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PosterBrain Make Your Child the Star in Their Own Poster Review and Giveaway

Do you have one of those children? The athlete, the dancer, the class clown? A child that loves attention and strives to get it? I have on of those, my youngest son Nick. He wants to be a super star when he grows up. When I spoke with PosterBrain about doing a review you can imagine exactly who I had in mind.

Nick is my athlete and he is crazy for attention so we decided to get him his very own poster for Christmas. He pretty much knew by the size of the present it was a poster but he was expecting Ray Lewis or Michael Vick. I told him it was better then that. It was my favorite baseball player. Of course when he opened it his smile was unmistakable. Surprising to me both the other children now want one. Bud is not an attention getter and I did not expect him to want one but he said he would love one of him in his soccer uniform. My daughter said she would like one in her dance outfit.

I had a fun time trying to make posters and get the exact look I was aiming for.  PosterBrain specializes in photo enlargement and did not have options to embellish or add to my photo so I created my own poster in Photoshop before I uploaded for poster printing. I decided to go with a simple blue textured border with his name down the side. Here is my finished product already up on the wall above his bed:

The whole processing of ordering my poster was actually extremely easy. I simply uploaded my photo. When it was done the system told me if it was a high enough quality to be blown up to such a large proportion. My was listed as “Medium” quality which stated it was good for a small or medium poster and that in a large poster it would be a little fuzzy but look good from a distance. The only problem was the poster sizes were not listed as small, medium, and large. I took the chance that I was ordering medium and hit the button.

The poster did come out just a bit blurry around his face but as you can see really isn’t noticeable unless you are really close up, which no one will be standing on his bed to examine the poster. PosterBrain did in fact follow up my order with questions regarding my thoughts and product quality. I replied to them the same that I have posted here on my blog. I found it very thoughtful to ask how my experience was.

My order was made late December 18th and I received an email December 20th that it had shipped. We received the poster December 24th which was great because I waited so long to order I was not expecting it to be in time for Christmas. So even with a order date of Saturday the 18th I received my poster that next Thursday which I think is awesome turn around considering it is a personalized order.

Pros: The ordering process is very simple and really doesn’t take more then a click of your mouse to upload, make your payment and place your order. The shipping time is excellent from ordering to receiving. The prices are affordable.

Cons: No options to embellish your poster. The quality meter is unclear as to what poster it would work or not work with.

My overall opinion is that I would definitely recommend PosterBrain to anyone looking for a cool gift. You can not get any easier then upload, pick your size, hit order, and then wait for it to arrive.

PosterBrain is giving all my readers free shipping. In order to receive a coupon code for free shipping you will need to supply me with your email so they can email you the code. Please feel out this form to receive a free shipping code.

PosterBrain is giving one lucky winner their very own poster. As well as free shipping for all my readers (must fill out this form for free shipping).

************PosterBrain Personalized Poster***********
To enter to win: Let me know below who or what you plan on getting a poster of should you win.
After you make the mandatory entry above, you will receive one entry for each item below (unless otherwise indicated). Just a reminder that the mandatory entry must be met for all other entries to be vaild.
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*3 Extra Entry if you blog about this giveaway linking back to this post. Please include link to your post.(blog most have at least 25 followers)
Giveaway will end on January 13th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US (until verified by PosterBrain). Please make sure your email address is public on your profile or leave in your comments so I can contact you should you win. The winner will be chosen by and announced here as well as emailed and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: This is my honest opinion. I received the above product in this review for the purpose of reviewing and posting my opinion . A big thank you to PosterBrain for providing this giveaway to one of my awesome readers. You may read more disclosure details here.

If you have a product you would like me to review please contact me at colleen(at)shibleysmiles(dot)com.

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  18. I would make a poster out of my favorite album cover, from the Perth Express album Harrow and Wealdstone.

  19. I would probably make a poster for my husbands office with a nice scenic shot from one of our vacations and an inspirational quote.

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    I would get a poster of our rabbits!


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    I would get a poster of my granddaughter.

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  24. I would love to have a poster of my son reading. I may hang it in my library office!

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