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Win an iPhone 5 and a PureGear DualTek Case To Keep it Safe

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See below on how to enter to win an iPhone 5!

My first iPhone was the original, and it was given to me by a co-worker that had upgraded his phone. Being the tech geek that I am I was in heaven. I really had no desire to put a case on it, it looked so sleek as it was. I had it for quite a long time before the unthinkable happened. If you are an iPhone owner and have small children I’m sure there are many times when your child commandeers your phone. This was the case one afternoon as my daughter and I was shopping.

My daughter was sitting in the cart playing some toddler games on the phone. I was shopping checking out some items on a shelf. The items caught her attention and she let the phone slip from her fingers. It managed to land right on the corner. It sent a spider web of cracks through the screen. I was devastated, by this time my phone had become an extension of me! I used it to check my mail, to surf the web, to order a pizza, you name it I probably used my phone to do it.

Surprisingly after the fall the phone continued to work just fine. For months I walked around with a cracked iPhone refusing to let go of it. That is until I was eligible for an upgrade. The day I was able to upgrade I was in the store purchasing a new phone. That of course was not the only thing I purchased. I also purchased an iPhone case so I never experienced such an accident again. I learned the hard way that a case for any such delicate electronics is important. (We won’t mention the iPad that met the same fate just three months after receiving it).

Not all cases however, are made the same. Purchasing a $10 non-brand case is not the way you want to go when spend hundred’s of dollars on an electronic device. I was recently given a couple PureGear Dualtek iPhone 5 Cases to check out. I absolutely LOVE all the colors they come in, I mean a girl does have to make a fashion statement doesn’t she?


There is one feature other then of course the design, color, and coolness factor that is important to an iPhone case. That factor would be the shock absorbing features. I need to know if my phone is going to take a tumble it will be protected. I noticed immediately on the PureGear Dualtek iPhone case the shock absorbing corners.


The case also comes with a screen protector for an added layer of protection and layered material in the inside for added strength and toughness. Did I mention all the colors it comes in? My previous iPhone case was all black so I decided to add a little color and cover it in Pink! I noticed immediately that the phone felt lighter and it had a slim and sleek design, with grips on the side of the phone.


Now that I’ve learned my lesson the hard way I refuse to take any electronic gadget out of the box until it is fully protected. Recently I received and iPad and for the first day I played with it still in the box, until I had a free moment to purchase a case for it.

Are you interested in winning an iPhone 5 plus the line of Dualtek cases to protect it? Simply stop by and enter to win:

Our phone is our life, why are we not protecting it? PureGear’s DualTek® Extreme Shock Cases provides the best protection against bumps, smacks, and knocks.

For a chance to win a iPhone 5 equipped with a full line of compatible PureGear’sDualTekExtreme Shock Cases, click here and enter your email address!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of PureGear DualTek. The opinions and text are all mine.

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