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Rockin’ With Master Tracks Headphones Giveaway : (Ends 5/29)

As a wife and mother of three it seems some days there is little rest in between the “mom this” and “mom that”. Every once in a while I would love to block it all out and hear peace and quiet. Ok I say that but truthfully when it is quiet because a child or children are away my house feels incomplete. I don’t relax and enjoy it as much as feel that something is missing (because it is).

That said there are times when I do want to block out the noise and enjoy a good book or movie. I am not afraid to admit that I do take the time to do just that. My top priority may be to make sure everyone has what they need, to nurture, to love, and to care but I do a good job of balancing that with my own needs as well.

When I was asked if I wanted to review some headphones from Sol Republic I knew immediately which ones I wanted to try out, the Master Tracks.

Master Tracks from Sol Republic


All I’ve ever owned are ear buds, and don’t get me wrong I do have a pair that work pretty good but after a while I always feel like my ears hurt. I’m constantly readjusting them to be more comfortable. I knew that my next set of headphones needed to be the over the ear type. I didn’t want to purchase a cheap pair but a good quality so lets talk about the Master Tracks by Sol Republic.

My honest opinion of these headphones is they are amazing and I absolutely LOVE them. They are so comfortable I often forget I have them on if it were for the rich sounds in my ears. When I put them on with nothing playing I can immediately tell a difference in my surroundings everything is muffled. When I put on some music or watch TV I am submersed in what I’m listening too.

I use mine mainly to watch TV on my iPad as I sit next to my husband on the sofa while he watches some of his own shows. I had no idea one of the unique and fun features of the Master Track is the interchangeable bands. You can rock your look anyway you want by changing out the band (My pair did not come with any additional bands)

Customize With Interchangeable Bands


I actually put the headphones together when I received them. I thought that was odd until I realized how brilliant it is. If your headphones stop working instead of purchasing a whole new pair you can replace the headphones. If the band were to break you can simply replace the band. You can also customize the cable with several different selections. The cable comes with a 3 button remote that includes a microphone for calls. I have not tested out the microphone as I rarely ever use them when talking.

Both of my boys keep asking if I can get them a pair of the Master Tracks headphones. I told them they would have to wait for a birthday or Christmas as this pair is all about ME. They are an excellent option for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Gift.

Master Track Sol Republic Giveaway



I received the above products or was compensated for this post. .

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  1. melina r says:

    I would like to win the headphones for my teenaged dauaghter.

  2. Trisha B. says:

    I would love to give them to my husband for Father’s Day

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