to do list over the summer holidays.

  23. I would also recommend using Crayola crayons for this project. I did this with just some cheapies from the Dollar Tree, it didn’t turn out so well.

  24. This is neat. I may do this with the little lady. I need to test my glue gun and make sure it still works.

  25. Wow, this is totally cool! I might have to try it.

  26. SO neat!!

  27. this looks so cool!

  28. I love this project!! Looks easy enough and what a great piece of art!!

  29. My kids would love doing this. Thanks so much for the tips!

  30. so cool i would so do this itr looks fun

  31. i spelled it wrong

  32. Justine brooks says:

    Its quite enticing, I would surely do this with my grandmama

  33. I’ve seen these on Pinterest and have been wanting to do one for a while. Thanks for the extra tips!

  34. I did this on a very very small card, it turned out great and only took 20-30 mins!

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