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My Social Spark Earnings

I realize that not everyone enjoys sponsored post but I love them. I enjoy creating a post, if I believe in the product of course. One place I get my sponsored post is Social Spark .  The average post is about $15, at least in my experience. I have tried to negotiate higher but that has yet to work for me.  I know $15 seems low but they do eventually add up. I currently have made $178.15 with Social Spark. Some of my money is still pending because you have to wait 30 days after you finish your post to be paid. You can cash out at $50.

Even more exciting is one of the offers I received through Social Spark was the 40 Bloggers around the world tour in which I was given the 2010 Microsoft Office software and a Flip Video Camera to facilitate my post. In addition I was paid $100 for my post.  I love being part of such exciting offers.  I’m actually providing a screen shot for you so you can see the truth of my post (that is if you doubted it). This is my last 5 campaigns with them. Each point is $1

To be upfront with you, yes I’m sending you a referral link to sign up for Social Spark.  Of my $178.15 I’ve made $6.15 is from referrals so you can see my money is from my post.  I’m posting today because I’m excited about what I’ve gotten so far through Social Spark and really wanted to pass it on.  If what I’ve said sounds intriguing and interesting to you I urge you to join today. What can it hurt? You have the option of what campaigns you want to work on. In fact I have probably turned away more campaigns then I have shown interest in.

You will be notified when you have a lead, from their you can either select that you are interested, negotiate the price, or decline the campaign.  Once you show interest the advertiser may or may not come back and make the offer. I have shown interest in campaigns that I have not received an offer on. I love the ability to pick my campaigns and I ESPECIALLY love offers like the one from Microsoft that I received.

Sign up today for Social Spark


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  1. I just signed up as your referral!

  2. MarcyKay says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I think it’s awesome when bloggers post about sites to help other bloggers earn money doing something they already love =) And absolutely nothing wrong with referral links! Lol. I’m using your link to check it out now!

    • You are most welcome, I know not all bloggers agree with sharing publicly but really I love to help other people and share the information that I have been lucky enough to either gather, be given or find on my own.

  3. Shah Sultan Rony says:

    Excellent article Colleen,
    I have been writing for Social Sparks for a time now.

  4. I love ’em too!

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