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Which Monster High Ghoul Are You?


Are you a Monster High fan? I find it interesting how things have changed since I was young. We didn’t have all these different dolls to choose from. Yes and we walked 5 miles to school, up hill, in the snow (not really I grew up in Florida). My daughter loves the funky designs of the Monster High Dolls. Did you know Monster High dolls have been around since July 2010? Which is funny, that happens to be when I started blogging.

Monster High is bringing you to Hauntlywood with some new and funky Monster High dolls like Operetta pictured above, and many more. Have you ever wondered “What Monster High Ghoul Would I Be? Maybe Operetta, Honey Swamp, Clawdeen Wolf, or another fun and ghouly girl. I thought my daughter would enjoy seeing which Monster High Ghoul she is most like so we took the Monster High quiz together.


I know my daughter pretty well because I could have answered all of these questions for her. She found that she is most like…


Just for fun I took the quiz as well and ended up with the same GHOUL! Just goes to show you like mother like daughter! Honey doesn’t really think she resembles Viperine Gorgon but she enjoyed taking the quiz anyway. She definitely does have her own style so she may be more like her than she thinks!


You can find Operetta at a Walmart near you. To find a Wal-mart near you just check out their store locator.

Is your family a Monster High family?

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  1. Holly E says:

    Love these dolls!! My niece is a huge fan of them.

  2. My daughter likes them but not too much yet. I just saw some fun Monster high books at the book fair

  3. Vanessa: thequeenofswag says:

    Girls are crazy for those dolls. Adults are too. People line up at comic con for them.

  4. ellen beck says:

    My niece knows every single doll and begs for them since they came out. She has the DVDs and everything!

  5. I haven’t even seen a Monsters movie. The children have seen the first one. So I’m not sure what all they hype is. We stick with traditional dolls here.

  6. One of my nieces loves them, I never knew their was a movie, I just thought it was a doll series! Neat!

  7. I am so out of the loop on this as I don’t have any grade school girls in my home – and my daughter wasn’t ever really into dolls of any sort as it was. I do admit to get suckered into all those “Which xxxxxx are you?” quizzes on Facebook though, LOL!

  8. Rhiannon Rowland says:

    I think the Monster High dolls are so cool, of course I have boys so they would never have been interested in them. No little girls in our family either. 🙁

  9. I’m a Honey Swamp… not so sure I like the sounds of that…lol

  10. I love these dolls, each doll represents a little of me.

  11. It said mine was Viperine Gorgon 😉

  12. Tammy S says:

    It said I was Operetta. I know these dolls are all the rage with the girls.

  13. hmmm these look a little creepy to me!

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