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Team Sports Encourages Life Lessons : $500 Sports Gift Certificate Giveaway

When I found out over 14 years ago I was having a boy I was excited. Excited because I really wanted a boy. A little boy that would play t-ball, soccer, football, you name it! A few years later I had another boy. So I was pretty sure that I would get to wear the “team mom” hat at some time in my mothering career.

The truth is both of my boys enjoy sports, my oldest plays soccer every season and my youngest has dabbled in soccer, football, and is now heavily into baseball. Of the two boys Nick is my athlete. That doesn’t mean Buddy is not good at soccer it just means that for Nick it comes naturally. The kid can pick up any sport in a matter of hours and excel. Because he enjoys it so much we tend to encourage it as much as we can.

Sports, in my opinion, represent a lot of things and is a very positive activity for my children to be involved in. One of the major lessons I think kids take away from team sports is the ability to work together with people of all different types of personality towards one major goal. I also think it prepares them in dealing with failure. Not many teams win every one of their games. Failure is just as healthy as winning. This is one lesson that we have really had to work with the boys on. I have found that boys are so competitive that they have a hard time losing.

In addition to lessons one of the things I really love about sports is that the boys aren’t just sitting on the couch playing video games and chomping away at junk food. They are active, running, and interacting with friends. They also drink a lot more water when they are playing and seems to be one of the only times I can get them to drink any.

With both of the boys in sports it really takes up a lot of any free time I usually have. With practices sometimes three times a week and Saturday is nothing but sports games there isn’t a lot of time left over. Despite all of this I LOVE sports season. I love to watch my children run, play, have fun, and goof off with their team mates. I love to see the valuable lessons they are learning and will take with them into adulthood.

It appears that SUBWAY feels the same way. As a national sponsor of Little League Baseball Subway is holding a very special auction during the Little League World Series taking place from Aug 19th-Aug28th. SUBWAY will hold an auction of more than 40 baseballs designed by Little Leaguers and signed by Celebrities and Athletes including: Katy Perry, actor Zac Efron, rock band Maroon 5, gold medal-winning Michael Phelps, pro football’s Drew Brees, baseball star Ryan Howard, basketball Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin, NASCAR driver Carl Edwards, tennis superstars Serena & Venus Williams, celebrity chef, Robert Irvine and Jared Fogle (“The Subway Guy”), among others.

You can see all the balls being auctioned on Ebay : Subway Little League Baseball Auction. All proceeds go to the Little League Baseball Initiative Program.

What are the benefits of the Little League Baseball Urban Initiative?

  • The Little League Urban Initiative is now operating with more than 200 leagues in nearly 85 cities in the United States.
  • Through the 2009 Little League season, the Little League Urban Initiative has stimulated the participation of 3,901 teams, which equals out to approximately 51,000 players, and has participated in nearly thirty field renovation/development projects.
  • At various times throughout the year, Little League provides a variety of clinics at its five regional centers and at Little League International in Williamsport. The clinic topics include instruction for managers, coaches, umpires and league administrators, with emphasis on safety, child protection, and parent orientation. Any volunteer involved with a local Urban Initiative league can attend any of the clinics at no charge and receive resource materials free or at a reduced cost.
  • The Little League Urban Initiative has recently renovated fields used by Little League programs in Portland, Ore.; the Bronx, NY; Stockton, Calif.; and Richmond, Va.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of SUBWAY® Baseball DeSIGNS. The opinions and text are all mine. The $500 Gift Certificate Giveaway Contest runs from August 19 – 28, 2011. A random winner will be announced by September 1, 2011. Official Contest Rules.

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