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Are You a Romantic?

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It is often a stereotypical comment to say that women are more romantic then men. After a conversation with my husband over text message Friday I wondered am I really that odd? Or are there other woman that really don’t consider themselves romantics?

It seems like as a woman you are suppose to dream of your wedding day. Plan all the details of the big event down to the expensive gown. Valentine’s day is a day to profess your love and hope that your significant other buys you flowers or candy. Is it weird that I don’t feel the same way?

I never really thought about my wedding day. In fact I could have done without one. Don’t get me wrong it was nice but I find that I”m more on the “logical” side. I would have rather taken that money and gone somewhere fun or bought something worth while. I’m not the flowers and candy type of girl. Surprises and sweet gestures I love but $100 bouquet of flowers seems like such a waste of hard earned money. I would be happier with a day of no cooking and a back rub!

On the flip side my husband is the opposite, my husband is definitely the more romantic one. He is more the candles, flowers, and hearts type of guy. Meaning he would love to do all this for me, if I enjoyed it. He is a cuddler where I prefer just to be near those I love. Where my husband my be spontaneous and throw caution to the wind because of his feelings or wants. I tend to be more logical thinking things through.

So I have to ask do you consider yourself romantic? What about your significant other?

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says:

    I am definitely the more romantic of the two of us, but he will make a nice gesture once in a while.

  2. Jessica White says:

    I would say I’m a romantic, I love spending time with husband whatever it may be!

  3. I am. I love everything romance…surprises, romantic dates, getaways, flowers, chocolates. My husband is not a romantic though. I am trying to train him to be a little better :)

  4. Tammy S says:

    I would say I am the more romantic of the two of us. my husband does every once and a while surprise me with some special thing or moment.

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