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Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain

Screen Shot 2013-03-07 at 8.31.37 PM

My husband and children LOVE pizza, it is always a go to dinner. However I myself am not a huge fan, probably because I don’t care a lot for pizza sauce. I do like homemade pizza though. I just received a coupon for a new pizza crust the Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain. It looks YUMMY don’t you think? Who would think it is good for you.


And while you’re thinking about Football Pizza, our new Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain is the perfect option for that M.V.P. performance. Just add your favorite, crowd-pleasing ingredients and in minutes you’ll have a fan favorite pizza that everyone will enjoy!

  • With 16 grams of whole grain per serving, it’s a great Big Game option
  • Now available in the refrigerated section of your local grocery store

Quick, convenient, and completely customizable, the new Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain will help you add that extra pizzazz to any Football party. Plus, with the health benefits of whole grain, it’s a guaranteed touch down! So go ahead and create your personal pizza creation and add a homemade option to this year’s party spread. It’ll be a guaranteed winner.

I got the cutest gift pack to whip up a football favorite! There are also some great recipe  ideas:


Do you prefer your pizza delivered? Or homemade?

Disclaimer: The prize pack, information, and giveaway have been provided by Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark. All opinions are my own. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. Oh, that looks delicious!

  2. Mmmm that crust looks so good. I definitely want to try this, as we have been eating healthier. We can still have pizza!

  3. My kidlets love to make their own pizzas!

  4. I make my own, but I sure do love delivery!

  5. I like mine delivered!!

  6. D SCHMIDT says:

    I prefer homemade (although I am not the best at making it)

  7. We have made pizza with this dough before and it is amazing. It taste so fresh. I like to make homemade pizza because my kids don’t really like the sauce on theirs either. This dough is great.

  8. We prefer pizza at this one upscale {for pizza, anyway} pizzeria called Grimaldi’s, but making our own is a close second!

  9. With our diet, we only do homemade 🙂

  10. Everything looks good!

  11. That looks delicious. The boys love making their own pizzas!

  12. I make pizza myself… too expensive to order it & I like to make a small one since it is just my daughter & I.

  13. That looks very delicious!

  14. Meghan @JaMonkey says:

    This looks so amazing!

  15. we’ve tried this crust and love it!

  16. this looks so yummy.

  17. Mmmm…. I love making my own pizza and being able to control what toppings we use and how much.

    My favorite pizzas to make at home are pineapple pizza (simply add fresh cut up pineapple, sauce and cheese to the crust) or BBQ Chicken with red onions.

    Oh great… now I’m craving pizza! I wonder why.

    I have most of the ingredients in my fridge and pantry. Maybe I’ll swing by the store tomorrow and pick up this crust and make some pizza for my family for dinner tomorrow night. 🙂

  18. We are big pizza fans here at my house. I used to order it often, but now I have been making it at home which tastes better and a lot more affordable.

  19. Looks yummy! We are huge pizza fans here.

  20. Yum. I am the same way with pizza. I like it but don’t really care for the sauce. When we order it I always get mine with light sauce.

  21. My girls love pizza. I’m always making them pizza at home.

  22. We’re not big on a lot of the sauces from pizza delivery – we do like Little Caesars, but usually I’ll make my own homemade crust in the bread machine and just use Ragu Pizza Sauce and the our own toppings, generally ham & pineapple for me and my husband and mushroom for our daughter.

  23. I love my husbands handmade pizza!

  24. Yay for pizza with fiber!

  25. That looks better than Domino’s!

  26. I like them both! 🙂

  27. We generally pick up our pizza but homemade is always best.

  28. I love Pillsbury and this pizza looks sooooo good!

  29. Honestly, the convenience of delivered pizza is great, but when I’ve had homemade pizza, it ROCKS!

  30. I usually have my pizza delivered, but my favorite is a take and bake Papa Murphy’s pizza.

  31. This looks great! I will definitely have to try this!

  32. sheila ressel says:

    Yum, pizza. My favorite. This looks easy enough even for me to make.

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  34. I have to make that pizza! Yum!

  35. Lilyana Cruz says:

    I saw this recipe, and I say I have to prepare, thanks for sharing. Delicious!

  36. oooh this sounds delicious!! i haven’t seen these crusts in stores.

  37. I might try this. It would be nice to eat a healthy pizza.

  38. That crust looks delicious!

  39. I just used this crust the other day to make a pizza on the BBQ. It was the first time we have ever grilled a pizza and it turned out great. My kids love this crust.

  40. If we make homemade pizza, we usually buy the dough from Publix’s bakery, but it’s nice to know there’s a whole grain option too.

  41. DENISE SMITH says:

    love pizza this looks good i love delivered pizza and i love homemade pizza

  42. I didn’t know they made pre-made wholegrain pizza dough. Thank you for sharing.

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