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Sunny Seat Cat Bed Review and Giveaway : (Ends 7/4)

I don’t usually review pet items here at Shibley Smiles mainly because the only pets we have are two turtles and there is not really a whole lot of products directed at turtles.  However when I saw the Sunny Cat Bed I immediately thought of my mother who had just brought home two cute kittens.  I don’t want  you to get the wrong idea about me and pets the truth is I’m allergic to both cats and dogs and that is the ONLY reason we have neither. Trust me if my husband and daughter could twist my arm and fix my nose we would have a dog in a heart beat.

When the Sunny Cat Bed I sent it over to my mother for her to review. She and her kittens cats LOVE the bed.

sunny cat bed review


sunny cat bed giveaway

There is no doubt the cats are enjoying their new bed.  The problem is that there is only one which means they have to SHARE.  My mother and her husband said it took seconds to put together and one thing they really like is at night all they have to do is pull off the suction cups at the bottom from the window and it folds right down so they can close the blinds.  So there is not taking it down and putting it back up.  The cats spend a lot of time gazing out the window or as you can see taking a cap nap.

The Sunny Cat Bed is an excellent item to have for anyone with cats. The cats really enjoy it and a suspect another Sunny Cat Bed would be a perfect gift for the new family pets.

Shibley Smiles Opinions:

Price: At  $19.99 and Buy 1 Get 1 Free we feel this is an excellent price for what this product has to offer.

Quality: We rate the quality of this Cat Bed as Excellent. Excellent in our definition means no improvements are needed regarding the product.  The suction cups are strong and bear the weight of the animals.

Recommendation: We definitely recommend the Sunny Cat Bed to anyone that has a cat that enjoys gazing out the window and enjoys a warm sunny spot to nap.

One winner will win a Sunny Cat Bed

To enter to win: Please tell the name of the cat that may benefit should you win this item.

After you make the mandatory entry above, you will receive one entry for each item below (unless otherwise indicated). Please leave a separate comment for each entry.


*if you follow us via GFC, Facebook , RSS Feed, or verified email – 1 each
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* if you comment on a non giveaway post – 1 entry for each comment limit of 3
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#Win a Sunny Cat Bed from @shibleysmiles #giveaway

See Shibley Smiles Official Rules. Giveaway will end on July 4th at 11:59 pm EST. Open to US and Canada only.

Thank you and Good Luck!

Disclaimer: I received the above product(s) at no cost to me by the company or representing PR agency. Opinions are my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. You may read more of my disclosure here.

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  1. Heidi Daily says:

    Stinky is the name of my cat that would LOVE this bed

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  5. Tobey Connor says:

    This is a great idea! I would be using the Sunny Seat Cat Bed for Magnet Boy, our special needs cat. If he can’t be outside, he HAS to be looking out a window, and that can be hard to do sometimes! We also have 3 other kitties who would probably take advantage of it.

  6. Both of my cats Bella and Gypsy would love to stretch out on this

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    Mr. Scraggles would love this. So would his 7 borthers and sisters. But they are great at sharing. :)

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    Simon my oldest and fattest cat child is gonna LOVE this! LOL 😀

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    This is for my furry niece, Pepper Lou, if I were to win! :)

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    Dakota would love this. He lays on the window sill now and he’s getting to wide for it. :)

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    would love to win for my cat…Lionell!

  30. this is a GREAT giveaway!! thank you for hosting! i think our cat, lily is the enemy, (yes that really is her name) would love to have a perch like this. she’s getting a little up there in years and likes nothing better than to bask in the sunshine these days. the other cats will be jealous, but she has seniority and truly rules the roost! lol

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  38. There would be two cats fighting over this, Nip and Tuck.

  39. Holly Caulfield says:

    If I win I would give the bed to Rosie and Sarah, sorry they’ll have to share! They are my friends cats but not too friendly. Maybe they’ll like me better if I bring them a nice present. They do like to sit in the window and catch some rays!

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  47. our cat’s name is Freya

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  50. The name of the cat who may benefit should I win is Kitty. altern147 [at] yahoo [dot] com

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    Well I think the 5 cats will have to take turns. Abraham, Derby, Cleopatra, Harley, and Stormy…lol

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    Yoshi kitty would be the one who would be enjoying this cool cat perch/bed!

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  116. Most likely Smokie, our oldest cat, will use it 90% of the time. She has that “I am the Queen” attitude about her.

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    I have 3 cats that would enjoy this – moxie, lexi, nori

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  135. Bonnie K. says:

    My cat Sammy would love this… she’d have to share it though with Orange, Bailey and Orange jr. (aka Orange juice.)

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  184. Monique Rizzo says:

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    I hope it supports his 12-13 lbs!

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  187. Heather S says:
  188. ducky loves sitting in the window so she would love this! we will also be getting a kitten soon as my oldest cat, shugar, is passing away from cancer, so i’m sure the new kitten would love it too!

  189. Lindsay S says:
  190. Christina says:

    I have two kitties, Ophie (my havana brown) and Keekee (a stray kitten we found). They would love the kitty bed! They sit at the window all day long. Thanks!

  191. Kelly Ann T. says:
  192. Well, it would be a fight between 3 cats: Flopper, Graham, and Pumpkin.


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  243. Rebecca T. says:

    My orange tabby cat Cricket would love this, she adores looking at the birds!

  244. Dara Nix says:

    Our house has very narrow window sills, so the cats can’t get up there and sun themselves! If I am lucky enough to win, Bobbette, Ally McSqueal, and Rustie will probably fight each other to spend time in this!

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  270. My cat Beans and my husbands cat Hobbes would both LOVE this, my cat spends most of her time in our big window soaking up the rays – but she is on a tiny windowsill, lucky she is a tiny girl!

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