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Our Twilight and Children’s Festival Fun Weekend

This weekend I split my activities with the kids. I really wanted to see Twilight so Saturday afternoon I took my sons to see it. Can I just say it was AWESOME and I seriously think Stephanie Meyers should write another book. It was definitely left (both the book and movie) with the opportunity to do so. I have to say that I really think these movies have done a good job following the story line. I was not at all a fan of the first movie, the second was a notch above the first but not great. The third and last were AMAZING! I am so ready to watch them both again!

Sunday while my husband enjoyed a little bit of relaxation and football (that is what Sunday’s are for isn’t it?), I took Honey down to the 2012 Midtown’s Children Festival. It was a free event full of tons of crafts, chalk drawing, train rides, petting zoos and more. The boys were a little to old for this activity so it was just Honey and I.

When we were relaxing enjoying a hot dog Honey said to me, “They really have some great stuff and lots of crafts!” If you are a loyal reader you probably know by now crafts are one of Honey’s favorite activities. The weather was perfect for a day strolling down the street meeting new local vendors, eating some good food, and letting Honey do all the crafts she wanted.

Here are some photos from our day:

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  1. Robin Quick says:

    I cant wait to see Breaking Dawn part 2. It looks sssooo good & is getting great reviews! My hubby & son both are also fans of the movies so Im hoping we will go see it soon! As far as festivals go, I really miss going to them! We have a few here that are annual events that we use to go to every year when our son was little. But not so much anymore. Hes 15 and thinks he has better things to do. LOL

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